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6 Best Shopify Apps for Sales and Marketing

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Running an eCommerce store is more challenging than running a blog. Fortunately, plenty of plugins and Shopify apps are available online that reduce your hassle to the minimum and ensure a good shopping experience for your buyers.

Shopify – The renowned eCommerce store builder comes with a wide range of free and paid best Shopify apps that simplify; Email marketing, checkouts, marketing, remarketing, shipping, analyzing store performance and social media marketing. For an in-depth guide on how to create a Shopify store, explore our detailed blog.


Each and every Shopify app is beneficial and plays a vital role in enhancing the experience for customers and generating higher revenues for the business.


Picking free top Shopify apps could be enough, but if your business demands more, you need to invest wisely and follow a strategic framework to drive results.


Shopify offers over 7000 apps, and each one of them serves a different purpose. Whether you want to simplify sales, marketing, customer service, store design, store management, or shipping, there is an app for everything. The worth-integrating ones are as follows. Let us begin by looking at things to consider before finalizing the best Shopify apps for your business.


We have shortlisted a few best Shopify apps and highlighted their significant benefits for your ease. Go through them to find out the most suitable for your business. Beyond these, plenty of Shopify services are here to simplify your business hassles.

How to Choose Shopify Apps?

In the giant pool of Shopify apps, not all are must-haves, and to be honest, each won’t cater to the purpose of your online presence. So, it would be wise to research thoroughly and pick only those that potentially enhance the functionality of your Shopify store and amazes online shoppers with an incredible interface. If you are new to Shopify, explore our beginner’s guide to Shopify for valuable insights.

top 6 Shopify apps

Identify Your Needs

Every brand has a unique purpose for going online, be it for building credibility or simplifying access to quality products at nominal prices. If you are unsure about your purpose, then conducting thorough market research will help you spot what’s missing and actually needed in the eCommerce segment. This will make you stand out and set a unique objective for your business.

Prepare an App list

Once you are done determining your purpose, think and shortlist apps that are relevant to it and choose a pricing plan suitable for your business. To pick the best Shopify apps quickly, go to the Shopify App Store, where you will find umpteen apps to integrate with your eCommerce store, category, and sub-categories.

Assess Thoroughly

You do not want to spend recklessly on the most popular Shopify apps without knowing what you are getting in return. Research well, connect with the ones already using it, read reviews, refer to app characteristics to learn about its functionalities and offerings and this way you will get an idea about the most feasible and worth investing apps in your eStore.

Monitor Performance

After subscribing to the best Shopify apps, start small and initially purchase the subscription for a short period to measure its accuracy and determine whether the app is actually helping you or not. If you feel that the purchased app is not adding enough value, then unsubscribe and look for better alternatives.

Now comes the most interesting part, a quick go-through of the best Shopify apps to increase sales and get rid of unproductive and repetitive marketing tasks.

For Sales and Marketing

Shopify Email (Free)

Shopify Email keeps you in touch with your prospects and customers and enables you to rebuild relationships with whom you have lost touch for a long time. Whatever your purpose; sales, newsletters, announcements, welcome and loyalty emails, this app has it all.



Facebook & Instagram (Free)

This is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales by spreading brand awareness and leveraging the combined tools, these platforms offer. In addition, this app eliminates the hassle of managing two platforms at once and helps you scale and grow through the insights gained via each.



Booster (Free and Paid)

Improve your page speed with this Shopify app and form a good first impression on visitors and shoppers. This is among the best Shopify SEO apps that improve your store’s page speed and load time within one click. This feature is compatible with every Shopify store size.



Best Shopify Apps For Your Business

Yotpo (Free and Paid)

In the Shopify apps family, this also falls under the category of best Shopify apps to increase sales that help users make better decisions regarding purchases through customer reviews and opinions.



Omnisend Email Marketing and SMS ( Free and paid)

This is one of the most popular Shopify apps that eliminates the trouble of mass sending emails and messages. Integrating this app in your Shopify store enables spreading brand awareness by simultaneously being present in people’s inboxes and delighting them with crisp, clear, and creative texts.



Hey Day

Heyday is a seamless and easy-to-integrate Shopify app that answers general queries of commoners through an AI-enabled chatbot, automated responses, and Natural Language Processing(NLP). Every time a user questions, it will appear in the Heyday inbox facilitated with this app. Most of the time, Chatbots will answer all the queries, but if the question is too long or complicated, then the app will signal the person behind to connect with the user and attend their questions.

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The list remains endless, and you can integrate top Shopify apps and improve the functionality of your Shopify store. These apps have automated almost all sales and marketing-related tasks and have eliminated many hassles. In addition, we have got many more things to share and stun you with the undiscovered potential of these apps. Surprisingly they are small in size but humongous in purposes. You will get to know about them in our other blog posts.

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