HubSpot Lead Geneation Strategy

HubSpot Lead Generation, Management, and Nurturing Strategies for B2B Businesses

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Have you ever received a sales call regarding a product you aren’t interested in? Have you felt that this is an impersonal, irrelevant, and borderline annoying outreach and decided against considering the purchase?
This is precisely why HubSpot pioneered the idea of inbound marketing that approaches lead generation, management, and nurturing in a personalized and targeted way.
HubSpot lead generation for B2B Business aids in cutting the costs of your entire lead generation campaign. It helps you find focused leads for your campaign and is simple to use.
In this blog, you will get to know the following aspects of HubSpot B2B lead generation:
  1. What is Lead Generation, management, and nurturing?
  2. The process of lead generation, management, and nurturing
  3. High-performing lead generation, management, and nurturing strategies.
  4. Best practices for HubSpot lead generation
By the end of this blog, you will be able to be at the zenith of the HubSpot lead-generation process in a personalized and targeted manner.

But Wait, What is All This?

Lead generation is the process of converting your audience into prospective buyers. You can execute lead generation in any way that helps you increase the likeliness that a user will buy from you.

If you are a social media-based business, it might be through filtering your followers based on those who actively engage with your content (respond to stories, like and comment, and other actions).

It might be through developing strategies for people who click on your websites or fill up your forms so that they ultimately buy from you.
Lead management is the point of the process where you build a dedicated and long-term relationship with the lead until they make the purchase decision. It helps customers gain a clear idea of the product/service they are getting into, empowering them to make a well-informed and satisfied decision.
Performing an inquiry and ascertaining the demographics of your customers to provide a specific target persona which will help a company make more personalized and targeted campaigns later comes under this.
Lead nurturing is the process by which companies hold on to leads that are not yet ready to buy but might do so at a later point in time.
It includes learning more deeply about the target buyer, building long-lasting relationships, and much more.

Best Practices for HubSpot Lead Generation

Lead generation strategies are meant to be a personalized action that every brand takes based on its individual requirements. However, based on what has worked for multiple other brands, there are a few best practices that you can also implement to generate, manage, and nurture leads.
Here is what your HubSpot lead generation process should look like:
  1. Promote brand awareness and enable users to discover your brand through various other channels.
  2. The audience clicks on the CTA on any of your content, be it a landing page, email, blog, or social media.
  3. A random visitor finds himself on your landing page that will help you find out more about him and if he is interested in making a purchase.
  4. The user fills out a form that gives you a way to engage with him. It could be their telephone number, email, organization details, and any other relevant details.
There, you have generated a lead.
HubSpot lead generation also becomes easy because, with the emphasis on inbound marketing strategies, brands target and personalize their marketing methods to qualify leads better.

Enhance Lead Management

All the processes that help you analyze data about leads and track their journey to improve your sales funnel can be called lead management.
In B2B businesses especially, there are a number of stakeholders involved in making the purchase decision. Optimizing a group of leads to follow your sales pipeline and qualifying the leads that sign with your strategized ideal customer profile (ICP) is a part of the lead management process.
Here are some strategies that will help you enhance the quality of your lead management process:

1. Using clean data:

Instead of relying on third-party lists that give you a huge quantity of unqualified leads, try enhancing your own lead management process. It will give you a deep dive into the ideal customer’s personality and give you data that can be turned into actionable insights in the long term.
HubSpot lead management can help you leverage actionable insights to drive campaigns that help you achieve your business goals. After performing a HubSpot B2B lead generation campaign that enables you to capture leads, you can now track and optimize the performance of your HubSpot lead management drive.

2. Streamline your sales process pipeline:

Don’t make the mistake of having unaligned lead generation pipelines and sales processes. Both of them should go hand in hand.
Have a clear sales pipeline set in place. Align your customer’s sales journey with the lead-generating funnel to deliver an enhanced and a unified user experience.
Ideally, this should lead you to achieve collaboration between marketing and sales processes.
HubSpot B2B lead generation campaigns can become quite overwhelming on teams. So, streamlining the sales and marketing processes to enhance processes can be quite challenging. But once you achieve that, you’ll be relieved to have set systems in place. Also, incorporating tools like HubSpot Sales Hub can be a game-changer.

3. Use a competitive lead management software:

A competitive lead management software will allow you to capture, track, qualify, distribute, and nurture leads in a streamlined manner.
In practicality, HubSpot B2B lead generation is in itself a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Don’t complicate it further by using a tool that does not help you achieve your goals faster.
HubSpot lead management process makes your entire journey smooth by having all your workloads in one place.
HubSpot lead generation tools are very efficient in getting all of this done. HubSpot Marketing Hub, especially its lead capture tool has added functionalities such as forms, popup forms, live chat, chatbot, and much more that help you generate, manage, and nurture leads.
Another way you will benefit from HubSpot lead management is when you import leads from all sources into HubSpot’s centralized CRM hub and further segment them based on behavior, interests, and qualifications. No jumping between several applications and platforms anymore to have your contacts in place.

Improve Lead Nurturing

Only some leads are going to convert right away. Regardless of how well you can manage them. Lead nurturing is an essential part of the lead-generating funnel.
On the optimistic side of things, you can take this opportunity as a chance to reconnect and retarget your customers and provide them with more information that they might need to convert as a customer.
Lead nurturing falls under the last stages of converting a buyer. It enables you to provide more value to a prospective buyer, which will have a direct impact on the relationship they have with your brand.
Here are some key aspects of HubSpot lead nurturing that will help you ascertain the quality of your lead nurturing campaign:
  1. Leads should be nurtured according to their interests. To get to know their interests, you will have to look at all the actions they have taken, right from the web pages they have visited and the content they have consumed. Adapt the marketing strategy to shift to these changing customer intents to gain the most from a campaign. 
  2. HubSpot lead nurturing can be leveraged to follow the customer throughout, even after the conversion to ensure that you are providing all the necessary information to the customers.
  3. To gain the most out of our HubSpot lead nurturing campaigns, ensure that you deliver the messaging at the correct time.
HubSpot lead nurturing provides several functionalities that help automate lead nurturing messaging, personalize the messaging to target customers better, and measure performance consistently.

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HubSpot B2B lead generation: Choose the easy route of B2B Lead Generation

You might have heard about HubSpot lead generation, HubSpot lead management, and HubSpot lead nurturing. Want to know what the buzz is all about?

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a comprehensive platform that will enable you to connect with your customers better irrespective of the step of the buyer journey they are in.

Check out the HubSpot lead capture tool that is enriched with features you will enjoy. HubSpot CRM setup streamline your customer relationship management effortlessly. HubSpot marketing hub integrates seamlessly with HubSpot CRM allowing you more functionalities that you can leverage.

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