Hubspot Migration Checklist

The Hubspot Migration Checklist Of 2021

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If you are a ‘marketing-maniac’ then you have surely heard of the name HubSpot, it’s a CRM or actually a COS that streamlines a majority of business operations such as sales, marketing, customer communication, tech support and even website development, all in one software. It is one of the most popular CRM and gives a cutting competition to the giant WordPress. There are over 90,000 HubSpot users in the world today and that too across 120 countries.This has resulted in emergence of HubSpot migration

Isn’t This Interesting? Let’s Dive Deeper Into Hubspot Migration

Now we all know what HubSpot is! When we talk about HubSpot migration it is slightly different from the traditional web migration process and like running the HubSpot platform for development! It doesn’t require any coding skills and technical know-how. 

HubSpot migration is the process of shifting the website content and design onto the HubSpot platform. After which HubSpot will match your original website design and content to the HubSpot standards, into modules. In the process URL mappings are created that will keep your SEO intact, so there’s no need to worry about leads and reach. HubSpot is after all focused on the inbound marketing aspect. 

Now We Know What Happens In The Hubspot Migration Process Too!

It isn’t easy to carry out HubSpot migration on your own without training, it is better if you consider hiring a HubSpot migration expert or partner with a HubSpot migration agency. Here are the things you must consider before migrating to HubSpot if you are planning on doing it yourself:


Web Crawl

You must perform a crawl of your existing website, it will not just retrieve the URL and markup on the site. But, it gives you a head-start to mapping your URL. It also refers a list to you, so that you don’t lose any of your data and the details are intact. So nothing is lost during HubSpot migration. If you can’t crawl your site yourself, you can consider third-party crawling tools too!

Benchmark Note

We know how difficult it is to create benchmarks. They are the pillars and milestones you have created. You can’t let that data and analytics be erased in the HubSpot migration process. Also, review analytics and visitor migrations to know important aspects. This will majorly help you in redesigning and setting up the site architecture.

Url Mapping During Hubspot Migration

It’s obvious that your URL is going to change when you are shifting. It is advisable to create individual spreadsheets for the old and new URLs. You must also set up redirection to the new URL from the old URL onto the search engines and sources. Doing this you must remember that the original intent of each URL isn’t  lost. It’s best to make minimal changes and group URLs.

Content Match

The visitor must familiarize with you, even if it’s a new website name. Like tapped earlier, don’t lose your originality. You must retain the different technical and non-technical content to a major share. So the pages must be uniform and bear the same content they did before HubSpot migration. So, continue using the same descriptions, meta descriptions , markups and titles.

Online Testing Of Your Hubspot Migration

There might be some loopholes and slowdowns while looking through the mock-ups and testing the new HubSpot website on the local environment during HubSpot migration. This is something which is somewhat bound to happen. So , you must test run the site online for seamless transition before the actual HubSpot migration process.

Dns Update

Now that the HubSpot migration is complete and the site is ready for launch. You must make sure that you are all prepared with the DNS setting of your new website. As the host has changed, you must show the search engines and other sources  the new site’s location, so update the DNS. You can take assistance from your IT team or a tech-support expert.


URL mapping, check, content retention, check, testing, check, DNSs settings, check. Now what are you waiting for? You can launch the website. Just forward re-directions, un-publish and implement. Don’t worry if the site-performance is low momentarily, it might be due to the changed or updated DNS settings. But the matter will be resolved in a bit.

New Crawl

This is where you can check whether the result of the HubSpot migration is as per your expectation. Crawl your new website and check how it is now. One extra aspect you can look into is index ability and crawl ability. This will also let you know that your website is now live! That expectation has met reality!

Resolve Your Hubspot Migration

The new crawl will give you different insights of the new sights. So, identify and resolve the duplicate content that the site contains. The crawl report will help you find anomalies, broken like and even 404 errors. Also generally click around the new site and pages to resolve the different internal issues.  

Check Redirect Chains

Now that you have a new website, there are new URLs. So, there will be a lot of new redirects with you. You can chain them or if redirects existed earlier too! The chains may be pre-created. Re-direction might slow the website, it can be avoided by breaking the chain and long chaining during the HubSpot migration process. 

Implement Google Analytics And Search

As the title above suggests, you must implement and work with Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. This will assist you in avoiding various data gaps , reporting and keeping content insights and traffic behaviors of your new site in check. If you don’t have a Google account make one today and start-off with these reliable and sharp tools!

Sitemap Submission After Hubspot Migration

This is where you invite Google to crawl the new website. Just submit the sitemap to the Google Search Console, after ensuring that the XML site map has no errors. Then your website is up and running with full reach and rankings just like the previous one or might be better. After all HubSpot migration is all about making that extra connect.

As discussed earlier if you find the process lengthy you can always hire a HubSpot migration expert or an agency!

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