Why should you get HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification?

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

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In a world of constantly evolving digital strategies, keeping updated with recent marketing trends becomes quite overwhelming, especially when competing with so many creative and enthusiastic minds.

Modern marketers must keep up to date with recent trends in the marketing world. Inbound marketing is a popular and reliable method of marketing where all communication is personalized and targeted to a specific audience.

HubSpot courses help you with that.

Inbound marketing increases brand personality, rate of response and conversions, and eventually, the revenue of businesses.

In case you are new to Inbound marketing, here is what it can do for your business.

Inbound marketing is a customer-centric approach that believes in providing relatable and targeted content for customers to convert them. It helps to create advocates for the brand through the customers.

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Why should you get HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification?

hubspot inbound marketing certification

You must have questions about how the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification will help you.

Any HubSpot certification opens the door to the HubSpot community, a large community of people coming together to help each other. Many free resources are available for users to access through HubSpot’s certification.

Here are a few other benefits of using HubSpot certification:

Quality Content

Getting access to such high-quality content for free is a win-win situation. The HubSpot inbound marketing course is packed with great value from highly qualified industry experts.

Moreover, it also equips marketers with an updated skill level, enabling them to make the cut in the competitive market. Their adeptness makes them eligible for their preferred job roles and projects.

Global Recognition

HubSpot courses are internationally recognized. They help you develop your career and business regardless of the organization. 

It will help you establish professional credibility in the inbound marketing field. As HubSpot is a leading inbound marketing strategy provider, the course comes with that credibility, providing an adequate amount of authoritativeness in the industry.

In addition to this, there are various other HubSpot digital marketing course options for you to widen your knowledge.


Networking will help many businesses find better opportunities and people. HubSpot certification opens the door to a large community of inbound marketing specialists.

Networking makes it easier for users to share their ideas and learn from the community. The HubSpot digital community is a space for all marketing enthusiasts to get to know all industry insights. 

Support with Job Search

Having a “HubSpot certified” badge on your resume definitely gives you an edge over other candidates applying for any organization.

As a brand that has revolutionized the digital marketing world, HubSpot adds value to these courses specially designed for marketing professionals.

Even after helping you in your job search, you might find that certain companies have a prerequisite that their employees should have completed one or more HubSpot academy digital marketing course.

All Courses are 100% Free

In a world where owning and renewing courses to update knowledge has become a lifestyle, online courses are not very cost-effective.

Which is why, when HubSpot provides such amazing courses free of cost, it is extremely accessible to many professionals.

Who should get this Certification?

The HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification is extremely valuable to a wide range of profiles, especially since marketing is taking over the world by surprise each new day.

You will find that the HubSpot Academy courses are helpful to you if you work in any of the following roles:

who should get this hubspot certification

And similar roles.

If you are a startup owner looking after the sales and marketing process yourself, the HubSpot inbound marketing certification course will help you gain clarity and create your marketing strategy from scratch.

Whether you are looking to apply for a job or upskill yourself for growth and better opportunities, this course will help you gain clarity.

Several professionals who have taken this course have achieved significant growth in their knowledge base and better opportunities. 

Now that you have decided that you want to undergo the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification, let’s look at an overview of the course and the key topics you will be covering. 

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

The course has a few main topics that take around 8 – 25 minutes of time. At the end of the whole course, there is a test. On passing the test, you will be able to get the certificate. 

hubspot academy inbound marketing certified

The Course

Here is an overview of the entire HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification:

  • Inbound Fundamentals – Learning the Inbound Strategy
  • Optimizing your Website for Search Engines – Covers the basics of optimizing your website, choosing the right keywords, earning links from outside sources and ensuring that search engines can pick up the content from your website.
  • Content Creation – Content is a vital tool discussed in HubSpot inbound marketing certification. This will help you understand why content creation is that important in marketing your brand.
  • Fundamentals of Blogging – For any inbound marketer, blogging is an extremely important tool. This will help you understand blogging better.
  • Social Media – This class will help inbound marketers understand how social media works and how to get the most out of it.
  • Calls-to-Action – Helping marketers entice customer clicks with CTAs.
  • Landing Page – The class will help you learn the anatomy of a landing page to maximize conversions.
  • Thank You Pages – Exploring how to make thank you pages and why they are important for your business.
  • Emails – Sending the right email to the right person can drive business and profits.
  • Smarketing – Integrating marketing with your business will help you increase revenue and help you align technology with the marketing and sales teams.
  • Inbound Sales Process – Here, you will learn how to create a relevant, relatable and happy experience for the customer.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Happy customers bring in more customers. This class helps you explore the pillars of customer delight to build stronger relationships with them.

Depending on your speed and understanding, you can complete the HubSpot Inbound marketing certification in a few hours.

The Exam

The exam at the end of HubSpot inbound marketing certification consists of an exam which has 60 multiple-choice questions. You will be required to select True or False for each question within a total duration of 75 minutes.

If you get at least 45 or more right answers, you will earn the certification of an inbound marketer.

You can attempt the test three times with a duration of 48 hours in between each test until you pass.

You can attempt the test after 30 days if you fail all three attempts. 

After completing the attempt, you will be able to view and download your certificate. 

You can embed the HubSpot certification badge on your website, add it to your Linkedin and Upwork profiles, and showcase it throughout your pages. 

Other Certifications

After going through the HubSpot Inbound marketing certification, you will be well-versed in the concepts of gaining maximum ROI through Inbound practices. While this skill has much value, the other courses offered by HubSpot Academy might help marketers.

Apart from HubSpot Inbound marketing certification, here are the other courses provided that might be valuable to you: 

As all of the courses are free of cost, you can take help from any HubSpot certification to grow your business and upskill yourself and your teams. 


A HubSpot certification helps a wide range of marketing professionals upskill and bring in the industry’s best HubSpot marketing automation strategies. 

The Inbound strategies help drive revenue, profit and build better customer relationships. 

Getting a HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification helps you gain global recognition of your skills and better growth opportunities.

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