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How to Migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 Like A Pro

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As a digital marketer, you might know the functionalities and user-friendliness Google Analytics 4 offers to us. If not, the following blog with an emphasis on GA4 migration will help you understand them in a few steps.

In 2020 October, Google released the upgraded version of Analytics, namely GA4 with the several latest and dominant features and functionalities for the users.

Universal Analytics (UA) will sunset on 1 July 2023. Hence, it is the time to start the UA to GA4 migration as early as possible.

GA4 will bring an evolution of measurement standards, allowing users to measure different data from iOS apps, Android apps, and the web. Several organizations will move from Universal Analytics to GA4 for betterment.

It will be expected to give you the ability to identify user journey across your websites through automation and improve new heights using ML (Machine learning) technology and methods to increase marketing investment.

GA4 migration provides businesses with the vision to recognize user journeys across their websites through automation.

So in this Universal Analytics to GA4 migration guide, we will show you how to switch to GA4. In this guide, we will cover the steps involved in UA to GA4 migration.

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Universal Analytics Will Sunset on 1st july!!

From Rookie to Pro, GA4 Migration: A Step-by-Step Guide on UA to GA4 Migration

Migration from UA to GA4 Account

The first thing we need to do is to go to “Set up Assistant” and then follow the below steps to complete the procedure.

Universal Analytics
GA4 Setup Assistance

If you follow these steps, you will migrate your data easily from the “UA to GA4” with no problems.

Create from UA to GA4 Account

Build GA4 property in your Analytics Account

Click on the Account column > Click Property and create a new property > Assign a name to the new property > Choose to report time and the currency > Select the business size and the industry category > Finalize the creation process.

Add a Data Stream and Set up Data Collection

Navigate to the Property column > click Data Streams > Add Stream.
[Note: Stream can be added by any of these, like iOS app, Android app, or web.]

Setting up the data for the website is the third step of the GA4 migration process. You need to be very attentive. You must follow this step to collect data from websites.

Add Google tags to the web pages so that your GA4 property data is visible.

To make the data visible in your new GA4 property, you need to add the Google tag to your web pages.

Secondly, if you use Google Sites, WooCommerce, Wix, HubSpot, or WordPress, you can add your Google- ID (G-ID) to the Google Analytics field provided by your CMS.

You can find your G- ID by looking at the data streams in the top right corner of the screen.

If you do not have access to a field to enter your G- ID, you can insert the Google tag into the custom HTML function of your CMS.

To do this, go to the Data Streams page > Select Web > Click on the data stream.

In the Google tag > Show tag instructions > Click Install instructions and read correctly > Click Install manually. This will give you the JavaScript snippet for your account’s Google Tag, which you can insert directly the on any page of your website.

Activate Google Signals (AGS)

The “AGS” step is required for improved remarketing and reporting. When Google Signals is enabled, audiences created in GA4 and published in Google Ads can serve ads in cross-device remarketing campaigns. These are served to Google users who have agreed to personalize ads. It is one of the important steps for the GA4 migration.

Linking with Google Ads

With the Google Ads link migration tool, you can restore UA links or create new Google Ads links. Linking with Google Ads will probably help you broaden the business with its new marketing features and functionalities.

Transfer UA Custom Events to GA4

You can use dual tagging to maintain your UA implementation while you build your new GA4 property. This way you can create a historical record in GA4 while continuing to depend on UA until the transition.

Migrate Target Groups

After GA4 migration, you can identify the same groups of users as you did with Universal Analytics (UA). The same data can then be exported to your linked Google Ads account.

You can create up to 100 audiences per GA4 property and these audiences will automatically update everywhere without you having to select the target.

You need to recreate these audiences in your GA4 estate to migrate them manually. Supercharge your universal analytics with a professional’s approach to GA4.

UA to GA4 Migration Made Easy!

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5 Primary Pits: GA4 vs Universal Analytics

The pits given above are a few of the most GA4 vs Universal Analytics. Overall, GA4 migration will be beneficial for all the organizations looking for the enriched features and increase ROI.

However, a successful migration from UA to GA4 is only the stepping stone. There is a lot more to explore on this platform. With us, you can take advantage of professional SEO services.

Start using the incredible tools that are built into GA4. It will amaze you at what you can learn and achieve with this extremely beneficial marketing platform.

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Are you constantly being asked to switch to the new Google Analytics? With only a few days left, it is increasingly important to start the migration soon.

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We’ll guide you from implementation to integration with your long-term marketing strategy, so you always get the complete picture for every thing.

Our analytics experts ensure that all your valuable customer insights remain accessible and become even more robust, so you are equipped with the right data to make informed decisions at every stage of your digital growth.

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Wrapping Up,

Do you want to stay ahead of the Google Analytics 4 curve? Migrate today with professional digital marketing service providers like us.

TRooInbound is one of the best GA4 migration service provider with end-to-end support. We have personalized service for every valued and esteemed customer.

We have pro-level migration expert techniques for switching from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. So, if you are looking for UA to GA4 migration, we can help you do it with minimal or no hassle.

Landing the help from the professional will give the immense experience and also working with the experts will offer the hassle-free and smooth outcome on or before timeline.

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