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A HubSpot Case Study - Web Design, Development & SEO Services

One of our long term clients provide Oracle, PeopleSoft, and Ellucian Banner services, they are based in United States. They provide comprehensive cloud services for businesses across industries ranging from education to government and much more. The client needed website design and development services to cater their website to a specific target audience. Due to TRooInbound’s commitment to providing quality services, they contacted us for website design and development services. They wanted to extend the functionality of their websites owing to evolving needs of customers. They also wanted to establish an excellent online presence and attract more traffic to their website while growing their business.

Project Summary:

Project Name

HubSpot Web Design & Development

Project Scope
Responsive and More Functional Web Design, Developing a Cohesive Website with Brand Guidelines, Enhancing Organic Traffic with SEO
Resources Used
  • 1 Sr. Project Co-ordinator
  • 2 HubSpot Developer
  • 2 Designers
  • 2 SEO Experts
  • 1 Digital Marketing Manager
  • 1 Email Template Developer
  • 1 Quality Analyst
  • 1 Content Writer
IT Services & IT Consulting
Work Duration

1 Year & Ongoing


United States



As a leading tech solutions provider committed to providing high-quality services, our client faced multiple challenges, they were:


Here is the approach followed by TRooInbound to solve the challenges faced by our esteemed client:


We followed a step-by-step approach after careful strategy and planning. Here are the solutions that we implemented to solve their challenges was facing:

Transformed the website from HubSpot's Old Theme to the New Theme

TRooInbound started by moving the website from HubSpot's old theme to a new one that gave a lot of functionality and a modern look. It helped them offer new and improved functionalities to users and provide a more modern and comprehensive user experience.

The old theme operated on a drag-and-drop model, whereas the new theme allowed our client to change an element throughout the website with a single click.

Implemented HubSpot Smart Rules

After designing careful strategies, experts at TRooInbound implemented HubSpot smart rules. These smart rules enable users to access and view certain parts of the website content only after they fill out the forms that collect their contact details. Implementing HubSpot smart rules allowed the company to personalize and target its audience. Because of smart rules, they accumulated a number of contacts and sent personalized content to them.

Set up automation through HubSpot Workflows

Team TRooInbound believes in using HubSpot and its features to the maximum potential.

Based on their custom requirements, we helped them set up many automation-based workflows that eased their job. For example, we set up an automation that sent regular reminders to their team to set up follow-up meetings and calls with clients who had previously filled out forms or showed interest. Doing so helped them boost their sales pipeline and conversion rates.

Webpages based on A/B Testing

To further personalize the user experience on the website, we designed several web pages in an A/B format, allowing us to increase user experience and reduce the bounce rate.

Conceptualization and Brand Guidelines

To create a comprehensive and cohesive user experience, our designers created brand-specific icons and vectors that aligned with the brand's overall aesthetic. With a very keen attention to detail, we understood the voice and tone of the brand. We designed the color palette, typography, and iconography, and we incorporated suitable images and infographics to represent their content better.

Collecting Prospect information through forms

By setting up HubSpot smart rules that allowed users access to certain parts of the content only if they filled out specific forms, we helped our client collect information on a number of prospects. This had a multifold benefit. Firstly, they was able to craft its content marketing campaigns for those users, and the Secondly, it increased the user experience by catering to the user, such as the user's region, language, and many other parameters.

Improved website loading time

The client’s website loading speed was very detrimental to the user experience. Other than browser caching, we realized the need to adopt new strategies to decrease the website loading speed. We set up cookies for the website; doing so helped them track user behavior more closely. By setting up cookies, they were also able to target marketing campaigns more closely as well as remember user choices accurately and provide a seamless browsing experience.


With a phased out and systematic approach, here are the results achieved:

Increased Search Engine Ranking of several keywords

By targeting specific keywords related to their industry and product niche, TRooInbound was able to improve the SERP position of the client’slanding pages, blogs, event pages, and much more. Some of the pages rank on the first page of search engines as well, which has enhanced the influx of organic site visitors. Due to our continuous efforts, Organic clicks increased from 1.5k to 3.43k per month.

Cohesive User Experience

Due to several approaches, such as setting up cookies, conceptualizing, setting up brand guidelines, and others, we have been able to make the user experience of navigating through the website much smoother.

Visually aesthetic website

With a visually pleasing website, TRooInbound's main aim was to align all elements to provide a visually rich experience to the users. We enhanced the user experience by giving a more modern look and feel to the website and helping the company establish a brand identity with personalized fonts, icons, and vectors.

Content Marketing

By collecting details of a number of prospects, we were able to create personalized and targeted campaigns for our client and cater to specific sections of the audience. With TRooInbound's experienced and vetted content strategists carefully designed plans, we set up different channels of content marketing such as emails, social media, rebranding the pre-existing landing pages, and much more.

What Our Client Says

Working with TRooInbound has been highly beneficial for our company. They have handled the entire re-branding of our website with cohesive brand guidelines and a more functional design. They have been highly diligent in providing updates and complying with our feedback. Would recommend TRoo to anyone looking for website design, development, and SEO services.

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