The Inbound Marketers’ Checklist For 2021

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Inbound marketing has been practiced by executives for over a decade now, and its scope and expanse has been broadening ever since. This puts the inbound marketers of today in a rigorous struggle to twist and turn and make their upcoming and ongoing marketing campaigns fruitful.

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Like every marketing strategy , inbound marketing too, focuses on attracting the audience and converting them into clientele or even business associates. One thing that will ease you out is the minimal involvement of external bodies and funding. The other is this inbound marketing checklist-

Goal Setting- The aims of Inbound Marketers

Inbound marketers have a goal be it for a week, month, quarter or even the year! So, you too, must chart down what you wish to achieve. Remember to set up SMART goals. This means the ones that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Keep in mind the target and also your resources and capabilities. 

Planning Your Campaign

This is a complex step for all inbound marketers. It involves knowing your existing and potential customers & their buying behavior. Not just this, but also keep an open eye towards your competitors. Know different efforts they put. Do not forget to get out in the market with your strengths and asset potentials. This will get you insights about what your campaign should be! Understanding customer behaviors and adapting to the evolution of inbound marketing is crucial for successful campaigns
Campaign planning

Keyword & Seo

Here inbound marketers open their brains along with some research skills, its keyword research time, yes! You being an inbound professional should know your target. Now’s when you have to explore and find out the different jargons and keywords. So, that you and the audience are on the same page. Talking of pages, use efficient and updated SEO tools and tricks to maximize reach and traffic. If you’re not familiar with SEO and keywords, check out our SEO glossary. It’s a quick way to understand essential terms that complement your knowledge of SEO.

Content Strategizing

It’s a must for all inbound marketers to know the nature of their audience, so they can get ahead with the different types of content that need to be created and whether the website, other domains and handles have to be redone. Content creation involves writing for blogs, web pages, social media, print and etc. Make the most of it, it’s going to be out in public!

Content Creation

Once inbound marketers have decided what to go forward with, content creation can start. Remember the content should fall in place. It should be relevant with demographics such as- social media platform, the channel of communication, the receiver, geography and culture. Use meaningful, simple and relevant words.
content management

Adding Appeal

The content’s ready, great! Now make the presentation of the content, creative and attractive. You can add imagery, different interactive elements, animations and themes. So that it is not just good to read but also amazing to look at and keeps your audience hooked. One more thing to hook your audience are links, yes include links to resources and third parties for great reach.

Efforts Duties Of Inbound Marketers

Inbound marketers, let the marketing begin! Start with the publicizing efforts such as social media marketing, viralizing content on different platforms; email marketing, sending promotional emails to prospects, advertising, sharing content, and what not, even include the  offline and physical promotional opportunities. When it comes to spreading the word, sky’s the limit!

Inbound marketing strategies

Tracking And Tweaking

The first try is always a result of a trial and error method for all inbound marketers, so never forget to track the outcome of the different efforts that you have put to use. Check impressions, clicks, back links, reach, feedback and responses. You will know what to hold onto and what leads can become loyal customers. If something isn’t working out, tweak the process accordingly.

Sales Alignment - The Combined Efforts Of Inbound Marketers And Sales Team

Your work isn’t over yet, time for another department mix session. Sit down with sales and help them take it forward with the leads that are interested and convinced. So, you are left with how you can appeal to the other sections of the society. This might not be sure-shot customer conversion, but will increase goodwill and raise awareness about your business in the industry.

Goal Alignment

Finally, check the goals attained at a personal level, as a group and even as the business as a whole. Match them with the ones set, do not be disheartened with loopholes. You will have figured out ways to fix them even before this stage. Remember the show must go on till the perfect finish and growth mustn’t stop, aim higher and smarter!
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