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How to Use HubSpot Project Management Features

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Do you find it hard to keep your projects on track? Are you struggling to collaborate with other team members effectively? Most businesses face the challenge of finding a great project management tool. Here comes HubSpot, which has excellent project management tools and adaptive features to help businesses.

This write-up helps you understand the intricacies of different features of the HubSpot project management tool. It also explains how using it can help your businesses across industry verticals. HubSpot offers everything that can add value to the different processes, from planning and execution to tracking the progress of projects within one platform.

HubSpot project management is full of features that help businesses excel in their communication, enhance overall efficiency, and take their visibility to the next level with streamlined processes.

Let’s dive deep into the ocean of HubSpot to find out the ways and means to understand HubSpot project management.

What is Project Management?

Project management is nothing but a standard process to manage the various operations of a project on time. It involves using multiple tools, skills, and knowledge to meet project needs. It is used by almost all businesses to achieve business goals. It involves different aspects, including (but not limited to):

  •  Identifying the project scope
  •  Defining deliverables
  •  Managing risks and
  • Effective communication across the teams on board.

Features of HubSpot Project Management

HubSpot offers the following features in its project management tool, including:

Task Management:

Create tasks: Task management helps businesses with specific details about the task, due date, and priority level. It keeps the task on track and keeps the team aware of the deadlines.

Assign tasks: You can assign tasks to different team members. This holds the team members accountable and responsible for the timely completion of the tasks. Track progress: Monitor task progress in real-time, track completed tasks, and identify pending items to keep projects on schedule.

Team Collaboration:

Real-time collaboration: HubSpot offers this feature to collaborate with team members seamlessly through comments, @mentions, and notifications to facilitate prompt decision-making and problem-solving.

File sharing: You can share files, resources, and documents within HubSpot to eliminate the need for external communication channels. It helps to secure all project-related data in a centralized place.

Task assignment: You can use @mentions to be any team member in discussions or assign various tasks directly from within the platform to streamline communication and task management.


Built-in tools: HubSpot Project Management helps businesses with built-in reporting tools. These tools help with meaningful insights about project performance, trend identification, and making informed decisions.

Data-driven dashboards: Dashboards at HubSpot project management provide a holistic view of project progress, key metrics, and performance indicators to make informed decisions.

Benefits of HubSpot Project Management

HubSpot for project management is a great tool. It offers multiple benefits to businesses, including improved efficiency, communications, and online visibility. To learn more about this aspect of HubSpot project management, keep reading the below-mentioned points:

Increased Efficiency:

Businesses of all sizes and types use HubSpot. HubSpot project management ensures your business excels with greater efficiency and achieves business goals with the following:

Streamlined workflows: Businesses prefer HubSpot as it can automate repetitive tasks and streamline project workflows. Thus, it leads to saving time and reducing manual efforts.

Centralized platform: HubSpot offers consolidated efforts within a centralized platform, resulting in the elimination of the need for multiple tools and, thus, reducing the complexity of the process.

Improved productivity: If you want to improve your overall business productivity, you can bank on HubSpot for your project management needs.

Improved Communication:

HubSpot project management improves communication to a greater extent by enhancing collaboration between different team members with the help of:

Enhanced collaboration: HubSpot helps businesses foster better communication and collaboration among team members and reduces miscommunication to improve overall project outcomes.

Real-time updates: crystal-clear communication is another feature of HubSpot for project management. These updates help the management make informed decisions to propel business growth and achieve business goals.

Clear task assignments: You can assign tasks clearly within HubSpot to different team members with minimum confusion to ensure that everyone knows about their key responsibilities and specific roles.

Enhanced Visibility:

HubSpot project management ensures high brand visibility across online portals and various search engines with the help of:

Holistic view: HubSpot helps businesses with a holistic view of progress, milestones, and dependencies to help them identify potential bottlenecks and take prompt measures to rectify the shortcomings.

Real-time insights: Get access to real-time insights into project performance that enable you to make informed decisions and fine-tune business strategies as needed.

Improved accountability: HubSpot enhances a sense of responsibility among team members. It holds members accountable for their specific tasks and related deadlines to ensure the project stays on track and gets delivered without any delays.

How to use HubSpot project management features for businesses?

HubSpot project management offers numerous features that help businesses of all sizes meet and exceed their business goals. It allows businesses to score over the competition and establish authority across the market with real-time data analytics and informed decision-making. Businesses of all sizes and types can leverage the benefits of HubSpot custom integration to expand their reach and maximize their revenue.

Small Businesses:

One of the most beneficial business categories that have capitalized on the features and benefits of HubSpot is small businesses. Small businesses can take their customer relationships to the next level with a HubSpot CRM setup and achieve significant business growth. HubSpot project management has helped small businesses across industry verticals by:

  • Client management: Track client projects and deliverables with ease, ensuring timely delivery and client satisfaction. HubSpot features enable small businesses to ensure timely delivery and client satisfaction. Thus, client management is another key benefit HubSpot provides to businesses. It helps them track projects and deliverables with ease to ensure the team meets deadlines and delivers time-bound outcomes.

  • Remote collaboration: HubSpot features are also crucial for small businesses, as teams get seamless coordination with the help of crystal-clear communication, ensuring collaboration among remote teams.

  • Resource optimization: Small businesses manage projects with more efficiency with the help of HubSpot features. It enables them to optimize the available resources and use them more judiciously. 

Medium-Sized Enterprises:

Medium-sized businesses have ample opportunities to scale their business to the next level. Mid-sized enterprises can capitalize on the key benefits of the numerous features to scale their businesses, optimize performance, and streamline coordination across all departments to achieve optimum business results. Mid-size businesses can achieve significant business growth with HubSpot development. Some of the key benefits of HubSpot features for medium-sized companies are as follows:

  • Scalability: If you are running a medium-sized business and want to explore more ways to scale it to a new level with penetration into new markets, HubSpot features can do this for you. You can ensure consistency across the project to maximize efficiency and achieve desired business outcomes.

  • Performance optimization: HubSpot for project management offers numerous features that lead to optimized performance. Real-time data access helps businesses identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. This further leads to making informed decisions and fine-tuning the process to ensure performance optimization and the achievement of desired business goals. 

  • Departmental coordination: HubSpot features help medium-sized enterprises streamline coordination and communication across different departments. It leads to the promotion of cross-functional collaboration and alignment to ensure the highest level of departmental coordination.

Large Enterprises:

If you are a large enterprise looking to explore new markets and make new inroads, HubSpot for project management can help you with a wide range of features. Large businesses can align with their management workflows and ensure data consistency through the HubSpot CRM setup.

It offers multiple benefits to large enterprises, some of which are as follows:

  • Standardization: HubSpot features offer a standard project management process across teams or departments. This leads to consistent processes and goals, with all the projects in sync with the organizational goals. This may result in a standardization of processes, helping the organization grow exponentially.

  • Portfolio management: Another benefit of HubSpot features includes portfolio management, which further results in improved brand visibility across digital mediums. This leads to resource allocation and project portfolios and enables better decision-making and resource optimization.

  • Enterprise integration: HubSpot helps large enterprises integrate HubSpot with their existing systems for seamless automation and data flow. It leads to better goal optimization, reducing data silos, and improved performance and efficiency.

Harness the power of HubSpot Project Management with HubSpot Onboarding:

Are you willing to streamline your sales and marketing, improve your lead generation, and achieve desired business outcomes? HubSpot can be a great choice. If done right, HubSpot onboarding can ensure streamlined and successful business outcomes. Therefore, it is essential to hire an expert HubSpot partner agency to get you onboard.

HubSpot onboarding can be a great decision if you want to switch your business to HubSpot. It ensures an easy onboarding process and flawless onboarding. You can achieve outstanding business results with the HubSpot CRM setup as well if you do so with the help of a HubSpot partner agency.

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