What Is HubSpot Smart Content And How To Get The Best From It?

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Well! We all know that HubSpot is the ideal software of today if you want your business to make it big in today’s competitive times. We know the glories of HubSpot at the sales, on-boarding, development and marketing front. But today we shall talk about something that isn’t talked about much, but is the backbone of the software’s functionality, HubSpot Smart Content!

Smart content is actually a part of the Marketing Hub and helps keep a check on both the development and also the marketing aspects you want your content to cover. In general terms it is also known as dynamic content. It is the web content that changes in accordance with the audience’s past behavior and interest. HubSpot Smart Content renders one-of-a-kind customer experiences with the right personalization, relevancy and attraction , something that the mass content doesn’t pay heed to.

When you go for smart content, you can make changes to your web ware according to the different types of visitors. In a nutshell HubSpot smart content displays different versions of your content based on the user category. Well, this isn’t just it, let’s dig deeper…

Curious About HubSpot Smart Content?

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Here Are The Different Benefits Of Using HubSpot Smart Content!

Lead Nurturing

In marketing it is all about building long lasting relationships with the masses and potential buyers so that they become loyal customers and then indirect promoters of your brand. HubSpot smart content, as we discussed, displays content that grips the user and sends a sense of association with your business due to high relevance.

Lead Nurturing

Goal Alignment

HubSpot Smart content might come across to be the people’s loved content, but it works well for your marketing goals too! There is a purpose of each content and HubSpot smart content caters well to it, it indirectly propagates the content message to the viewers such that they are driven to take the desired action you as the marketer want them to take. It poses the content as a solution to their problem.

Generating Sales

It’s not all at the marketing front but it also manages to spread a smile to the sales personnel. With smart content you can get the viewers of your content to focus on different offers, CTAs , sales pages and what not. You can drive them to make purchases with their will. HubSpot Smart convinces prospects that your services and products are all they need for their livelihood.

Two Fold

Smart content on HubSpot follows a two-fold mechanism. For the web traffic, it becomes an entirely virtual space exclusively made for them increasing conversion opportunities as the same content isn’t shown the next time they visit it will all depend on their clicks, and for you marketers it becomes a hack to grab onto sure-shot leads and conversions. You might get a conversion whenever if not the first time.

Grabbing Attention

HubSpot Smart content is like people’s content. When you use smart content from HubSpot, you show the viewers what they want to see, but for the betterment of your business. Smart content presents content based on the user’s past preferences and behaviors with other similar types of content. So, there will be favorable interactions with the content you show, and say hi to great click rates.

Grabbing Attention

Now We Know The Boons That HubSpot Smart Content Offers!

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Let’s talk about how you can achieve them. Here are a few tricks you can use to reap amazing results from smart content from the master COS, HubSpot!

Measure And Analyze Your Content

Using HubSpot smart content is no child’s play. Don’t turn off your web traffic by revealing private information. It might seem relevant to you, but is of no interest to the user. Give them relevant and helpful content. Personalized web experiences get you greater sales. Do not use contact names on your website. It will increase bounces. You can go for sharing a blog post that is about the viewer’s preferred topic or if he is in search of something similar. Each piece of content should have a relevance behind sharing. Don’t assume!

Analyze Your Content

Give The Right Amount Of Categorizing

Content creation and lead generation go hand in hand the better the content the higher the number of leads you can reap. The tool from which you can reap those leads is personalization. So it is advisable to monitor your content whether smart or not from time to time. This will give you insights on how your content is performing and what’s working for the good and the bad. Accordingly you can make tweaks to your smart content efforts and increase interactions and conversions. You must set a goal for each piece of content. You can use tools such as Hotjar or even carry out A/B testing.

Life Cycle Modification

There’s no surety that each visitor has the same choices and preferences. Make sure you consider that when you use HubSpot smart content. Pay attention to their position in the buyer journey. Show relevant content to your first timers and also your existing customers. You can even offer relatable downloadable content so that the prospect is satisfied and convinced to associate with your brand. Smart content creates a sure-shot win-win opportunity for both you and the prospect. You get a lead and the visitor gets the answer to whatever he’s looking for.

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Persona Adaptation

Not all those who visit your websites are customers and especially if you are a B2B holding. Your web traffic might also include CEOs, founders and higher level positions. So keep those personas in mind and customize your content according to them. A person from a superior post will look at your content in an all-new different way than other mid-level designations and even prospects or customers. It is highly advisable to use smart CTAs and imagery, also sophisticated designing to grab onto them. HubSpot smart content also allows you to win partnerships and business relations, also stakeholders.

Location Customization

We all know that the location centric content makes a deeper connection among the immediate masses. HubSpot smart content allows you to customize the language of your web content in accordance with the location of your visitors. Don’t worry if your company operates from different countries! You can incorporate the majorly spoken or the common language in your web content. So, the audiences can comprehend and relate to it like it’s built for them. You can also customize regionally by using real images from around the location to make a deeper contact and give a sense of belonging.


As talked earlier, naming a prospect or a client can come across to be creepy if you overdo it. But if this hack is carried out the right way it can actually spread a smile to the visitor. You can greet your signed-in member with a pop-up welcoming them or you can even send the subscriber or customer an acknowledgement through email. This will make them feel that they are a part of your community. Try this it will surely make your content stand-out from the other content and make the prospect feel special.

Onward Profiling

People don’t spend a lot of time on a website, they have a reason to visit. So ask the right amount of questions and provide minimum but relevant fields. So they can fill them up and don’t bounce off! With HubSpot smart content you can insert smart CTAs and also change the content of the forms. So that questions don’t get repeated when a user visits you the second time. Hence, you can cover all the information that is required. This is one way you can spread bliss among prospects, respecting their time!

Define your target audience

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