HubSpot Inbound 2023 Highlights

HubSpot INBOUND 2023 – The Era of Leveraging AI

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The 12th edition of HubSpot Inbound 2023, held in Boston, was one of the much-awaited events of the year for sales and marketing professionals across the globe.

There were a bunch of firsts this time, and many exciting changes were anticipated by marketers worldwide. We have a detailed blog highlighting what to expect from the event, which you can read.

Now, the wait is over.

This year, INBOUND 2023, in many ways, highlighted the need to adapt to technology – mainly AI.

The speakers addressed key bottlenecks in the sales, marketing, and CRM processes and explained how the newly AI-developed tools have made the journey more seamless.

Without further adieu, let us dive straight into the event’s main speakers and key highlights from the event.

Highlights of INBOUND 2023

Yamini Rangan- CEO

CEO Remarks Inbound23

INBOUND 2023 starts with Yamini talking about the difference in the impact of Predictive AI and Generative AI on our lives.

Predictive AI made use of past data to predict new models. However, generative AI is adaptive and learns more with further information added to it.

She demonstrates how the whole customer journey can be enhanced with the help of Generative AI.

Some key takeaways from her speech were:

Andrew Pitre- EVP of Product

IN23 Tunnel BE Halo

An information rich and value packed session by Andre, where he launched a bunch of AI assistants to help salespeople and marketers increase the efficiency of their everyday operations.

Some noteworthy updates are:

Dharmesh Shah, CTO

Dharmesh shah inbound23 - The AI Future

With unique content that helps the audience humanize AI as any other relationship, Dharmesh Shah, the co-founder and CTO of HubSpot, brings a never-seen perspective to the world of AI.

We bet you have never seen such an oddly relevant yet fun representation of AI before.

Dharmesh presents his relationship equation with AI, what it has done to his life, and what he expects it to do in the future. He also offers some unsolicited relationship advice for us all so that we can tread the path of AI consciously and effectively.

He showcases how generative AI, unlike the previous digital revolutions, has amplified cognition at scale. The output from such work is, in his words, AI times human.

Dharmesh also discusses his interactions with Sam Altman, the founder of Chat GPT’s Open AI, and highlights how he was inspired.

There are a few key takeaways from his keynote speech:

It can do everything you want from a chatbot built within a CMS/ CRM. From company research, keyword and competitor analysis, and much more.

It can do everything you want from a chatbot built within a CMS/ CRM. From company research, keyword and competitor analysis, and much more.

HubSpot co-founder’s prediction of the changes in AI and a few key areas of improvement is believable and hope inducing.

AI will soon be a real-time data repository, and we no longer have to depend on past models. It is also going to take a more active role in our lives. It will suggest changes in our work as a friend would, and it will respond to a multi-modal input as opposed to its current text-only format.

Launches We are Excited About:

Commerce Hub

HubSpot has launched an all-new product- Commerce Hub.

The commerce hub is dedicated to creating invoices, automating the collection of payments, managing subscriptions, and performing all operations relating to ordering the organization’s revenue.

HubSpot AI

A platform-wide AI tool for predictive analytics and enhancing workflows for marketers and sales professionals.

Now, you can leverage efficient reporting, analytics, AI-generated content and images, and more with HubSpot AI.

Sales Hub

A dedicated lead management tool that provides an extensively personalized approach will help you further streamline your sales process. Sales to-sales handoff feature that allows sales professionals to speed up the lead qualifying process, lead routing tool for customers to interact with the best sales rep, and so much more.

Smart CRM

Leverage better customer relationships with the integration of AI tools that provide actionable insights. ChatSPot AI, mentioned earlier in this blog is a part of this step to improve productivity and enhance decision making.

HubSpot SMS

Reach your contacts directly, omitting the need for a third party application. Send SMS to your contacts right from the HubSpot app.

What We Also Loved

HubSpot Inbound 2023 was a star-studded event filled with professionals from all around the world. Apart from the HubSpot team, a few other important speakers packed our days with value and insights.

These were:

Marcus Sheridan

Hearing from “the sales lion” himself on how to use AI as a tool to create authentic content in the world of AI provided the much-needed clarity required to navigate through a sea of machine-made content.

He reassured the listeners that, even today, building trust and becoming a reliable voice in a specific niche is needed for branding.

Neil Patel

The blogging guru enlightened listeners on similar lines.

Apart from utilizing AI to create innovative and creative marketing campaigns, Neil Patel also pitched business owners to leverage AI to create content that can be sold for free. His Trojan Horse Strategy helped us spot how to stay relevant and updated even in the age of AI.

Vimeo’s Video Marketing Masterclass

The impact made by video content is undoubtedly significant.

In this digital age, organizations have realized the growing need for interactive and dynamic videos to educate, connect and build customer relationships.

Vimeo’s masterclass helped listeners with a roadmap for creating personalized videos with increased efficiency by using AI.

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What You Should Leave With

HubSpot Inbound 2023 was a fun-filled event attended by the best marketers and salespeople globally.

It touched upon many topics relevant to building your online business, but if there is one thing you want to leave with, change is the only constant.

The people at HubSpot have emphasized how generative AI has changed how we live and work and how they have embraced us for better customer experience and improved efficiency of the workforce.

With such exciting and out-of-the-box updates, we can’t wait for Inbound 2024.

What was your favorite speech of the event?

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