Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools

Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools to Increase ROI

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Marketing automation can supercharge your business and teams with an increase in efficiency and revenue.

Today, marketing automation tools are so intuitive that they can create personalized campaigns without anyone having to manually do it every single time.

It also helps to send the right communication at the perfect time. From social media to e-mail campaigns, everything can be automated and targeted to specific customers.

Are you trying to figure out the best tool amongst a long list of B2B marketing automation platforms for your business?

You will have all the answers by the time you finish reading this. But first, get to know us!

What can Marketing Automation tools do for you?

Marketing automation tools can superpower your business, drastically improve your team’s efficiency, and drive enormous profits and revenue.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these stats:

Almost three-quarters of companies use some kind of automation tool. Only 25% of businesses have not experimented with how they can focus on more important tasks.

The right strategy for the best marketing automation tools generate 451% more qualified leads.

Businesses claim that marketing automation companies has made them 20% more productive and provided them with a 10% increase in revenue within 6-9 months.

Most businesses claim that saving time is the most important outcome of their marketing automation platform.

Apart from saving time, marketing automation tools also help businesses improve their efficiency, focus on more important tasks which drive more revenue, and improve the quality of their marketing campaigns.

Not having to manually hit ‘send’ every single time and knowing that all communication with prospects and clients will occur at a specified time without fail allows marketers to focus on more important and profitable tasks.

There are tons of ways in which these repetitive tasks can be automated. You can personalize them according to your team’s preferences to increase effectiveness.

Top 10 Marketing automation tools

Budget and familiarity with the marketing automation platforms are important while selecting the right marketing automation tool for your business. Let us talk about all the best SEO company New York.

HubSpot Logo

HubSpot has a complete suite of software products providing CMS, CRM, marketing, and other such features. Its marketing automation feature has helped a significant number of businesses globally. 


The main reason for this is the easy-to-use interface, the complete suite of software provided right from CRM to a content management system, various free resources and a large community.


Almost 30% of businesses use HubSpot marketing automation features to supercharge their business flow.


If you are considering HubSpot marketing automation, get it done from a HubSpot certified solutions provider.


Salesforce is software that helps you build stronger relationships with customers. Its marketing automation feature and several other features help you to streamline workflows.

It helps you better manage customer data and provides better service to them. Providing actionable and meaningful insights into customer behavior allows teams to coordinate better by providing an integrated platform to control all customer data.

Make workflows easier with Zapier. It allows users to automate synchronization between two different applications.

The ease of getting work done from one app to the other allows businesses to automate several repetitive tasks and build seamless workflows where maximum work is completed within less time.

It works on a “ When this happens, then do that” command. For example, notify the Sales team when you get a new e-mail or query via forms.

The same automation can be used for complex tasks or simple yet repetitive tasks that consume too much time. The best part is that you require no code to get this done.

Zoho logo

Zoho is a cloud-based CRM that has offered extreme ease of operations to businesses globally. It is one of the well known marketing automation companies which can help to automate your workflows.

Zoho is super simple and easy to use, can be integrated with multiple third-party apps, provides convenient sales forecasting and predictive analytics and is supercharged with AI to improve efficiency.

Klaviyo logo

If you are looking for e-mail marketing automation platforms that also provides SMS and push notification features, Klaviyo is the tool for you.

Klaviyo allows specific user segmentation that helps to automatically send targeted messages that help in increasing conversion rates.

mailchimp logo

Mailchimp is a dedicated e-mail marketing tool that provides pre-built e-mail templates, A/B testing, automated campaigns, customer segmentation, and more.

Mailchimp is one of the email marketing automation tools that lets you send targeted and customized email campaigns.

marketo logo

Marketo is a software built by Adobe to enable businesses to automate businesses, tasks and workflows. It also lets you measure marketing engagement and personalize campaigns across multiple platforms.

It offers assistance in lead nurturing, lead management, e-mail marketing, and many other processes.

Drip Logo

Drip offers a platform to manage all data, automate e-mail marketing campaigns, and personalize e-commerce businesses’ customer user journeys as per requirements.

Drip also allows you to map customer journeys and work on multi-channel touchpoints. Users can also benefit from the detailed analytics presented on the platform.

Keap Logo

Keap has an impactful spot in the list of marketing automation platforms. Small service businesses and solopreneurs majorly use it.

It has various features such as e-mail marketing, an appointment scheduling system, task management and recurring payments, lead scoring, CRM, and more.

eLoqua Logo

Oracle Eloqua is a well-established marketing automation tool that provides broadcast e-mail marketing, CRM integrations, lead nurturing and scoring, event-based e-mail marketing, and more.

Eloqua is a top choice for enterprise-level companies. It provides a comprehensive marketing solution with many useful functionalities.

Now that you know about all the relevant and popular tools, consider a few other factors before making your decision.

Let’s Automate Your Business together

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Factors to consider when selecting the right marketing automation tools

Budget and familiarity with the marketing automation platforms are important while selecting the right marketing automation tool for your business.

Additionally, here is everything you need to consider:

Features and Functionality:

Once you decide that you are going to work with marketing automation tools, it is imperative that you set out clear goals and objectives.

After that is laid out, you can decide the features and functionality you need to target.

For example, some businesses focus on conversion and top-of-the-funnel features, while others may target lead generation and management.

Some tools offer all functionalities while the others specialize in one functionality more than the other.

Market share and positioning:

Pay attention to a few things, such as:

There are a few marketing automation platforms that will be more than enough for your particular needs but remember that you also need to keep in mind your long-term vision while working on the project. So choose a software which you can trust in the long term.


Integrations are a key factor to look for in automation software.

Integrations help you build a seamless workflow so that all the time and effort spent moving from one app to another can be utilized properly. Juggling from one app to the other while using marketing automation platforms defeats the purpose. So consider the types of integrations provided carefully.

Various softwares provides better CRM integrations, social media management, e-mail marketing, etc. Having to juggle multiple apps and software defeats the purpose of automation. So Consider this carefully.

Wrapping up

Marketing automation tools have various benefits. It helps businesses to improve efficiency, build streamlined workflows and drive profits.

Choosing the best marketing automation tool will depend on various factors, from budget to ease of operations. We hope this list helps you decide on the tool that fits your business needs.

Do contact us if you have any questions about any B2B marketing automation platform.

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