HUBSPOT INBOUND 2022; Highlights Worth Taking Glimpse Of Part – 2

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In our previous blog on HubSpot INBOUND 2022, we covered all the interesting and insightful innovations revealed by HubSpot in the 2022 event. Post-intermission we are back with more insights that uncover the technical area of the CMS and let you know about the minute updates that contribute to the overall enhancement of your HubSpot experience.

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Insightful Updates of HubSpot INBOUND 2022

Data Model Overview

For a visual representation of the complex system of the data stored in HubSpot that helps in determining the usage of HubSpot CRM for your unique business needs.

Data Quality Command Center

For easy management of your HubSpot data. The facilitated dashboard lets you identify unused properties, data sync bottlenecks, formatting issues, duplicates, and more. Surprisingly, this HubSpot update lets you fix errors from the command center.

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Data Quality Automation Recommendations

For hassle-free fixing of formatting issues within CRM properties through artificial intelligence. All you need to do is accept the suggestion and enable the automation and you will see the database cleaning itself.

Data Sync Improvement-Product Sync

HubSpot INBOUND released this new product update to keep your internal data and systems connected. This HubSpot update enables you to sync your HubSpot library with plenty of third-party apps in real-time. You need not switch again and again from your apps to CRM for this.

Data Sync Improvements for Health

Health in this case is far from the mental and physical one. This HubSpot update on health keeps your team members well aware of integration issues, helps you understand your integration health, and diagnose data syncing issues effortlessly. Hence, this new HubSpot tool reduces your data monitoring hassle and lets you build stronger customer relationships.

New Activity Types and Configurable Activity Buttons

Customer tracking journey made easy with this new HubSpot INBOUND update. This enables you to build stronger connections with prospects, customers, and connections.

Additionally, you can easily connect with customers via; SMS, Linkedin, Mails, and Whatsapp.

Custom Goals

For organizing your goals, tracking them, and maintaining or improving them accordingly. Update your goals automatically using this HubSpot tool alongwith reflecting any changes made to the progress bar.

This way you can share accountability and maintain transparency between you and your stakeholders.

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Custom Object Builder

This HubSpot product update enables you to customize your data model and build custom objects easily without coding.

Projects GitHub Integration

Like other HubSpot INBOUND updates, this one is here to smoothen your team collaboration. Now you can easily integrate Github to store and track your HubSpot’s codebase and collectively work using familiar Github tools and workflows. Additionally, you can trigger project builds by pushing code to their repositories.


It is no secret that debugging is highly frustrating. HubSpot unveiled a relevant update in HubSpot INBOUND 2022 to enhance the debugging experience for developers.

In addition, HubSpot also introduces you to CRM mid-panel card logging system to help you monitor your private app functions.

Each log is thoroughly filled with details showing whether it passed or failed so that it gets easier time debugging potential issues.

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GraphQL in CMS Hub

Crafting personalized, data-driven, and omnichannel experiences made easy with this new HubSpot product update. The GraphQL layer will assist in query to showcase your HubSpot data on CMS pages, emails, external content, integrations, and more.

These were the updates unveiled in the HubSpot INBOUND 2022 event. In this digitally growing world of bots and machines, it has become effortful to strengthen relationships with real people which has led to isolation. HubSpot with its newly introduced tools and products combats this barrier by providing you with simple and worth-implementing solutions. So, if you wish to enhance your working pattern, then your digital companion HubSpot will help you do it.

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