Landing Page Development: HubSpot V/s WordPress

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Today is the time where marketing has become the bloodline of all businesses, whatever be  the commodity or service. As discussed in earlier blogs it’s not about what you are selling but how you are selling that interests the masses. For this the company puts different materials into use. These materials are known as marketing assets or in common terms marketing materials. 

What Marketing Materials Actually Are!!

Marketing material is any media collateral that the company possesses in order to promote the different services and products the company offers. It also plays a vital role in brand building. In a nutshell any assets that you can use to convey the company’s vision and mission are known as marketing materials.

Marketing materials are mainly of two forms print and digital. Today we shall talk about digital marketing materials. They are all the other company assets ranging right from blog posts to videos, websites, landing pages. Basically everything that goes on about the company off the print.

With the passage of time and the advent of going digital print marketing materials are almost going obsolete.Today we shall talk about one of the most popular marketing materials, landing pages!!

To a lay man a landing page is the web page that a visitor is redirected to as a result of a click on an Ad, CTA or any other online destination. But it’s much more for a marketer/businessman. It’s a dedicated stand-alone page that drives the viewer to a particular action that helps in fulfilling different marketing goals, it can be subscribing, downloading a resource, generating sales and what not.

Most of the time a user confuses the landing page vs home page. The difference is vast, when you redirect to a landing page you focus on a single goal, whereas when you redirect a homepage you give the user a full-fledged online experience of your company. Hence, it is not advisable to redirect to a homepage, as it may confuse the user and he may bounce

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Benefits of Landing Page for Your Business!!

Surely there’s something great about landing pages, that’s why they are a need for today and are most loved by all businesses, let’s discuss why

Brand Awareness

Here’s a basic but a very important aspect of landing pages, they increase brand awareness. When you redirect a user to your landing page, you propagate the first impression of your brand to him/her. If it’s great the user’s a lead if not there’s a bounce, no midway!

Lead Generation

As briefly mentioned earlier, a landing page gets you a lead, the number of people who interact favorably to your landing pages are your leads, they can become your indirect promoters, prospects or even loyal customers. Making a visually and great sounding landing page will increase leads.

Lead generation through user-friendly landing pages

Increased Conversion From Landing Page Development

Though a conversion can be considered as a later step to lead generation, a landing page reduces the effort if your landing page is focused to a sales closing goal then it will directly get you a conversion and the viewer may become your loyal customer with a single click.

Goal Alignment

Unlike a home page as we discussed earlier, the landing page is a stand-alone page focussed on a single motive that can be increased web traffic, sales, resource download, etc. It helps you achieve your marketing goals in clicks. The page goal is aligned to your goal!

Goal Alignment

Increased Reach

Well a landing page is hosted on the web, so it surely has a domain, it may be independent or a sub-domain. This gives your business a bonus chance to feature in the search listings of web browsers. This expands the audience you can reach with your landing page. For better reach you can include highly searched keywords, remember they must be relevant.

Articulate Promotion

By now, we know that landing pages are great marketing tools. You can directly generate sales for your product and services by making dedicated landing pages for them. Now resort to landing pages if there’s a new introduction or just an update!

Thinking of getting landing pages for your business, but confused which software to go for, the new-age COS, HubSpot or the veteran CMS, WordPress!

Landing Page Development From Both The Software!!

We all know that HubSpot aces it at the marketing front, did you know that it has extended functionality in content creation for marketing materials, here’s how you can go on with marketing friendly HubSpot landing page development:

  • First off log into your HubSpot portal and if you don’t have one get it
  • Navigate to marketing and select landing pages.
  • Then choose the template you want to create your page on and select ‘Use template’.
  • Now name your page and click ‘Create’.

All That’s Left Now Is Editing The Template And Giving It The Personal Touch!!

  • Edit the modules of the template individually by selecting the pencil icon in the top corner.
  • You can edit directly from the preview while the others can be edited from the options available in the left panel.
  • If your template type is flexible enough, you can even drag and drop different elements and re-arrange the elements.
  • You can undo or redo actions by clicking on their respective icons.

Give Some Style To Your Landing Page Development!

  • Click on the module and select the styles tab in the left panel.
  • Go ahead and change the margin, spacing and padding the way you want.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab to add information to your page such as internal name, title, URL, meta description, featured image and the campaign.
  • Don’t forget to add the page to the menu in your website’s content settings.

Let’s Head Onto The Advanced Settings Of Landing Page Development Now!!

  • Fix the expiry of your page.
  • Grant or hide access to the public.
  • Add code snippets in the header or footer to make the page dynamic.
  • You can also attach, enable or disable different style sheets to give a certain look to your page.
  • Select ‘Optimize’ to activate the SEO optimizer tool and get SEO suggestions.
  • Finally preview your template in different formats, schedule and publish.
Advanced Settings for your landing page

Landing Page Development In WordPress.

Well before starting off with the development, we must pick the plug-in we need to use for your landing page development. Now, that’s confusing for most folks, because we know WordPress has an expansive plethora of plugins. Today we shall focus on Elementor as it is one of the easiest and most popular for landing page development. So, here it goes:

  • Log in to your WordPress account or make one after installing it.
  • Now install Elementor 
  • Let’s start the landing page development 
  • First add a page by clicking on ‘Add New’ in the ‘Pages’ navigation of your WordPress account.
  • Select ‘Edit with Elementor’.
  • Click on the gear icon at the bottom in the left and switch the page to ‘Elementor Canvas’.
  • Now remove the header and the footer or edit, whatever you like.

Time To Add The Contents To Your Page!

  • Click on the folder icon and add the desired template.
  • Select the blocks tab for further landing page development block by block.
  • Now add the different elements such as the hero, services, testimonials, portfolio and the footer to make up the landing page.
  • You can now go to each block and add background, colors, content and images the way you want.
  • Finally preview your page in different formats and publish.

Take a Look at The Benefits That Landing Page Development Of The Two Offer!!

Benefits of HubSpot Landing Page Development

  • Auto-responsive
  • Smart Content
  • Detailed reporting & SEO
  • No coding, except for if you want to make it more dynamic
  • You can develop inbound elements such as CTAs and Forms

The Benefits Of WordPress Landing Page Development

  • No coding 
  • Easy access sharing
  • High customization
  • Extensive library, plenty of options you can choose from
  • Established community, that’s why it’s a veteran CMS giant and still in trend!

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Winding Up

Even Though the no coding factor remains the same with both software, they have a completely different focus in their development, HubSpot focuses on accomplishing marketing goals, whereas WordPress aims at the design and build. So, pick wisely and in-line to your preference of what you want your page to be like, have great designs and grab onto users or accomplish goals!

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