What To Use For Blogging? HubSpot Or WordPress?

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Blogging is one of the most effective and trending ways of content marketing. It always manages to leave behind, something of value in the audience’s mind. In a nut-shell, it is known for creating immersive customer experiences and building a rapport with prospects. Blogs aren’t just write-ups they can be images, audio, and even video. It all depends on the medium one chooses to propagate the blog on.

Earlier blogging was actually like an online self-published diary entry, serving the masses something of value. But now, in the time of digitalization, it has become a sure-shot method of digital marketing and due to this, the IT industry has come up with software that seamlessly powers blogs.

And, talking about the world of blogs, the first word that strikes us is WordPress! But, gone are the days when WordPress was the monarch for hosting blogs. There’s a revolutionary software other than WordPress, that will take your blogs to a whole new level. It’s HubSpot!

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Now! You Must Be Wondering Which Of The Two Should You Use?

Here’s a comparison between the two-

Cost Of Blogging

This is one of the most important aspects that any business professional as a matter of fact looks into. The costing! We know that WordPress is open-source and that’s just one reason it is free. So, it definitely wins over HubSpot at the price front. WordPress isn’t completely free though. If you want advanced extensions and features, you might have to pay, but it is quite reasonable. On the other hand, if you want to use HubSpot, you need to pay right from the start! The rates start from 300$ and so on as and how to choose your package and additional features.
pricing of WordPress or HubSpot


HubSpot is a closed-source platform unlike WordPress. There’s limited design capabilities of HubSpot has the templates and different elements are pre-set. Whereas with WordPress designing, sky’s the limit! You can create or even edit, apply and do much more with your blogging. You can code, or insert different extensions from the library or the marketplace. This will help you create each blog differently so that it stands out from the rest. If you want rich designing on HubSpot, you might have to get in touch with the team at HubSpot.

Editability Of Your Blogging

Well, HubSpot development is known for its effortless editing to come up with interactive blogging. There’s the drag-and-drop editor and also the layout editor. Everything is in a modular format and you just need to edit the different modules by adding elements as needed. WordPress does great at the editing front too! There’s an entire range of plug-ins you can choose from. It will bring out the best in your blogging, powered with PHP scripting. The two most famous plug-ins today are WPBakery and VisualComposer.
Editability Of Your Blogging


HubSpot isn’t as feature-rich as WordPress, as the latter has been around for a longer time. HubSpot has a few features such as inbuilt optimization, automation, smart content, auto-responsiveness. On the other hand WordPress has an entire plethora of different features. It has libraries and collections for each category be it SEO, themes, flexibility, security, and more. Not just this WordPress supports coding in PHP, Jquery, JavaScript and CSS . Whereas, HubSpot supports only HubL.

Speed From Blogging

This isn’t a much discussed area for the comparison of the two. But as we know time is everything, and everyone loves quick loads. In WordPress, the speed is dependent on how the page is implemented, its plug-ins and extensions. It allows server caching, file minimization, image lazy loading, and other features. Whereas HubSpot doesn’t have any of these possibilities. So, HubSpot loading remains uniform across the different page developments. This was a point important to discuss as SEO rankings rely quite a bit on page loading too! If you’re convinced that WordPress is the better choice and want to switch from HubSpot to WordPress, delve into our comprehensive guide on how to migrate from HubSpot to WordPress.

Benefits Of Blogging On The Two Domains

Well! This is the most awaited point of discussion, the benefits of the two for business. HubSpot is a marketers’ software, WordPress focuses on the build and its power. WordPress has different plug-ins, extensions and tools, as discussed above. Whereas benefits of blogging on HubSpot allows development powered by marketing, the sales funnel. It also gets you solutions powers by the flywheel approach, lead nurturing and much more. It covers all that the front-end wants to achieve at the marketing front. On the other hand WordPress is about the user’s experience.
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