Webflow vs WordPress

Webflow vs WordPress: Which Website Builder Is For You?

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Are you finding it hard to choose between Webflow and WordPress or wondering whether Webflow is better than WordPress or vice versa? Our thoroughly researched insights will help you choose the right platform for your business.

WordPress is a renowned content management system that hosts a ton of websites and facilitates plenty of features making it easy to use and worth choosing for your business.

Webflow is a cloud-based website builder suitable for people with no knowledge of coding and comes with a set of excellent features.

Figuring out a content management system between Webflow vs WordPress could be a task as there are plenty of parameters to look for which include; simplicity, affordability, flexibility and features it offers.

We have briefed some insights on both the CMSs that will make it easier for you to find which one meets your needs or why Webflow is better than WordPress or vice versa.

Let’s begin by understanding them.


Webflow dashboard

Webflow is an online platform that lets you build websites easily without coding. It is a software-as-a-service (Saas) model that doesn’t require a download or internal memory to fit in your device.


This hosting server offers you a visual and drag & drop builder which simplifies custom website creation.


Moreover, Webflow provides access to your site’s underlying code which makes it different from the rest of the website builders.


Using Webflow, you can build a blog, directory, eCommerce store, and different types of websites.


WordPress gives the flexibility to build and manage websites easily. What started as a blogging platform is today a giant that hosts all types of websites including; directories, business websites, eCommerce stores, portfolios, and more.

Today whether you wish to build a business or run a blog online, WordPress is there for you. All you need to do is purchase a domain and you are ready to pilot online in minutes.

WordPress is popular and hosts nearly 45% of the websites, but if we compare Webflow and WordPress both look efficient from the outside.

Whether to choose Webflow vs WordPress, can be decided through their features and benefits respectively.

Features of Webflow

Features of Webflow

Features of WordPress

Features of WordPress

Benefits of Webflow

Benefits of WordPress

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Webflow vs WordPress; Specifics

Though the features and benefits of these content management systems are no less and have a lot in common, Webflow vs WordPress are unique in their own way. Let’s analyze and find out.

For design and templates


Webflow equally offers enough free and paid templates that are mobile-responsive and suitable for various types of websites. However, changing the template or theme quickly isn’t as convenient as it is in WordPress, but the visual editor inside makes the template editing easy. ​


WordPress offers infinite themes and templates that are free and paid. WordPress themes can be changed or customized anytime easily using a live customizer.

For Ecommerce


Webflow’s eCommerce functionality offering is relatively less compared to WordPress which makes it unsuitable for building eCommerce stores. On the other hand, the range of products you can sell via Webflow varies based on the pricing plan. Also, selling memberships or subscription-based products via Webflow is less feasible than WordPress.


You might be familiar with the WooCommerce plugin that is popular for creating stores and enhance eCommerce functionality. If not, you would also love to know it offers thousands of themes to choose from. Furthermore, WordPress offers several other eCommerce and Shopping cart options.

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Unlike WordPress, Webflow doesn’t provide flexibility in integrating several plugins but comes with in-built features that let you edit title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs for each page. Furthermore, it also helps in various aspects of technical SEO and also provides paid plans to leverage the power of SEO. Explore our comprehensive Web Designing Guide for insights on optimizing your website's design and functionality, whether you're using Webflow or other platforms.


Ease of use is one of the reasons why many people choose WordPress while search engine friendliness is the other one. WordPress offers plenty of plugin options to optimize your sites for search engines. The facilitated built-in settings in WordPress make the optimization even easier. Moreover, WordPress lets you integrate several other plugins such as Yoast, and All-In-One SEO, through which adding title tags, meta descriptions, and focus keywords gets easier.

For third-party integrations,


Webflow’s offering of third-party plugin integrations is very limited. Even if you find suitable plugins that can be integrated to your website builder, it might not assure a change in your website’s appearance.


WordPress offers over 57,000 plugins which are divided into free and paid categories. Be it for SEO, contact forms, backups, security, email marketing, live chat software, and system support, there is a plugin for everything.

If you wish to compare Webflow and WordPress there are several more things to look forward to, but this blog covered the most important insights that require your special attention.
In the lieu of choosing one by comparing WordPress vs Webflow, it is important to be clear about the objective of your digital journey.
Each content management system (CMS) has its own perks and loopholes that help you decide which platform is suitable for your business.
Thinking and investing wisely in the platform of your choice will help you gain long-term results and reap the benefits it offers.
So, the ball is in your court, pick your desired platform and accelerate your pace towards your digital goals such that you feel the difference in working digitally and take advantage and the convenience the content management system offers.
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