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How To Use HubSpot ABM Tools: Features And Strategy

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Continuous technological advancement in this highly competitive business landscape has created a need for an approach that delivers high-impact results. That’s where Account-Based Marketing (ABM) comes in.

ABM enables users to target marketing efforts towards a carefully selected set of high-value accounts. However, implementing a successful ABM strategy requires the right tools.

Account Based Marketing works as a bridge between marketing and sales teams. It is a highly beneficial B2B sales process that helps to identify the most suitable companies to work with and integrate with other HubSpot features.

This blog will give a brief understanding of how to use HubSpot ABM tools and their benefits. We will also discover the key functionalities that empower users to identify ideal customers, personalize campaigns, and, ultimately, close more deals. Plus, strategic considerations for creating an ABM plan that drives real ROI.

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

Account-based marketing is also known as key account marketing, a strategic approach that works on account awareness where we consider customer accounts as a single market.

It is a focused business growth strategy where marketing and sales teams both work together to create a personalized buying experience for enhanced customer acquisition and relationship building.

Now, we will help you with HubSpot onboarding, which includes tools, features, benefits, and strategies to improve your digital presence.

HubSpot ABM Tools: Features To Use

Let’s discover the crucial features of HubSpot Account-Based Marketing tools.

New Properties

HubSpot has recently added two new properties, contact property and company property, to store high-value account information. These properties are easy to access throughout the ABM and reporting dashboards. It includes features like:

It is a contact property that identifies the role of a contact during the sales process. Plus, it simplifies the lead scoring process and the prioritization of contacts.

It’s a company property that helps to identify the companies that need to be targeted for marketing and selling as a part of Account-Based Marketing. Plus, HubSpot custom integration allows users to create a unique approach.

It allows users to create a list of targeted accounts with the help of demographic and firmographic criteria. It also helps to get the benefits of account-level targeting within the LinkedIn Ads integration for approaching specific companies or contacts related to those companies.

It is another company property that showcases a number of prospects that match the ideal customer profile.

ABM Reporting Dashboard

The dashboard library is a new feature of HubSpot ABM tools that helps track and measure critical milestones. Hence, customers will get detailed information on the performance at an account level. It allows the use of company scoring to identify the highest-value accounts.

Target Accounts Home

Here, the marketing and sales team can use the shared tools to become more collaborative with the same data. Target Accounts Home feature brings a complete overview of the target account’s entire journey.

Account Overview

HubSpot ABM Tools offers a dedicated account overview sidebar for a centralized view of all the interactions with a particular target account. It includes contact details, engagement history, and other appropriate information.


HubSpot ABM tools allow users to customize their content and engagement approach for different stakeholders into a single target account. With the personalization feature of HubSpot ABM tools, users can create a relevant and effective experience.

ABM Playbook For Sales Rep

HubSpot helps sales reps by providing an ABM playbook to outline the crucial steps and plays for engaging target accounts. It works as a coordinated approach between sales and marketing teams.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Users can easily integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which helps to connect accounts and get the benefits of LinkedIn data for creating more effective ABM campaigns.

HubSpot ABM Tools: Strategy To Build

Leveraging the benefits of HubSpot ABM Tools, users need to create a strategy. That’s why we have mentioned the steps required for creating a powerful Account-Based Marketing strategy.

1. Use a strategic account planning template.

HubSpot strategic account planning template offers a free template for creating initiatives for each unique account. For example, it has sections for business overview, key business initiatives, customer relationship landscape, customer products and review, account competitor analysis, buying process and selling point, relationship goals and strategy, sales opportunities, targets, risks, and action plan.

2. Secure organizational ABM alignment.

Alignment is one of the most crucial steps of an Account-Based Marketing strategy that helps internal stakeholders get on board. It creates consistent experiences for accounts and an efficient and streamlined strategy.

3. Build an ABM team

Beginners with ABM can start with a small workforce that includes one marketer and one salesperson so that they can find potential issues and generate ideas before getting started with the execution of ABM strategy.

If it works, this marketer can help more salespeople. For example, one marketer can manage up to 10 salespeople, and each salesperson can handle up to 10 accounts. At Least one marketer and one salesperson rep should be dedicated to the accounts that a user works with all the time.

They can also help to create and publish content for different accounts, plus they can also manage and close business deals with each account’s buying committee.

4. Research and create a set of target accounts

After building a team and creating an aligned approach, start targeting the correct accounts and personas. Users can start this by conducting research where they can select an ideal set of key accounts for investing time and resources.

5. Build account plans

The next step after deciding on the targeted accounts is creating account plans. Here, the marketing and sales teams can work together for potential leads to attract the targeted accounts and the kind of content needed to engage with the audience.

6. Attract contacts

Once the users have created account plans, then it’s time to attract the buying committee and stakeholders of targeted accounts. With inbound marketing, users can get help attracting contacts that are connected with targeted accounts.

Another way to get more contacts is to find out where the ideal contacts are looking for the solutions. After that, companies should increase their visibility in those areas through personalized content.

7. Build Strong relationships with the account’s buying committee.

Building long-lasting, strong relationships takes time; it could take months or even years to develop a powerful bond with the buying committees. Attracting the accounts is a never-ending process, and for this, users can use different tools. These tools will help with details like recent funding dates and technology prospects.

Users need to ensure that sales and marketing are actively creating engagement with everyone involved in buying decisions. They can engage by offering education about the products or services of the company, personalized content, one-to-one conversations, hosting events, on-time meetings, and email sequencing.

8. Measure and analyze ABM results.

After considering all the steps, it’s time to start tracking the performance of the strategy. Users need to review and analyze the results of the HubSpot ABM Tools to modify or update the plan. As a result, the strategy will become more effective for the business, accounts, sales, and marketing teams. Plus, it will be easy to attract and retain high-value customers.

Benefits of HubSpot ABM Tools

Here are the key benefits of using HubSpot ABM Tools for a business.

Enhanced Sales Alignment

ABM allows for cross-team collaboration, and improved communication over the organization is beneficial for company growth. This approach creates transparency and alignment by ensuring that sales and marketing work together and focus on the same goals, budget, and understand each internal stakeholder’s unique role.

Better Customer Relationships

ABM helps to personalize everything, including content, product information, communications, and campaigns that are created for each account. With this customization, the company’s relevancy among these accounts will be increased. Additionally, users can get the benefits of HubSpot CRM setup, such as organized data, better communication, and many more.

Consistent customer experiences

It helps to deliver a powerful strategy once the users have created long-term engagement among their accounts. Each team member should be aware of the account’s buyer journey, and after that, they can deliver personalized and prompt communication, campaigns, product information, and pricing structure.

Increased ROI

It becomes easy to measure the return on investment (ROI) for each account with HubSpot ABM Tools. It helps to confirm whether the accounts in which we have invested were ideal for the business or not.

According to that data, we can nurture and engage those accounts for a longer time and identify and target similar accounts in the future. If the ROI keeps increasing, that means the strategies used are working effectively, and we can move forward with those tactics.

Improved Sales cycle

HubSpot ABM Tools saves time and resources by streamlining the sales cycle because it focuses on high-value target accounts. It offers more time to focus on improving the stages of the sales. The sales cycle improves when the marketing and sales are aligned, consistent, and provide personalized customer experiences.

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