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Odoo ERP Services; Features, Benefits, and Uses

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With more than 8 Million users globally, presence in more than 120 countries, and catering to more than 100,000 enterprises across the globe, this Belgium-originated ERP has managed to set up a huge client base through its ODOO ERP services since its inception in 2005.

Formerly known as TinyERP, this product was renamed OpenERP in 2010 and finally got its newest name in 2014 i.e On-Demand-Open-Object (ODOO).

Over the years ODOO witnessed significant growth in almost all of its services which makes me curious that what are the reasons behind these whooping numbers. If you are curious about the same, then lets explore together.

To begin with, let’s look at the basics:-

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What is Odoo?

Odoo erp services is an open-source platform specializing in easing business management by offering a wide range of apps and modules including; CRM, Billing, Accounting, manufacturing, eCommerce, project management, inventory management, sales management, HRM, healthcare, and more.

This multi-featured ERP software is primarily designed for small and mid-size enterprises and is available in community and enterprise versions. However, it is feasible for larger corporations as well. The community version is free for all whereas the enterprise version is paid.

In 2005, Odoo released its first version with a GPL license v1, and with time it kept on evolving and upgrading its versions with additional features and enhanced functionalities which gradually resulted in an increased number of users.

To meet the business needs of different organizations, Odoo erp services offers various version variants namely; Odoo.sh, cloud, and online. You can choose the most suitable one depending on your business and personal requirements.

Apart from being open-source software, it comes with additional benefits including; powerful customizability, integration of numerous plugins & third-party apps. We have narrowed down the list of benefits you get with Odoo web development services.

Take a look:-

Benefits of Odoo ERP Services

Benefits of odoo

Easy to Use

This feature of the CMS makes it preferable over all the other CMS’s. Several in-built functionalities make this ERP fun and easy to use and also different from the existing ones. Odoo is easy to integrate with other softwares that enhances its functionality and streamlines your work making space for more productivity.

Value For Money

Odoo is designed to fulfill the needs of all enterprises with an aim to arm them with abundant features and functionalities at a value-for-money price. This consists of different pricing plans allowing you to choose the most suitable ones for your organization.


With incredible Odoo development services, an excellent customizability comes along. ODOD ERP services include a user-friendly modular structure that tailors the need of small and medium enterprises, enabling them to customize it their way to keep up with the evolving trends and changing needs of consumers.

Better Collaboration

If you have been struggling to integrate data from two different software, then switching to Odoo erp services would be a strategic move that will let you connect the software and merge the required data.


Odoo is also available in a cloud-based version which saves plenty of infrastructural demands and requires less time in setting up your online business.


As your business grow and your requirement rises, Odoo erp services facilitates customizability that transforms the layout of your business and tailors it to the evolving needs of consumers.

Sales Improvement

The offered Odoo CRM features are your sales companion as they help in getting digital signatures on documents and smoothen communication with prospects and leads. The in-built CRM also facilitates accurate sales forecasting and actionable smart decisions that let you strategize your further execution.

Service Integration

Odoo along with a versatile CMS, offers an easy integration of project management tools that makes it one of the most loved Odoo CRM features. These tools play a vital role in setting up a project, bifurcating the tasks among team members, track the progress of each task and deliver updates ahead. Leveraging these, you can expect your efficiency and productivity to go up and finish the project before the set time limit.

Features of Odoo

Odoo is an evolving CMS and it upgrades its versions timely in addition to adding new Odoo CMS features in it. The following feature list of Odoo contains the functions that have remained in it since the start:-


Customer-Relationship Management (CRM)

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Purchase Management

This CMS simplifies managing purchase operations such as; generating purchase quotations, purchase agreements, automating purchase operations, and integrating purchase tools.

Website & eCommerce

Website & eCommerce odoo

Odoo ERP services offer equal diversity in building stunning and interactive websites as well as eCommerce stores. The features to take advantage of, in this category are:-

Similarly, if you choose Odoo for eCommerce services, then the functions you get to experience are:-


Once a beautifully crafted website or eCommerce store goes live, maintaining it becomes essential to serve a glitch-free and seamless experience to the users. Odoo ERP services also consist of the following features:-

What Types of Businesses Use Odoo?

Odoo ERP services are primarily designed to cater to small and medium-sized enterprises. However, as an individual or a large organization, you can leverage the tools, features, and functionalities the CMS offers and build your unique identity.

Odoo is not an industry-specific software as it comes with features and functionalities that anyone can use and get familiar with, but this software is popular among industries such as:-

Hence, these industries have highly benefitted by digitizing their business and more such industries are likely to pivot towards Odoo ERP services.

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