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Dharmesh Shah – HubSpot’s Co-founder & CTO

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Dharmesh Shah disrupted the world of sales, marketing, and customer services along with transforming the way professionals work.

But like several other businesses, this journey wasn’t a cakewalk.

Spending his childhood in Bilimora, Gujarat, this boy from a small town but big dreams aspired to make a digital difference with his coding skills.

In his 20 years of education, he switched 18 schools and 3 countries including; India, the USA, and Canada. 

Later, he went to the UK for higher studies. Ahead of that, he secured a spot in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  

Before innovating HubSpot, he worked with SunGard Data and then bootstrapped his start-up Pyramid Digital Solutions, a software company for financial services which he later sold to SunGard for an undisclosed amount.

Then, both ‘Dharmesh Shah’ and ‘Brian Halligan’ (his fellow college mate) began ‘HubSpot’ in 2006.

At MIT, Dharmesh’s advisor asked him to prepare thesis containing real data and industry-perspective rather than adding his opinions and researched insights.  

The idea sounded unpleasant to him, but it somehow needed execution. 

So he began his blog namely, Onstartups.com, in which he put up some insights and received comments on his blog. 

The blog comments signaled that many start-ups are struggling with marketing and finding it difficult to generate leads and convert them into customers through traditional forms of marketing.

On the other hand, Brian Halligan was working with a Massachusetts-based venture capital firm and used to hang out with Dharmesh every weekend where they exchanged ideas about their work. 

Surprisingly, when Brian got the first glance at the whopping amount of traffic ‘OnStartups’ was generating. It left him stunned. 

This number was thought-provoking and led Brian to collaborate with Dharmesh Shah and touch the most unexplored avenue, digital marketing

In 2006, Dharmesh on the verge of finishing his masters course at MIT, parallelly began working on HubSpot and set up its headquarters in Boston. 

Today, HubSpot is worth $19.76 Billion and is present in over 10 countries. HubSpot has acquired 12 companies, and has made 28 investments so far and went public in 2014.  

Apart from being a founder, Dharmesh Shah is an Author and an angel investor. He has co-authored two books covering insights on Inbound Marketing. Moreover, he is also a prominent investor in digital start-ups including; Buffer, Shareaholic, Backupify, and many more.  

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