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Which WordPress Page Builder Is Suitable For You

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What Should be an Inbound Marketer’s Go-to WordPress Page Builder?

It can be integrated with any WordPress theme, where you can easily drag-and-drop the elements on the page. It is a quick way to create a good website in a hassle-free manner. The inbound marketers can create a user-centric and uncomplicated interface using a WordPress page builder.

Divi, Elementor, and ACF are the top WordPress page builders that ease the job of inbound marketers. These three have an array of uses and purposes confined to personal preferences., which we will discuss in this segment.

Inbound Marketer’s Go-to WordPress Page Builder

Which is the Right WordPress Page Builder?

Every WordPress page builder has something different to offer. At some point, you would feel like Divi is better and at other times, ACF or Elementor. However, a brief analysis of the three WordPress Page builders will help you know, which stands out amongst the three for your business. By the end of the comparison, you should know which one, pans out to be the best for you.
Below are a few categories by which we have put all three for an assessment to pick the best out of the lot:

Visual Front-end Interface

When it comes to the visual front-end interface, all these page builders provide the drag-and-drop interface with the provision to edit the elements as per your preference. Divi has no fixed interface elements; you can customize it as per what you require.

If you want to add and configure the modules, you have to use the floating buttons that enable you to set up the page. On the other hand, Elementor gives you an empty-looking interface with a fixed sidebar with already present elements. Talking about ACF, it is a backend page builder. So, it has different functionalities.


Modules and Sections

Divi is a step ahead, when we talk about providing models and sections as it offers the A/B testing option. Using a split test, you can test and use the elements on your page to leave no room for errors.
However, it offers only limited building blocks to design the website you want. Elementor gives you a library of custom options and widgets, that help you design the best website with all the elements you want. It also gives you the provision to insert additional widgets from any other source you want. At the same time, ACF offers 30 different field types as well as custom field management for inbound marketers to quickly build interesting websites.

Detailed Styling Options

The style of your website is integral as it depicts the aesthetics and feel of your website. Both Divi and Elementor give you sufficient options to design and style your website as compared to the other WordPress page builders. Elementor will apply its custom style by default, but you can add your theme in the setup and style the page accordingly. Using the styling options, you can decide the colour scheme, alignment, and fonts of your website.

On the other hand, the Divi builder gives you the option to save a custom theme. It lets you auto-apply it to the other pages too, which makes it easier for you to develop a website. Since ACF is for the backend, it can be used to add fields to the WordPress edit screens with just a few taps.
On the other hand, the Divi builder gives you the option to save a custom theme. It lets you auto-apply it to the other pages too, which makes it easier for you to develop a website. Since ACF is for the backend, it can be used to add fields to the WordPress edit screens with just a few taps.

Template Library Of The WordPress Page Builder

Both the Divi and Elementor give you an array of templates to choose from the template library. Elementor has a wide range of options to choose from to design the website that you wish for as it offers you different themes and templates based on your business needs in-a-Go.
The Elementor Pro version and Elementor collectively offer you 400+ options to choose from for your website. Divi hereby offers a plethora of templates too, but the bonus points it gets is because of the layout packs that it offers for multiple business needs. For example, for restaurants, learning management institutions, fashion, cafes, agencies, etc. On similar lines, ACF is an advanced page builder to develop the templates of your choice with over 30 field types.

Theme Building

Theme building is essential to build each element of your website as a whole. It includes header, footer, title, feature image, post comments, post content, navigation, etc. When you use Elementor, you can choose where to apply the theme that is in the blog post or somewhere else.
Further using the library of these elements, you can design the interface of your website displaying all the mandatory information. In short, you can take a complete charge of each element that you design for your website individually. As compared to the Elementor, Divi doesn’t have many themes to choose from for the website. It requires you to design the front-end and the backend visuals individually, which makes it time-consuming. You can display and load your custom field in any template you want using ACF.

Pricing Of The WordPress Page Builder

The affordability of both Divi and Elementor depends on the purpose of your business use. If you are someone who wants to build a single website for your business, then the free version of Elementor is a better and cheaper choice for you.
On the contrary, if you have a business that requires you to create multiple websites, then the premium version of Divi is a smarter choice for you. The affordability of both these WordPress page builders is a subjective matter depending on an individual to individual. In addition, ACF is free for use. However, the ACF Pro version is available to use at USD 25 for a lifetime for a single site.


In order to gauge the performance between Divi and Elementor, there are criteria such as speed and functionality. As we talk about Divi, the speed of the website falls back mainly due to its capacity to hold different file sizes of different modules.
On the other hand, Elementor downscales the size of the files that the user adds, which makes it a lot easier and boosts the speed. ACF powers over 1 million websites and numerous inbound marketers boast high-end performance.
Website performance in WordPress

Shortcode Functionality

Divi has a huge library of widgets and shortcodes for possibly everything. So when it comes to having some elements that don’t perform, using the shortcodes, you can easily sort the issue.
Elementor, on the other hand, doesn’t have a huge library of shortcodes. You have to import the shortcodes from third-party sources, which make it fall back as compared to Divi. ACF provides simple, intuitive, and powerful functions for the development of a code.

Ease of Use

Advanced Custom Field is the best when it comes to ease of use as it allows you to design and work on your website smoothly. It gives you greater control over your website content and enables you to organize and structure the data meticulously.

Instead, when we talk about Elementor, it is a preferred choice of a million users due to its simplicity and intuitive use. Hereby Divi has the flexibility that it can easily adjust with any WordPress theme, that makes it smoother for use.

Demo Version

Divi particularly understands the value for money and offers a 30-days money-back guarantee after the purchase. Elementor offers a free as well as a paid version, which may be preferred by many inbound marketers. ACF also offers a 30-days refund policy upon dissatisfaction.

Final Words

Divi, Elementor, and ACF are the three topmost WordPress page builders, so there is no chance that you can go wrong with any of them particularly. After an in-depth analysis that we have indulged in, it would be a subjective choice to choose one. However, personally, I feel that Elementor particularly stands out in terms of the huge list of offerings for the website.

That doesn’t mean I am encouraging you to purchase Elementor over Divi and ACF, and you can briefly go through the different areas based on the ones I’ve discussed in our comparison to choosing the best one for your business. Even after listing down these parameters, if your question remains unanswered, you can reach out to our inbound marketing experts who will clear your mind.

These WordPress page builders have been tried and tested by different users for different business purposes. TRooInbound is at your service and helps you choose the apt WordPress page builder for your business. Our customers choose us for the supreme quality products and services that we offer for your business. We have well-versed experts that understand your needs and provide you with the solutions accordingly.

Now it is your turn to decide which WordPress page builder you think is the best for your business. If you have any confusion and want to speak to our experts, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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