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How to create multistep form in HubSpot

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Are you looking forward to create multistep forms in HubSpot? If yes, you are on the right track. Creating HubSpot multistep forms can significantly improve your marketing outcomes, with improved user experience, optimized conversions, and better-quality leads. This blog effortlessly walks you through the benefits and process of creating HubSpot multistep forms and ensures you explore this tool to its full potential.

HubSpot is a prominent marketing tool used by businesses of all types and sizes to help them grow. It offers diverse tools to capture and manage leads but cannot create multistep forms directly within the platform.

HubSpot Multistep Form help businesses break down lengthy, complex forms into small, easily manageable applications. They improve the user experience, which leads to enhanced completion rates. This blog post helps you comprehend the intricacies of creating a multistep form and takes you through the ins and outs of the HubSpot multistep form.

What are HubSpot Multi-Step Forms?

Multistep forms break down complex, prominent forms into smaller, easier-to-manage chunks. These forms help businesses enhance the user experience and improve the lead-generation process.

How does it work?

The HubSpot multistep form works according to the following process, including:

  • Split into Steps: The HubSpot multistep breaks down the form into logical sections. Each section focuses on collecting the information.
  • Progressive Disclosure: This section displays the relevant questions for the current step.
  • Navigation: The multistep form enables users to navigate between different steps to measure progress using key performance indicators.
  • Conditional Logic (Optional): Sometimes, the form might adjust the steps based on previous answers and make it more relevant. Based on the users ‘ earlier answers, the form may adapt the steps to make the process more appropriate.

HubSpot helps users create distinct forms for every step and use fields to pass data between them. The call to action button redirects the users to the next page of the form.

Why do you need to build Multi-Step Forms in HubSpot?

We need to build multi-step forms in HubSpot due to the following benefits:

Better User Experience

HubSpot multistep forms improve the user experience by breaking down lengthy forms into manageable forms. This reduces friction, keeps users engaged with the brand, and may lead to high conversion rates. Businesses may guide users through a smooth journey by presenting questions logically to enhance the overall user experience.

Higher Conversions Rates

Businesses may also create multistep forms to boost their conversion rates. Users who encounter a long, single-page form find it boring and may need more time to abandon it midway. By splitting the form into various steps, you encourage users to complete it, which helps businesses lead to higher conversion rates.

Better Lead Quality

With HubSpot multi-step forms, you can gather more detailed information from your prospects without overwhelming them. Each step can focus on specific aspects of their profile or needs, resulting in richer data. This detailed information allows you to qualify leads better and prioritize follow-ups based on their responses, ensuring you invest your resources in the most promising prospects.

Better Data Collection

Are you considering better data collection on HubSpot? Create multistep forms to collect detailed information about the users without overwhelming them. Ask qualifying questions later in the process; thus, you can achieve better leads and segment them into different user groups accordingly.

Improve Lead Quality

Different conditional logics can ask other questions based on previous answers. This helps collect more relevant information and ensure high-quality leads, which are essential but crucial considering the number of marketing contracts in the CRM.

Reduced Form Abandonment

Users are less likely to complete the form if they find it tedious and overwhelming. Create a multistep form to help them complete it entirely. This will lead to more successful form submissions and ensure more leads.

Reduced Psychological Friction

Multistep forms affect the user’s psychology by minimizing anxiety by breaking down the long and complex form into smaller chunks of data. Visitors feel more relaxed with the multistep forms.

How to Optimize Your HubSpot Multi-Step Forms

Once you finish building your multistep form, go through the following optimization tips to help you fetch results:

  • Mobile-Responsiveness: According to a report, more than 85% of internet users in the United States access the internet only on mobile. Therefore, making your multistep form mobile-friendly is inevitable so that all the websites can assess it.
  • Clear and Concise Language: Language is crucial. Use easy-to-understand and accessible language for questions and instructions.
  • Error Handling: Implement clear error messages to help users with easy response submission.
  • Thank You Page: Once you complete the form, redirect users to a dedicated page that provides relevant information.
  • A/B Testing: Test multiple button placements and layouts to see what resonates with the audience and optimize completion rates.

How to Create a HubSpot Multi-Step Form

You can create multistep forms using many online multistep form builders and tools. Follow the instructions mentioned below once you are done with the required steps:

Step 1: 

Create and publish two different landing pages.

Step 2:

Click “Marketing,” “Lead Capture,” and “Forms.”

Step 3: 

Create a multistep form with the help of the first set of questions you want to ask your leads.

Step 4: 

Click “Options” at the top of the page.

Step 5: 

Click “Redirect to another page” under the question, “What should happen after a visitor submits this form?”

Step 6: 

Add the second landing page. Click “Add external link” and paste the URL of another landing page in the “Redirect to this URL” field.

Step 7:

Add your form on the first landing page.

Step 8:

Create a new form with your second set of questions.

Step 9:

Click “Options” at the top of the page.

Step 10:

Repeat the process.

Still Confused? Talk to a HubSpot Multistep form Expert!

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The Bottom Line:

HubSpot Multi-step forms can enhance lead conversion. The benefit of these multistep forms is an unbeatable user experience. They are consistent with the website’s design and can ensure a seamless user experience.

However, if you are new to the field, feel free to partner with a HubSpot partner agency like TRooInbound for an optimized and hassle-free approach. TRooInbound has an expert team in HubSpot development, form creation, and design.

Explore new dimensions of lead generation and conversion with the right approach and guidance from the experts at TRooInbound.

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