Upcoming SEO Trends 2023; Digital Visibility Things to look ahead to

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SEO is an ever-evolving field and comes with its own set of challenges every year which makes it tough to adapt the changes quickly and thrive in this era of cut-throat digital competition. For your relief, we have put up the SEO trends 2023 list that will eliminate the need to refer to multiple sources.


Let’s be honest! Subscribing to a lot of blogs, newsletters, podcasts and YouTube channels or following marketing-related Twitter walls, just to identify accurate SEO Trends of 2023 sounds burdensome.


It may require your undivided attention at unfavorable times so that you do not miss out on any Google update and know the possible repercussions of not adapting that.


In order to simplify that, we have briefed a list of SEO Trends to follow in 2023 simply by stating the things worth adding to your marketing principles list.


In addition, the marketing experts have also predicted the upcoming SEO trends that are expected to disrupt the organic visibility landscape in the near future. Let’s explore their Point of views and prepare to hop on the digital trends for the upcoming year.

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Keyword Research

Regardless of the month or a year, Keyword research is here to stay and show up the most relevant results to the search queries of the people. However, the purpose of its existence changes.


Marketers have long been obsessed with appearing in ‘Featured Snippet’ or ‘Position Zero’ in order to increase impressions and clicks to their website.


Now, rather than achieving a top ranking, it is vital to decode the user intent, answer to that particular query by infusing relevant keywords and get the content featured on the SERP to educate readers with informative insights. Conducting a website competitor analysis unveils more relevant keywords.

Quality Content

This comes as no secret whether you are preparing for SEO 2023 or later, content will always remain the king. Maintain the impact of the quality-rich and highly engaging content that stun readers with the exciting facts and broadens their perspective towards looking at things.


Just make sure to be authentic and original with your content without relying on AI content tools.


As Search Advocate John Muller stated , content generated through AI writing tools is considered spam which could lead to penalty and complicate for Google in crawling it. Addressing and overcoming these digital marketing challenges becomes crucial for maintaining a strong online presence.

Page Load Speed

Put yourself in the shoes of the user and ask ‘How long you will take to bounce off from a website if it takes time to load?’ Not for long, right? If you do not want your user to feel the same with your website, then make sure that your website loads within 3 to 5 seconds.


To prevent your website speed from getting slow, avoid attaching hefty files such as high-resolution images and videos in a single webpage.


After the introduction of Core Web Vitals, Google has put more emphasis on loading speed. Faster page loading speed is one of the contributing factors to an excellent user experience, especially in mobiles.


If you are new to terms like page load speed, then explore the SEO glossary to grasp essential terms that complement your understanding of SEO quickly.

Video Marketing

The next in the list of SEO Trends 2023 is video marketing. Currently, video is the most dominating form of content marketing and is expected to hold this power in the future as well. Whether it comes to understanding a product or a service, its utilization, its benefits or its availability. Majority of the consumers prefer videos over articles which makes it worth integrating in your SEO strategy.


Also, Google is rolling out features to quickly derive useful insights from a video, eliminating the need to watch it from start to end. These updates are as follows:-

Clip Markup – For highlighting the key points of your video that enables the user to directly hop to the signature part visible on the timeline through the markup.

Seek Markup – To automatically display the key moments of your video when Google links them with specific points in your video.

With this optimization technique, you can make the video user-friendly and expect it to appear in results of relevant search terms.

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Voice Search
With each passing day voice search is gaining popularity and it requires adequate attention to keep up with SEO Trends 2023. Voice search involves the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to search queries simply by speaking it.


Google is making the move to enhance the voice searches for the users across the world. Integrating this in your website will potentially be a win-win for your business, if used effectively.

The components below will help you get stared with voice searches:-

Target Phrasing – Infuse Long tail keywords to make it suitable for conversational searches.

Short & Crisp Answers – Deliver short answer on every user’s search query.

Vernacular Approach –Ensure that the users can search in their regional languages as well.

EAT (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness)

Google’s guidelines have emphasised to focus on the Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (EAT) for notable rankings of your website. Adhering to these guidelines informs Google that your website is enriched with valuable, insightful and trustworthy content which is worth the visitors’ time.


Google takes into consideration; How helpful the content is? How often the content is created or repurposed? Whether the content is created by an expert? Whether the content is relevant to the users search terms? This impacts the overall credibility and positioning of your website in the search engine.


In order to keep up with the upcoming SEO trends, consider EAT before executing each and every task. Create easy to read and valuable content, infuse intent centric keywords, link to authoritative sites, showcase social presence, customer reviews, testimonials and badges of honour on your site. Also, winning links from authoritative sites is a big plus.


People get influenced and make decisions based on the search results they receive on Google and to meet this criteria Google ensures to deliver honest, accurate and useful information. This will equally play a vital role in SEO trends 2023 as Google timely updates its algorithm with an intent to enhance the surfing experience for the users.

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Image Optimization to meet SEO trends 2023

Imagine how would an online store with terrible or unsupportive images look like. Image optimization is among the remarkable SEO trends of 2023 that needs significant attention.

High Resolutions images are a focal point in the website, but adding them to your webpages or blog hampers the latency which degrades the user experience. Here, image optimization plays the role of the savior.

Image Optimization may sound like making optimum use of the images, but it has a different meaning than what its name suggests. This refers to decreasing the image size without affecting its quality such that it looks good on your website and also doesn’t decreases the page loading speed. In addition, it benefits in various other ways including; increased website traffic, uplifted SEO rankings and visitors time spent on your website.

Downsizing your image is pretty easy with plenty of tools available online. Each and every tool comes with its own benefits and subscription plans. Based on your requirements you can determine the most suitable tool for your business and leverage it to achieve maximum efficiency and keep up with the significant SEO Service 2023 trends.

Prioritizing image optimization is essential as images will play a vital role in obtaining information, online shopping and conveying messages through stunning visuals.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML & AI)

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence have already disrupted the Martech landscape and is expected to hold a significant portion in SEO trends 2023 as well.

This includes the use of business intelligence tools to automate the repetitive tasks that require a lot of time and zero productivity. This means machines do the work while you focus on strengthening customer relationships and tasks that require genuine efforts.

Some AI-based technology examples which you probably are familiar with include;chat bots, real-time data analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Interactive Voice Responses(IVR), content generating tools, paraphrasing tools and many more.

According to, 80% of the industrial experts have already integrated AI into their Digital Marketing strategies. In the near future, this industry is likely to skyrocket in terms of revenue and acquire a special space in organizations w’s workflow.

People Also Search For:

Local Searches

Local SEO has been in existence for long, but will require abundant attention to thrive in 2023. Research shows that keywords containing the term ‘near me’ were increased by 136% in 2021 and are expected to rise in the succeeding year.

Incorporating local SEO by targeting keywords for a particular city, state or vicinity will make it easier for the local buyers to find about your business which in turn will get you traffic, leads and conversions from the particular region helping you build brand awareness and establish local reach..

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile first approach is one of the most talked about upcoming SEO trends that unarguably needs quick adaption. The two primary reasons for these. To begin with, the majority of the people shop on small screens or obtain information via mobile. Secondly, Google prioritizes mobile responsive websites and shows up in search results.

Countless organic searches are conducted on mobile devices and are expected to accelerate in the future.

Even more, Google launched their mobile speed update that reduced the content loading time on the website, which contributed well in uplifting many websites. Thus, making it essential to build mobile responsive website.


Well, the future is unpredictable and none of us exactly know whether strategizing marketing would produce fruitful results or not. However, intending to delight users with valuable content, serving a better scrolling and navigating experience, giving a glance of glistening visuals and making your website mobile responsive should be the primary focus to pace up for SEO 2023. Consumer trends change with time and especially in the digital world where updates arrive and vanish at a breakneck speed. This makes it essential to stay connected with the media resources that can keep you well-informed and signal you to update your working pattern.

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