Email Template Development

Email Designs Could be One Shot lead conversions, we design them perfectly

We know a think or two to strategize intelligent information for your email designs too

Extend your reach to your previous customers by promoting that exclusively new feature that you launched recently or that new service you started with our sublimely developed email templates.

TRooInbound helps you elevate your Inbound marketing shots to aim directly at the targeted audience making them feel important by personalized email templates that helps inform, acquire, and retain the customers for your product or service which in turn gets your brand a wide exposure, increase sales, as well as foster trust and loyalty with your business’ customer base without even getting them the feeling that they are being spammed.

We Design Emails With A Passion, Process is just a word to define

Our ability to create matchless and agile email templates development is what makes us default choice for clients worldwide. Wondering what the secret ingredient is?

Nothing but the well-structured five step process!

trooinbound hubspot email template strategy design
Strategizing Design and Product

The email that you will be firing to your targeted audiences will tell a lot more about your brand/ product/ service, even before the prospect will be navigated to your website.

Keeping this note in mind, we indulge in serious strategizing and planning of the email templates that helps your prospects feel personal and deeply connected to your brand, thereby performing the intended actions.

trooinbound hubspot email template design

While the main purpose of the email is to provide some valuable information to the customers, our entire focus remains on the minimalist designs that please the customers and yet the concentration is on what the email wants to say.

We make use of design schemes and tactics that subconsciously gets the customers nod on the note you want to address.

trooinbound hubspot email template development
Email Template Development

We filter out the nuisances that might distract the customers and only develop the functions that the email actually needs, thereby eliminating all the instances of feature stuffing in your email template.

trooinbound hubspot email template development Brand Recognition CTA
Brand Recognition and CTA Navigation

The sole purpose of an email template is to navigate the customer to the website page or the landing page so that they can revert back to what you addressed.

But to make this one email stand out, out of thousands of other emails in their account is a very tough job. We shoulder this responsibility by concentrating upon what in reality your brand wants to say and distinguish your brand from the pool of other emails by the effective placements of brand elements and strategic CTA’s to navigate them to fulfill the intended purpose.

trooinbound hubspot email template testing

Once the email template is ready to be fired, we get into the shoes of the critic and examine the email as the customer.

This also includes the testing of the functionality, performance, and design of the testing. When ‘OK Verified’, we send you the email and you are all set to shoot.

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