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The Recipe Of A Great HubSpot Website Template

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Websites have become the way of every business in today’s time. To beat competition with greater visibility and customer base, everyone is resorting to the digital way of life. The way to go about is getting your business a website. The best trait of a website is that it works for the betterment of your business 24/7 and is not bound by geography. Clientele comes across from across boundaries when your business starts operating from an online front. Not only this, when you have everything accessible online, you can start up branches elsewhere. Hence when you get your business a website it’s a win-win for you and your sets of audiences.

Templates The New Woo Factor In Town!!

Coding, though still necessary to make a website dynamic, isn’t the only way to come up with a website. You can go for templates. Wondering what they are? A template is a formatted and neatly laid out document consisting of the different elements of the page or the website or even the document in different modules or files. Templates have made web development effortless now. All you need is design files of all that will go onto the website and a software that supports web development the template style. When we talk about such software, how can we forget…

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HubSpot And It’s Template Development Feature

HubSpot has been one of the most progressive software, right from its introduction, that’s because it emerged from a great idea. An idea of attracting customers following inbound methodologies and not inorganic methods. HubSpot takes care of your entire business efficiently then be it sales, marketing, web development, or even client servicing. One of the prime features is its web development. It doesn’t involve the traditional coding, however if you want a highly dynamic product, you can type in codes in its own language, HubL. Otherwise, it’s so effortless, that everything gets done in just a few clicks. Let’s look at the how!

HubSpot ready-made website templates

Building A HubSpot Website Template: A Snappy Walkthrough

As discussed earlier, HubSpot is known for its content creation feature. Web development through HubSpot doesn’t involve coding, just some editing and a few drag and drops depending on the elements of the page. Let’s dig deeper on how it’s done:

Now, What Makes Your HubSpot Website Template Great?

It’s primarily the different benefits that the COS offers , let’s take a quick recap. HubSpot is known for its effortless content creation through web development, great ecosystem and incredible third-party integrations with all kinds . As we all know it also offers smart and auto-responsive content. So say bye-bye to coding and make room for multi-tasking with other software on board as well.

In a nut-shell, the template that you choose for your website should match with your audience persona, be responsive and appealing on all devices, have multiple pages and sections and also have an accessible developer.

Now let’s have a look at the purpose that the HubSpot website template  achieves, cause that’s the key to why it’s so great!

Not only this HubSpot website templates help you efficiently meet SMART goals. SMART  is an acronym where-

S stands for Specific.

M stands for Measurable.

A stands for Attainable.

R stands for Realistic.

T stands for Timely.

Goal Setting

All these combined, result in a cutting-edge HubSpot website template.

We talked about the different benefits and purposes that a HubSpot website template contains. Now let’s have a look at the main ingredients, the…

Qualities Of A Cut-through HubSpot Website Templates

By now, we all know that while implementing a HubSpot website template, you can start generating traffic, leads, and revenue right from your website. Templates are the best way to get your website updated in hours and at minimal cost. Now let’s talk about the 9 qualities you should look for in a great HubSpot website template:

1. Easy Installation

Your website template should be installed within hours since it’s not a full redesign of your website right from scratch. Templates have all the technical assets you need so without excess time consumption you can work on the website copy, forms, and call-to-action buttons on the site.

2. Easy Customization:

It’s not compulsory to know advanced HTML/CSS skills to make minor adjustments to the page or the HubSpot website template. You can also get help from the 24/7 helpdesk, if you are unsure of how to customize . They will tell you how customizable the template will be based on your requested changes. Figure out the costing difference between purchasing a HubSpot website template and customizing it.

Easily Customizable website templates

3. Optimized For Traffic Generation:

The inbound methodology counts on grabbing traffic from all over the internet such as search, social, email, and other channels. A great HubSpot website template enables you to customize your title tags, meta descriptions, category/topic tags (for the blog), and headers for each and every page to improve on-page SEO. It also has social media buttons that make content sharing very easy for you.

4. Lead Generation Optimization:

It is necessary to generate leads for your sales team, and that’s what your website does primarily. Great HubSpot website templates have placeholder call-to-action buttons on the site to add in premium content or demo offers. The templates should also have built-in forms pop-up or static that you can swap out with your own forms to generate new blog subscribers/leads for the services and products. Afterall a resource center template is like a gold mine for generating new leads in the awareness/consideration stage of your audience persona.

Lead Generation

5. Relevant Placeholder Text:

Placeholder text makes it easy to figure out what kind of content goes where on the website. Or even, whether it should be a part of the website or not! The entire template should not just have ‘lorem ipsum’. After all, words add meaning and understanding, not to forget the enhancement of understanding.

6. Easy Content Migration From Old CMS To HubSpot CMS:

The key purpose of HubSpot website templates is to make your online life easier. With HubSpot you just need to copy/paste content from your old site to your new site and that too without any significant custom coding. Copy/pasting takes relatively less time and money than the expensive developer hours. For blog posts, if you’re on WordPress, HubSpot’s blog importer will make the content migration as easy as a breeze.

7. In-built Support:

There is no need to worry if you can’t figure out about the usage of your HubSpot website template. HubSpot website templates come with great support to ensure that you are all covered on the process of launching your new website. If you have a few questions about launching your new HubSpot website template, you can reach out to the template designers, HubSpot developers, or their in-house support team to get your website live and running.

8. Responsive Design:

In today’s time the majority of the web traffic and leads come from mobile devices. Your website needs to generate sales, drive traffic and leads regardless of the device. For this, Google too recently updated their search algorithms to give a rankings boost to mobile friendly websites and highly responsive websites. Make sure your new HubSpot website template is responsive so that you only have to manage one website that drives business across desktop, tablet, mobile devices and other screen dimensions.

Responsive Website Template Design

9. Dynamic Content:

If your inbound marketing is covered, it’s time to make your website dynamic. A great HubSpot website design helps you grab onto some great opportunities with its smart content. Smart content allows your website to be more personalized and relevant to the user based on what we know about them. Your website template should indicate opportunities for employing dynamic content.You can use it anywhere, be it a blog or webpage.
Think it’s too tiresome to do it on your own. Do not fret there are many HubSpot professionals and agencies dealing with web design services.
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