The Path To Successful Marketing Emails With HubSpot

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Emails are now what letters and written messages were earlier. Sending mail in today’s time is no biggie; it can be the most general conversation or even a greatly formal one. Did you know the first kind of electronic mail was in the form of a message that could be passed to users who were a part of the same mainframe computers. Then, thanks to the advent of the internet, each person got one’s own address that could travel beyond the bounds of a server or a network. Just an internet signal and an account are enough. 

Well as of now messaging has further evolved and taken shape in different software, but as for emailing its usage has become widespread in different sectors be it retail for invoice sending, in a workplace to share work and what not. The stats explain it- There are beyond 4 billion email accounts in the world today and the count is expected to go up to 4.5 billion in 2024. 

Now emails aren’t just riders of your messages to near and dear ones or carriers of documentation, they can help you run your business effectively grabbing onto new clients or retaining old ones!So…

Supercharge Your Email Marketing with HubSpot

Boost Engagement and Drive Conversions like Never Before!

Let’s Have A Look At How Emails Have Become The Biggest Buzz At The Marketing Front!

This is the age of great marketing, it’s no more about what you are selling, it’s all about how you sell it ! Following this new mantra, marketing has taken a step ahead of other business priorities and to win the game of excessive clientele, guess what! Emailing, though quite primitive, wins over other strategies. Time and again it has proven to be a thumbs up at making a personal connection and nurturing customer ties. 

Email marketing in a nutshell is the act of sending out bulk promotional and brand building messages to prospects and clientele to keep your business going! The basic purpose is lead generation and conversion also generating sales. It is like indirect personal advertising that is sure-shot, when done right. It’s all about how you stand-out from the crowd, because countless marketing mails are received by a single person each day. So how can you make it right?…

This involves combined resources, the right personnel, the right strategy, the right software and not to forget the most important of all is the right timing and the right recipient!!

So, Today We’ll Talk About The Winning Inbound Software, HubSpot And It’s Emailing!

When we talk about marketing, how can we not think of HubSpot! HubSpot not just helps you in making your website marketing-friendly, build pop-up forms or create attractive blogs. It also helps in building branded email templates. If you can’t build the COS also offers you free and paid ready-made templates, so you can get on with further business operations. 

Well there’s more to it than marketing-focused development. It also enables all you users to instant-post to third party social media platforms, create sales flows and come up with sure-shot converting marketing campaigns.

It also helps your sales people, helping build workflows, extending client servicing and even on-boarding.

HubSpot indeed is an all-in-one platform, it also gets you in-depth insights and analytics  of all your web ware ranging from a macro perspective of site performance to minute details like keywords and what not. So you can use it for the minutest task or go all in, it will surely get you great business results.

HubSpot For Email Marketing

HubSpot’s great for your business over-all. We all know about the marketing and website development benefits. But there’s not much focus on the single functionalities the COS has for each marketing element that can be developed. As the talk of the hour is about the traditional, yet trending marketing technique, emailing, we shall further have a look at the different email perks HubSpot has for us. It doesn’t just help in developing email templates that you can win hearts from , but also give great assistance if you want to create a full-fledged email marketing campaign.
The best part of HubSpot emails is that each email treats the recipient as an individual, not like those generic regular marketing emails. It has special personalization tokens that help in attracting prospects. It has A-one analytics and tracking tools for each of your emails too! You can now have detailed insights about open-rates, click-through and customer interaction with different elements of your emails.
HubSpot even helps you segment your audience according to each user’s position in the  customer life-cycle. The COS has something more unique. You can carry out A/B testing and analytical testing of your mails too! When utilizing HubSpot for email marketing, the capabilities of HubSpot email template extend beyond simple design, enabling advanced features like audience segmentation and comprehensive testing to optimize your email campaigns.
Hubspot For Email Marketing

A Walk-through The Process Of HubSpot Email Development

As we all know HubSpot helps you in creating attractive email templates, you can decide the sections and the structure and even apply the designs you like to your solution! So let’s have a look at how you can build HubSpot emails in the easiest way, in the layout editor:

This isn’t just the process of making attractive email templates, but you can make other materials too! Such as web pages, blogs, landing pages and even system pages. Also, there’s no need to worry about how it will look on different devices, all of HubSpot development is auto-responsive. 

Supercharge Your Email Marketing with HubSpot

Boost Engagement and Drive Conversions like Never Before!

Here’s How You Can Go About Email Marketing On HubSpot

Now, you know how to create an email template on HubSpot! What next? Lost? Here’s a step-by-step  procedure of how you can use these email templates for the betterment of your business, how you can create an email marketing campaign on HubSpot!!

1. Goal Setting

It’s important to identify the goal of your email, it reflects the email type, frequency and even target contacts. So, it’s important to set up SMART goals. You can re-do the look or even make changes to your HubSpot template according to the goals you laid out.

Goal Setting

2. Managing Contact

It’s easy to store contacts on HubSpot. The COS saves name, engagement history, email information, and more contact data so you can track different aspects of each recipient according to their nature and customer life-cycle. In HubSpot all you need to do is get all your contacts onto the portal and ensure recipients have opted-in to receive mails from you. Remove irrelevant and stale contacts. 

3. Audience Segmentation

Now you can create separate groups of contacts, so that you can send the right mail, to the right set of people and at the right time. You can segment your contacts on different parameters such as age, user journey, location, behavior, subscription and etc.

4. Create Highly-targeted And Personalized Emails

The prime aspect here is to collect data of contacts that will help you make a personal connection with recipients. Also don’t forget to create an impression as that of a solution to their key challenge. You can carry out the best email designing practices to appeal to the audience for clicks and subscriptions. Highly targeted and personalized emails stand out as one of the best lead generation strategies.

5. Scheduling Emails

HubSpot email has different options of delay sending so that you can send emails and flows whenever you please. On the COS you can select the time or day. You can even customize with a certain time at a certain date according to the nature of the mail.

6 . Testing Emails

The COS, HubSpot you can send test mails to yourself and also carry out A/B testing. This you can do by clicking on the A/B icon and select ‘Create A/B Test’. You can effortlessly toggle between the two versions and click on the left sidebar to configure each version.

7. Analyzing Emails

There are three ways to know email performance on the HubSpot portal. One, you can check the performance and different insights of a specific email. Get an overall performance of you entire email marketing campaign. And the third way is reviewing sources data that give you insights regarding quantity of clicks, visits, contacts and more. Explore the multifaceted features of HubSpot email marketing to gain valuable insights and optimize the performance of your email campaigns.
Analyzing Emails performance

Want Maestros To Work On The Development Part Of HubSpot Emails?

TRooInbound is a progressive HubSpot email template design and development agency with the right mix of marketing gurus and web development professionals, who are highly devoted to every task they take, applying insights from their in-depth experience of working with diverse clientele across different industry concerns.We offer you a plethora of types of email templates be it for milestone emails, promotional emails, transactional emails, lead nurturing emails and many more.

We excel at other different HubSpot services too, blog development, website development, landing page development, infographic development and migration services too! We ensure you get the most quality leads and that too organically. Being pioneers in crafting marketing materials we thrive on customer satisfaction and that’s what has got us where we are today!

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