The Psd To Email Conversion Process

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Emails have been a part of marketing for quite some time now. It is the sure-shot way of creating your brand’s much-needed personal touch and long-lasting impact on the receiver. It is one of the most compelling ways to communicate one-on-one with prospects and convert them to leads or generate word of mouth.
Having great and convincing text and content isn’t enough for effective emails! To make email marketing a memorable experience, the email should look attractive and stand true to the brand. Visuals mean a lot! Your business mail should be amazing to look at and feel credible and sophisticated.

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Want To Create Compelling Emails From Simple Yet Creative Photoshop Designs?!

Very few might know that Photoshop designs can be of use greater than printing and presentation or just pure designing. Use them in your marketing collateral, such as landing pages, websites, and emails! Now, they won’t directly get converted into templates. Hence, there’s a process that goes behind it. Here it is, it’s quick and simple:
Want To Create Compelling Emails From Simple Yet Creative Photoshop Designs

File Selection/conversion

You need to select the images you want to include in your email. Suppose the images aren’t in the PhotoShop format. Then, convert them into a PSD file. Remember to save the selected files in a folder dedicated to the emails that you wish to create. All the image files must be in PSD format.

Image Slicing/ Editing

Now that you have the files you need for the email. Slice them or edit them according to the layout you want for their email and trim off or remove the undesired elements of the image files so that it is all according to your will.

Html Integration In PSD to Email Conversion Process

The images are ready to use now. We know an HTML file can have several possibilities of outcome, and that too just being. So, the best way to start creating the files to an email is to integrate them with HTML, along with coding in the different text you want in your email.

File Save

Once integrated with HTML, do not forget to save the integrated image files as one in HTML format. Also, ensure that you give the file an appropriate name, path, and location for ease in the email creation procedure.


The HTML format makes the file available online. So, this is where you check how the email will look when the user opens it. It will also help you keep in check the look your email will give on the different screen sizes and other mediums.


The file is ready to be launched in your email. But wait, don’t do it yet! Carry out a test run to ensure the development is clean, seamless, and has no bugs. This is like a preview of your email. Also, you can make last-minute changes, if any.

Integration For PSD to Email Conversion process

The look and the mail are ready, now for it to have the functionality of an email, integrate it. Integrate the HTML file with the email service provider of your choice. When you integrate the file with your email service provider, it will support your file for sending.


Now that your email is ready, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and launch it. Start emailing your prospects, business relations, and targets, and see your business flourish. Your self-created email template can reach thousands and work well for your business, meeting your marketing goals efficiently.
If you read through it, you would have noticed that the HTML file won’t work without integration with email service providers, so you must integrate it. There are many email service providers available in the economy today, thanks to the increase in email users and the relevance and escalation in the scope of email marketing.
Now, you might or might not have an existing email service provider for email marketing. Typed and texted emails don’t always work when you have a growing business and are considering making your business an empire. Your emails should be sophisticated and entitled as your company’s assets, your company’s voice.
So, Here’s A List Of The Different Mail Service Providers That You Can Integrate With For PSD to Email Conversion:
Want To Create Compelling Emails From Simple Yet Creative Photoshop Designs

Can’t Figure The Integration Part? Or Any Portion of The Conversion From PSD to Email?

Don’t worry, we got you.
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