Beginners guide to shopify

A Beginners Guide to Shopify, The E-Commerce Giant!

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It is no secret that eCommerce is currently one of the dominating industries globally and is evolving at a rapid pace leaving the craze for offline shopping behind.

Consumers’ habits have transformed due to the convenience and shopping experience that eCommerce stores provide.

In the near future, it is expected that there will be a massive rise in the traffic of the eCommerce stores and consumers of all age groups will rely on online stores to get their needs fulfilled.

Here lies an opportunity for you to start a business online and grab consumers’ attention by leveraging different social media platforms. Even better, you do not need any coding or designing skills to get started.

Shopify is a cloud-based store builder that lets you build, grow, and manage your business without worrying about the maintenance of the web servers or the software.

If you are a budding entrepreneur willing to make a difference online, then we have prepared a beginners guide to Shopify for you. We hope you gain relevant and worth implementing insights from this article.

Before we deep dive into the Shopify eCommerce guide, we have briefed some eCommerce insights that deserve your attention and a place in your mind. Take a look at:-

Best E-commerce Insights you should be aware of:

Personalised experience

Shopify online shopping experience
We now know that in E-commerce everything happens online. So, there’s no requirement for you to walk down to a store. It gives you a completely personal buying and selling experience right at home. With the advancement in technology and artificial intelligence online shopping experiences have become highly personalised showing the customer what he/she exactly wants, just with a few search words.


E-commerce without a doubt is much more convenient than the traditional way of sales and shopping. You can get what you want in a few clicks. All you need is internet connection, and a credit card or the cash you can pay at delivery. No need for any conveyance. You also save up a great amount of time, doing it from the device you have.

Brand building

Well if you have a physical store and its not known to all. You can get your business a stand-alone website and reap the benefits or you can also partner with different e-commerce online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart etc and become popular among the masses. Also, you can put up advertisements on third-party eCommerce sites for a few bucks and get famous.


Wanna sell goods and services online? Then the best way to go is to go for E-commerce development. Here is a beginners guide to Shopify which will help you save large sums of money. There’s no need to hire a full-fledged workforce, no need to purchase/rent in a physical store. All you will need to spend on is marketing and the minimal amount of stock/inventory or equipment you require to render services

2-way procedure

2 way shopify online shopping
It’s only when you go to a store that there’s just one step, buying the product/service. E-commerce has broken that tie even! It has become a system where the seller and the buyer do something more than a valuable exchange of goods. They form a relationship with interaction and feedback. If it’s all great you can have loyal clients and increase the love for your brand.

Informed decision making

There’s limited products in a store! You won’t get everything you want from a physical store. But in the E-commerce industry there’s lot of marketplace players like Myntra, PayTM mart, Jio mart etc where the options are wider. This will help you make a proper decision as you can compare among multiple products and brands. Choose what fits your likes the most.


E-commerce starts with going online. When you have an online marketplace, sky’s the limit, you can buy and sell goods irrespective of the physical borders you or your seller are in! This is unlike the nature of a physical store, where you can sell from a fixed place or you are required to reach a particular place to buy a commodity.

Payment options

Thanks to the addition of electronic payments in the E-commerce industry, there are various ways you can complete a transaction. E-commerce offers you a plethora of payment options such as card payments, net transfers, e-wallets etc. No need to worry if you aren’t that tech savvy there’s an option of Cash On Delivery. We talked quite a bit about E-commerce, but when we say the terms online shopping , what hits the mind first is Shopify! Don’t know what Shoipfy is? Don’t worry, this beginners guide to Shopify will assist you.

Here’s a bit about the E-commerce giant!

Shopify is a SaaS cloud based platform that enables you to lay out an online store and even personally with its POS. There are over a million users and customers across the world. Today it has become the most loved E-commerce software available, suited to all types and scales of business. It provides a monthly subscription format, offering a wide range of plans and features that you can select from. What more? It has a handsome amount of plug-ins and integrations so that you can take your online store’s performance to an all new level.

We all know that each software has its own methodology and purpose to fulfill. Similarly speciality lies in the benefits it gets you and the way you can build each solution on it!
Shopify ecommerce giant

About Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce store builder that focuses on delivering an excellent shopping experience and is built keeping in mind the customers’ happiness. It easily integrates with social media platforms and offers the users to pay through a convenient mode of payment. In addition, its professional and user-friendly design makes the store mobile responsive and fun for shopping enthusiasts. Moreover, you can transform the appearance of the store using facilitated themes and add features and functionality by incorporating apps. The domain name can be of your choice and if you have it already, you can connect it to the store through your store’s admin.
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How to get started with Shopify?

Start with shopify

Sign up

Add details such as; Email id, passwords, and store name

Add product

After signing up you will be redirected to the admin screen where you can add your products with attractive images.

Customize the store

Customizing your store will help you serve a better experience to the shoppers. With free and paid themes, you can modify the fonts, colors, logos, functionality, and products that appear on the page.

Setup a domain

A domain name is necessary before going live. Go to the dashboard that asks you to register a new one or transfer the old one, you can also buy one.

Setup a payment gateway

Offer different modes of payment to make it convenient for consumers. Add payment modes you wish to offer, keep in mind the maintenance costs associated with each payment mode.

Find a shipping partner

Choose a shipping partner as per your shipping services which could be long or short-distance, and specify the deliveries as per the pin codes. Invest in shipping and shipping partners wisely. Consider our detailed blog if you want to see a comprehensive guide on how to create a Shopify store.

Build a marketing plan

Once your eCommerce store goes live, it needs creative marketing to reach the right audience. Target a particular group of audience, identify which social channel are they most active on, create content relevant to your niche, and invest wisely to get more leads and conversions.

This beginners guide to Shopify will help you in whichever business you wish to get started. For additional tools and enhancements to elevate your Shopify experience, explore our recommendations for the best Shopify apps. Shopify offers plenty of benefits that enhance the shopping experience for the users and some of them are as follows:-

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