How to hire WordPress developer

How to Hire A WordPress Developer? Tips and Tricks

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WordPress powers over 0.45 billion websites, making it one of the most profitable and in-demand platforms.

Without a question, the WordPress CMS framework is incredibly adaptable. There are several WordPress developers prepared to provide their skills.

However, if you want to rebuild your existing website or construct a new one, you must engage a qualified WordPress developer.

The WordPress website development project success is dependent on having the proper expertise on your team.

In this post we will explain why it is critical to understand how to hire WordPress developer and what skill sets to look for.

Here is a thorough guide on how to hire WordPress developer. Look at the highlights of the fundamental distinctions between freelance WordPress developers and dedicated WordPress developer, WordPress developer salary and tools to help you locate and hire top quality WordPress developers, among the numerous sorts of WordPress experts.

Let’s begin!

Classification of WordPress Developers:

Prior to embarking on how to hire WordPress developer first, gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the diverse categories of WordPress developers is paramount. The developer will be determined by the project’s requirements and budget. WordPress developers can be hired in the following ways.

WordPress Developers - Freelance

As a freelancer you have the freedom to make your decisions and freelancing offers adaptability and financial efficiency for smaller and shorter-term projects.

In-house WordPress Developers - Full-Time

Your on-site teammates are full-time in-house WordPress professionals. These developers offer specialized help and are excellent for long-term project needs.

Remote WordPress Developer - Full Time

These full-time, remote WordPress specialists are determined as in-house gurus. Remote wordpress developer provide their services as well as a full-time working commitment, allowing you to access a worldwide talent pool.

In-House WordPress Developers - Contractual

Contract-based in-house WordPress professionals perform on-site development for a certain project or duration within a contractual deadline.

Remote WordPress Developer - Contractual

Remote WordPress specialists work off-site for a specific period of time, making them an excellent alternative for short-term projects that require specialized skill sets.

We examined the many sorts of WordPress professionals available for hire, and you will be well versed on how to hire WordPress developer as freelance or remote employees by the end of this blog.

The next section will explain the distinction between freelancing and dedicated WordPress developer.

Freelance WordPress Developer vs Dedicated WordPress Developer

Whether you hire a dedicated developer depends on the scope and duration of your project. Dedicated developers are better suited for long-term commitments, whereas freelancers are ideal for one-time or short-term tasks.

Both freelance and dedicated WordPress developer have unique characteristics and benefits.

Let’s look at the top 10 differences between a freelancing and a dedicated WordPress developer.

Freelance Developers Dedicated Developers
Work Pattern
Freelance developers are independent professionals that operate on a project basis.
Dedicated developers are firm personnel, and work on projects full-time or part-time.
Allow for hiring for short-term or one-time tasks.
Mostly engaged for long-term or ongoing projects.
They may have numerous clients at the same time and make less commitment to a particular job.
They commit their entire attention and energy to the projects of their employer.
Availability varies; they may not be available at all times.
They are often available throughout regular business hours and are easily accessible.
Team collaboration
Work autonomously and may need to collaborate more closely with internal departments.
As a member of the in-house team, you facilitate cooperation and communication.
Skill sets
Specialize in certain talents and frequently give unique knowledge.
May have a larger skill set and be able to adapt to a variety of responsibilities inside the firm.
Work Ownership
Unless otherwise agreed, may maintain ownership of their work and code.
In most cases, the corporation owns all work created during their employment.
The developer's preferences govern communication methods and frequency.
Are incorporated into the company's communication channels, promoting consistent connection.
They may charge hourly or project-based rates.
Receive a constant pay or wage, making the company's planning more predictable.
Short-term demands are frequently met, and long-term client relationships may be harmed.
Dedicated developers develop long-term connections with their employers, which leads to a better grasp of the company's goals and initiatives.

The selection between hiring a freelance WordPress developer and a dedicated WordPress developer depends on your project’s scope, budget, and business objectives.

Each choice has pits and falls, and choosing the best match is critical to the success of your WordPress project.

However, determining the project’s needs and budget is the first step in the recruiting process for a WordPress developer. Decide on the best strategy to continue working on your project after that.

Hopefully you get your queries answered about the process of how to hire WordPress developer. Read this entire blog to get complete guidance.

Hire WordPress Experts at your convenience.

Remote WordPress Developer vs. In-House WordPress Developer

Remote developers offer the advantage of a broader talent pool and can often be more cost-effective. In-house developers provide direct oversight but may need more expertise.

The 10 key differences given below between Remote WordPress Developer and In-House WordPress Developers will give more insights:

Remote WordPress Developer In-House WordPress Developer
Employment Status
Work independently as self-employed contractors.
A company or agency typically employs dedicated WordPress Developer on a full-time or part-time basis.
Project Commitment
Handle multiple projects simultaneously and may not commit exclusively to one client or project.
Focus exclusively on their employer's projects, providing consistent attention and dedication.
Work Arrangement
Operate flexibly, working remotely or on-site, as per the project requirements.
Often work in-house at the company's office, although remote arrangements are becoming more common.
Project Duration
Typically hired for short-term or specific projects.
Employed for the long-term, often as part of a permanent team.
In this developer category availability varies and may not be accessible at all times.
Are generally available during regular working hours and can be reached easily.
Integration with Teams
Often work independently and may not integrate closely with in-house teams.
Are part of the company's internal team, promoting collaboration and communication.
Skill Specialization
Tend to specialize in specific areas or skills and may offer niche expertise.
Typically possess a broader skill set and adapt to various tasks within the company.
Project Ownership
May retain ownership of their work and code unless negotiated otherwise.
They are typically more involved in the entire project lifecycle, from planning to execution, and higher sense of ownership.
Communication methods and frequency may vary based on individual preferences.
Communication methods are more immediate and face to face on quick issue discussion.
Pay Structure
Variable prices, such as hourly fees or project-based pricing, are sometimes charged.
Employers provide a steady compensation or wage, allowing for more predictable budgeting.

The ultimate decision of hiring a freelance WordPress developer and a dedicated WordPress Developer is based on business objectives.

Remember that hiring a WordPress developer is an investment in your website’s long-term success.

Interesting right? Continue reading this blog for guidance on how to hire WordPress developer.

7 Platforms to Find Full-Time WordPress Developer

When searching for WordPress professionals, consider these platforms for finding and hiring full-time WordPress developers.

The given platforms provide you a pool of WordPress developers for distinct web-building needs.

These are the platforms specializing in connecting WordPress tech talent and focusing on web development and design. Let’s walk through all platforms.


TRooInbound - Hire WordPress Developer

For every website building need, TRooInbound has a pool of independent WordPress developers, remote WordPress developer, freelance WordPress developers and dedicated WordPress developer for hire. We offer complete development services together with support and upkeep. From WordPress development to digital marketing, we offer a wide range of services. Additionally, we provide WordPress experts such as designers, backend developers, frontend developers, and full-stack developers.

Key Features

WordPress Jobs is the official umbrella under which WordPress Jobs is available. It’s a trusted source for hiring WordPress professionals, including developers, designers, and more.

Key Features


WPHired specializes in connecting businesses with WordPress professionals. It’s a dedicated job board for WordPress-related positions.

Key Features

Smashing Jobs

Smashing Jobs is a platform affiliated with Smashing Magazine, a popular resource for web design and development. It has job postings in a variety of digital and web-related needs.

Key Features


AngelList is primarily a startup platform, but it is also a helpful resource for both existing firms and startups looking for IT expertise, especially WordPress developers.

Key Features


WPRiders is a WordPress-focused development firm. While they are primarily an agency, they do provide a “Hire Us” section where you can search and hire WordPress developers.

Key Features


ClickWP is a WordPress support and maintenance service platform. You can hire WordPress specialists for a variety of tasks, including development and design. If you are a beginner you can take help from this platform’s WordPress development support services.

Key Features

These platforms cater to various elements of the WordPress employment market, ranging from specific WordPress job boards to more broad tech talents and startup-focused platforms.

Explore the choices below depending on the unique needs to locate the ideal WordPress developer for your organization.

We discussed hiring platforms for full-time WordPress developers. To know the platforms for how to hire WordPress developer as freelancers, keep reading.

5 Platforms to Consider While Hire Freelance WordPress Developers

Check out these sites to know how to hire WordPress developer as freelancers.

These are the most extensive and feasible freelancing marketplace for all types of freelancers. It works like bridging the gap between the freelancer and the organizations gives them access to top-tier freelancers. Here are as follows:


Freelancer is a well-known globally recognized freelance hunting platform to discover a variety of freelance experts, including WordPress developers.

It has a streamline process like just submit your job on Freelancer, select a budget, and receive quotes from freelancers. Before making a hiring decision, you may evaluate freelancer profiles, prior work, and evaluations.


Payments may be done using the platform’s secure payment system, and Freelancer provides a variety of payment ways for your convenience.

Upwork profile - Ankit Kandoliya

Upwork is a huge online freelancing marketplace that connects clients with WordPress developers and professionals from all around the world.

Upwork has a powerful search and filtering mechanism to assist you in finding the best WordPress experts for the project. Through the platform’s chat system, you may engage with freelancers and track work through the Upwork interface.


Upwork provides safe payment choices such as hourly invoicing and fixed-price contracts.


Toptal is a high-end talent marketplace that matches clients with top WordPress experts and developers. It is well-known for its simple screening procedure.

Its verification procedure assures that you have access to WordPress specialists that are highly talented and experienced. They connect you with a suitable developer depending on the specifications of your project.


Toptal simplifies the payment process by offering multiple payment alternatives and transparent billing.


Codeable is a platform completely dedicated to WordPress development. It connects clients with WordPress experts who specialize in plugins and custom theme development.

Codeable is a professionally verified community of WordPress developers and a straightforward project posting process. You can chat directly with professionals about your project and receive customized pricing.


Codeable facilitates secure payments and guarantees client satisfaction.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a freelancing marketplace that offers a variety of services, including WordPress development and design.

Customers may look at the profiles and hourly prices of WordPress experts and freelancers. Simply advertise job openings and receive proposals from suitable applicants.


People Per Hour accepts safe payments and the site allows you to track project progress.

Each of these platforms has its own set of features and benefits, so while deciding on the best platform for hiring freelance WordPress developers, keep your project’s specific requirements, budget, and preferred hiring procedure in mind.

This section concludes the greatest freelance platforms for your WordPress project. In the following steps, we will discover how to hire WordPress developer using tips and tactics.

Tips How to Hire a WordPress Developer:

Now that you know where to go, here are some pointers to help you identify the ideal WordPress specialist for your project. Let’s go through each of these techniques for locating and hiring the top WordPress specialists in more depth.

Choose specialists that have a comprehensive understanding of the project’s goals, business objectives, timeframe, budget, skillset, experience, expertise, potential strength, and, most crucially, compatibility with the project.

Here are a few tips and factors to keep in mind as you contemplate how to hire WordPress developer.

Gaze on the Target

Before looking for WordPress developers, a clear goal and objectives of the project is needed. Understand your goals, the issue you want to solve, or the modifications you want to make.


Defining the goal of your project ensures that you can properly explain your demands to potential applicants. It also assists you in staying focused on the essential goals of your project.

Create Project’s Framework

Create a thorough project overview including the scope, deliverables, deadlines, and budget. This document should act as your project’s plan.


A project overview outlines your relationship with the potential WordPress specialist. It establishes expectations and aids in determining if a candidate can satisfy the criteria of your project.

Outline Job Role Synopsis

Create a detailed job description outlining the precise abilities, credentials, and experience you need in a WordPress developer. Include details about your organization, project, and goals.


The importance of a thorough job description is that it attracts competent individuals who have the requisite abilities and expertise. It saves time by weeding out those who do not fulfill your business requirements.

Compile a Roster of Inquiries

Prepare a list of pertinent interview questions to ask potential applicants. Questions including their experience, problem-solving methodology, or knowledge with WordPress.


Questionnaires are useful for determining a candidate’s knowledge, problem-solving ability, and how well they match the needs of your project.

Paid Evaluation Tasks

Give the people who made the short list a paid trial task or a small project. It enables you to assess their practical abilities and observe how they perform in actual job situations.


Paid trial tasks offer first-hand insight on a candidate’s skills and suitability for the job. It reduces the chance of employing someone who might perform the task in a different way than expectations.

Seek Out Feedbacks

Examine the work of candidates and look for endorsements or recommendations from former clients or employers. Reviews are frequently displayed on websites or on platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, or personal blogs.


Reviews shed light on a candidate’s level of professionalism, dependability, and quality of work. Positive testimonials from former customers might be a reliable indicator of their skill.

Communication Medium

Any project needs to have good communication. Talk about the candidate’s communication style, meeting availability, and approach to receiving project updates and feedback.


Setting clear communication expectations creates a productive working environment and reduces confusion or delays.

Revision Strategies

Create a detailed plan for how you will get project updates. Establish the frequency and format of your progress reports (e.g., weekly meetings, email updates, project management software).


You can give feedback and stay informed about the project’s status by receiving regular updates, which also help to keep it on schedule.

Create Formal Understanding with Contract

Once the selection of candidates has been done, draft a formal contract that outlines all project details, including scope, timelines, payment terms, and intellectual property rights.


A written agreement protects both parties’ interests, clarifies responsibilities, and sets expectations in writing, and reduces the risk of disputes.

Following these given tips on how to hire dedicated developer, you can streamline your hunt for the best WordPress developer, ensure a successful project outcome, and establish a strong working relationship.

Advantages of Hiring a WordPress Developer

Hiring a WordPress developer offers numerous advantages, whether building a new website, enhancing an existing one, or maintaining your WordPress-based platform. Here are a few detailed benefits of hiring a WordPress developer:

Expertise in WordPress

The WordPress developers should be well knowledgeable about the fundamental features, plugins, theme design and development, and best practices of WordPress. Their knowledge guarantees that your website is constructed properly and rapidly.

Customization and Flexibility

Website’s flexibility and customization are crucial to get better optimization and ranking in search engines. Developers create unique themes, plugins, and functionality to ensure that the website reflects brands identity and reach business objectives.

Optimized Performance

Your website’s efficiency, speed and user-experience can be improved by developers. To speed up the loading of your website, they’ll use tactics like caching, image compression, and code optimization.

Responsive Design

WordPress programmers are able to develop responsive designs that automatically adjust to different devices and multiple screen sizes. It is essential for expanding the target audience and raising the SEO of your website.


Security is important for WordPress websites. Developers can put security measures in place to safeguard your website and your customers’ data against viruses, hacking attempts, and data breaches.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WordPress developers are well-versed in SEO’s best practices and approaches. Optimization of the website’s structure, content, and meta tags to improve its search engine rankings, increasing visibility and traffic is crucial. SEO services is most effective get more organic reach.

Content Management

Content management is the most important part for WordPress websites. It enables you to quickly update and manage the text, images, and videos on your website without needing to have a deep understanding of technology.


Scalability is vital when your business starts growing. WordPress developers can ensure your site is built to accommodate future growth, whether adding new features or handling increased traffic.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

WordPress developers can provide ongoing support and maintenance after the initial development. They can carry out upgrades, address problems, and guarantee that your website is safe, secure and properly maintained.


Hiring a WordPress developer can be cost-effective in the long run. They can help you avoid common pitfalls, reduce development time, and minimize the need for costly fixes.

A WordPress developer may provide knowledge, customization, security, and continuous support for your website or online platform, which can be quite beneficial.

Your professional, high-performing, and scalable web presence can be created with expert assistance and tailored to meet your unique needs due to their expertise and knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem.

We discussed how to hire WordPress developer, hiring platforms, different kinds of freelance WordPress developers, hiring techniques and tips, and the advantages of working with experienced WordPress professionals.

Since WordPress developers are renowned for having a broad range of talents, let us look at their wage range.

Do you know the WordPress Developer Salary?

For independent WordPress developers, full-time WordPress developers, and remote WordPress developers, there are numerous pricing options. The WordPress developer salary is largely reliant on your skill set, regardless of how much experience you have or how new you are to the field.

The wide range of the industry makes it possible for WordPress developers salary to differ greatly. Although it pays about 3.0 LPA, with a wide skill set and knowledge and between 3 and 4 years of experience, it may increase to 7.0 LPA.


Hiring the proper WordPress developer is critical to reaching your website or project goals. Using the suggested platforms, and recognising the distinctions between freelancers and dedicated, remote WordPress developers, it is easy to identify your WordPress developer requirements.