HubSpot Updates Of 2020

HubSpot Updates Of 2020 That Will Help Business Growth

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All thanks to the flexibility and ease of use of the software. It is like a helping hand to the business in each domain. 2020 hasn’t been a slice of cake for all businesses and due to the set of the pandemic. Everything seems to have gone digital and online, rather than sticking onto its physical form. HubSpot broke-through as a savior for very many with its amazing updates and also updated the existing users, taking their business to an all new high with additions and enhanced performance. When considering the transition to a digital-first approach, understanding how to hire a HubSpot design and development agency becomes crucial for maximizing the potential of this versatile platform.

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What The HubSpot Updates Got You In 2020!

To survive in this combative world, every business needs to upgrade, likewise HubSpot too brought out various updates and additions that left its users awe-struck. Here they are:

The SEO Recommendations Home - January 8, 2020

This update allows HubSpot marketers to optimize the whole website for SEO from one location. There are also low, medium, and high priority indicators. They will give guidance on what changes will have the most impact on your site’s search performance.

Seo Recommendations

Content Control Updates – January 23, 2020

There were two main content control updates, one, the upgrade of the global content editor. So now you can edit without jumping to the design manager. The other update in HubSpot is reorganizing the content editor and blog editor along with its tools for drag and drop editing.

Advanced Sequences - March 3, 2020

This was an update in the Sales and also the Service Hub of HubSpot. It allows sales reps to mass enroll up to 50 contacts in a sequence at once. It holds their sequences based on task completion, and also keep track of overall sequence performance with new sender reports. 

CMS Hub - April 7, 2020

One of the best HubSpot updates of 2020, CMS Hub. It comes in two tiers, professional and enterprise. The Professional CMS Hub has incredible features like themes, local development workflow, tools and technologies library. It also has SEO, forms and live chat. Enterprise CMS Hub has all this plus server-less functions, content access control, web apps  and memberships.

Theme Shop In Asset Marketplace – June 25, 2020

market place

Earlier there were 7 default themes that were available when the CMS Hub was introduced. Now there is an entire category of paid themes in the asset marketplace of HubSpot. All the themes can be purchased by users of all tiers under CMS Hub and Marketing Hub.

Multiple Language Author Profile - August 12, 2020

You already know that HubSpot supports blogs in several languages. But if you have noticed the author’s profile/bio is always in a single language. From now, you can create blog author profiles across the different languages by heading to the blog tool, selecting authors, navigating to more and creating multi-language variation.

Multiple Language Blog Tags - August 20, 2020

After the roll-out of the multi-language author profile. HubSpot updates even came up with multi-language blog tags. They can be created in your blog’s primary language with language variants. When a language variant of a blog post is created, the corresponding language variant of its tags will be used where it’s available.

In App SSL – September 1, 2020

Now with HubSpot you can buy, configure, and manage your Custom SSL certificates directly in-app. You just need to go to settings. Then click on Domains and URLs. Select custom SSL after purchasing it as an add-on or renewing it in-app.
In App Ssl – September 1, 2020​

Landing Page Builder – September 1, 2020

HubSpot added a landing page builder to the free marketing tools in the CRM. So it is easy to create beautiful and impactful landing pages for your marketing campaigns. It has a slew of templates for varied use cases along with the drag and drop editor. It has a few modules as well such as  forms, images, video, and a meetings scheduler.

WordPress To Hubspot Blog Import - October 20, 2020

More than an update, this is like an added functionality for HubSpot users that will take the business ahead. Now you can effortlessly import your blogs from WordPress to HubSpot just by entering the blog’s URL. There is no need to upload or export. 

Cookiebot - November 12, 2020

This isn’t an update but an added functionality that is integrated with Cookiebot. It helps you manage all your online cookies and tracking into one tool in HubSpot. It also ensures compliance across all domains and let’s visitors accept cookies or specify data collection purposes.

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