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HUBSPOT INBOUND 2022; Highlights Worth Taking Glimpse Of Part – 1

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In 2006, HubSpot coined the term ‘Inbound Marketing’ with the purpose to change the way marketers work. Year over year (YOY) this term grew popular and caught the attention of many enterprises, entrepreneurs, and online marketers.

Six years down the line in 2012, the first HubSpot INBOUND event was held. Since then, this conference takes place once every year where the HubSpot innovators show up and share HubSpot updates.

Additionally, industry experts, notable speakers, and the brightest marketing minds from across the globe participate in this event and share impact-driven stories and their experiences of being in a digital space.

In the HubSpot INBOUND event 2022, people from across the globe including; Barack Obama (Former President of the USA), Viola Davis (Actor, Producer, Philanthropist), Jimmy O Yang (Actor & Comedian), TJ Adeshola (Twitter – Head of Global Content Partnerships), Emma Grede (CEO & Co-founder), Glennon Doyle (Author), Jason Brown (NTWRK-Consulting CMO), Kudzi Chikumbu (Director-Creator Community), Sam Parr (The Hustle) and many others were a part of this magnificent event.

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Accompanied by HubSpot’s prominent board members including; Brian Halligan(Co-founder & executive chairman), Yamini Rangan(CEO), and Dharmesh Shah(Co-founder & CTO) delivered industry-relevant insights and significant; HubSpot product updates, HubSpot tools, HubSpot features and more.


If you didn’t get a chance to attend the event, the summary below will brief you about the HubSpot updates announced recently.

Purpose of HubSpot INBOUND 2022

In this age of remote work it has become effortful to build connections with real people which has led to isolation and the professionals have to communicate from a distance to thoroughly streamline their tasks.

To combat this barrier, HubSpot INBOUND 2022 unveiled the era of ‘Connected customer’ and disclosed some new HubSpot product updates that cater to modern-day consumer needs and facilitate a personalized, flexible, and genuine experience to drive better customer connections.

The HubSpot updates are as follows:-

Quote-to-cash Improvement

Gone are the days when asking for the delayed payment involved trouble and hesitation. With this new HubSpot product update, the CMS made it easier for Small and medium-sized enterprises to spend less time integrating data and systems and more time building and nurturing relationships with customers.


These HubSpot tools provide; native quoting capabilities in the CRM, easy integrations with popular accounting software Quickbooks, and an additional payment scheduling tool that gives you the convenience to break a large bill into small installments and pay periodically. Also, you get to customize quotes with the newly introduced quote templates.


This means as a B2B or an SME owner, you can expect your payment process to be seamless and convenient.

B2B eCommerce

GoneIt is no secret that with each passing day eCommerce sector is booming rapidly and the IT professionals are innovating at a breakneck speed to meet the drastically transforming needs of the consumer.

GoneHubSpot doesn’t lag behind in the race and recently revealed its new eCommerce updates in HubSpot INBOUND 2022.

GoneIn this event, they introduced us to HubSpot features that simplify accepting payments through; forms, meetings, marketing emails, and more.

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In addition, payment links also support in an open amount field where buyers add the amount they want to pay. Overall, HubSpot has smoothened the transaction experience for US-based premium customers and enabled them to pay at their convenience and in a hassle-free manner.

Overall, HubSpot has smoothened the transaction experience for US-based premium customers and enabled them to pay at their convenience and in a hassle-free manner.

Import Error Handling

Data full or errors agitates the eye. Even more, analyzing the data thoroughly, finding each and every minute error and fixing them sounds even more burdensome.

This newly introduced HubSpot feature is to cut down your burden by improving the import experience and pre-fixing the errors before it enters the CRM.

Property Validations

This HubSpot product update gives you the authority to create and enforce rules that restrict what users can and can’t save as a property value.

Expect your teams to produce efficient and reliable databases with higher-quality data that makes it easier to determine what to cater to consumers.

This HubSpot tool is accessible to both free and paid customers.

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In Marketing and Sales

Marketing Campaigns

HubSpot INBOUND 2022 didn’t miss out on marketing and brought us cool and interesting marketing & sales-relevant additions which include:-

Customer Report Builder

With the enhancement in HubSpot inbound marketing, the additions in the custom report builder include; scatterplots, pivot tables, and KPI comparisons that provide easy access to consumer insights.

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Deal Management

Keeping in mind the chaos the sales team undergoes, HubSpot INBOUND 2022 has released an update that simplifies deal management up to a certain extent. This includes; a new goals app, team goals, and enhanced integrated forecasting and deal management experience. For a broader perspective, delve into the past HubSpot updates of 2020 to understand the evolution and major changes over time.

Whatsapp Integration

As the name suggests, this is a marketing-relevant update that lets you integrate your Whatsapp business account with your CMS and simplifies relationship nurturing with your prospects and customers.


Just like easy Whatsapp integration, the HubSpot INBOUND 2022 also revealed the calling feature. This addition enables placing outbound calls and receiving inbound calls right from your phone without sharing your personal number.

This feature is currently live in the UK, the USA, and Canada.

These were the highlights covered in the HubSpot INBOUND 2022 held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. A lot is simplified and a lot is yet to cover. So, if you are excited to know what else HubSpot has brought for you, then stay tuned for part 2.

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