Leading Inbound Marketing Trends for 2020

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Leading Inbound Marketing Trends for 2020

Inbound marketing has been one of the oldest and most practised methods of digital marketing that never fails. It is all about creating valuable content and attracting people towards your business using content. It can be done by presenting insights and solutions that match their goal to build engagement, thereby inspiring other prospects towards your business. Since the businesses today face severe competition, it becomes challenging to make your brand outshine others.

So here, we present effective inbound marketing strategies and Leading Inbound Marketing Trends to power up your business in 2020 and beyond. 

7 Influential Inbound Marketing Strategies for your Business

Nowadays, there are many inbound marketing strategies present in the market. The obligation is to choose the best inbound marketing strategy that boosts your business effectively. It is about the survival of the fittest, and a wise decision would be to implement the numerous inbound marketing strategies and take the leap of faith. 

Below are some of the inbound marketing trends, which can be advantageous for the inbound marketers in the vicinity: 

Switch from Conversion Funnel to Flywheel 

Gone are those days when the inbound marketers used the conversion funnel mechanism that converted leads into customers. With time, the relevance and usage of funnel mechanisms have nearly died out as only a small number of desired prospects actually took action. 

So, it is time to augment your inbound marketing strategy and increase the momentum to garner the scope and attract loyal customers. Customers are the fuel for growth in your business; one happy customer leads to another, and your business booms in the market. 

Tips for growing your business using the flywheel mechanism:

  • Focus on retention of customers as much as acquisition as the repetition of sales is a good sign that your business is growing. 
  • Build a centralized customer communication strategy for your business.
  • Always ask for customer reviews as it will strengthen your customer relationship and bring in loyalty. 
  • Increase your investment in providing the best user experience by utilizing the best technologies such as–chatbots. 

Public Relations as Inbound Marketing 

Public relations help you build a good reputation and create a positive public image for your business to the public. A good image leads to better leads as they trust the various sources that talk about your business. Public relations are an approachable way to garner exposure to the audience using several communication strategies. If done rightly, PR can help achieve marketing objectives and boost your business effectively. 
Tips to ace the public relation that works out in favour of your business:

  • Knowing your customers enables you to execute your inbound marketing strategy effectively as not all the customers are the same. You should keep your audience in mind and devise strategies for a stronger impact. 
  • Organizing your PR inbound marketing strategies is the next tip as you must generate a contact list of media, influencers, customers, etc. to increase the scope for a better reach out. 
  • Social presence is important to build a strong online presence so that your audience can know everything about your business. 
  • Design your campaign from the audience’s point of view. Always remember subtlety is the key to increase customer engagement for your business. 

Natural Language Processing 

Natural language processing paves a way to provide a personalized experience to the customer by making use of chatbots. They are virtual assistants that guide the customers at every step with their purchase. The natural language processing strategy can do wonders for your business as customers always prefer to have a helping hand while purchasing to prompt and assist them. 
Tips for inbound marketers to use natural language processing for their business betterment:

  • Make use of deeper learning algorithms to get better responses from the customers. 
  • Enabling the natural language processing technology with sentiment analysis as it helps them analyze the conversations better and increase customer satisfaction levels. 
  • Use web content personalization and gauge the customer’s interest to better the chances of converting prospects to leads. 
  • Devise real-time marketing strategies to capture the market and convince the customer to self-purchase the product. 

Video Marketing 

Video marketing is a prominent method to help you realize your inbound marketing goals with ease. It is an essential channel for marketing and garnering customer attention to your business. Video marketing is an effortless marketing strategy, as more than 80% of people spent time watching videos to gain information. Customers like to have a brief informative video to gain better product understanding which sparks their interest to purchase it. 

Tips to stimulate customer interest in your business using video marketing strategy: 

  • Your approach to creating the video will depict the outcome generated by your customers. You should create conceptual videos, which will establish a connection with the audience rather than creating sales-centric videos. 
  •  You should utilize the time frame of your video in a way that it should create a mark on your target audience. 
  •  The first few seconds of your video should project the story to instantly gather the audience’s interest.  
  • Create an attractive thumbnail to fetch audience interest even before the video begins to play. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing has become the most engaging strategy to increase your inbound marketing campaigns as the marketing of your business is as important as sales to give your business the desired outcome. Associating your brand with a social media influencer or a famous personality automatically increases audience interest and motivates them to purchase the product. They feel like using the product or buying it because their favourite personality has it too. 
Tips for using social media marketing smartly for uplifting your business: 

  • Utilize your social media platform wisely as each platform has a different set of responses involved. For example, the response of Instagram will be different from that of Facebook. 
  • Understand the audience’s needs and devise your strategies accordingly for a magnificent output. 
  • Maintain flow and consistency while posting on social media as you always want to keep your audience hooked to your business. 
  • The social media tools are going to be your saviour. Use effective social media tools to upbeat your inbound marketing effect on the audience.

 Utilizing Podcasting 

Podcasts are a prosperous strategy to increase customer interaction towards your brand. They are versatile, powerful, and thoroughly informative so they can be carried out on various platforms for adding that spunk to your business. Podcasting is the new radio of the digital era as it helps in creating brand awareness in the form of short snippets that leave an influence on the customers. 

Tips to utilize podcasting to garner customer attention for your business:

  • Increase brand visibility by hosting it on all the common platforms for a maximum reach out to the audience. 
  • Use podcasts regularly to increase customer loyalty and build stable customer relationships. 
  • Create a backlink to your website and increase website trafficking. 
  • Indulge in making snippets and images for your audiences to easily share and enhance the impressions on your business. 

 Applying Chat and Messaging 

Direct messaging has become an impactful strategy for boosting customer interaction and encouraging sales for your business. In the world of digitalization, reaching out to the customers has been made easier via direct messaging apps such as–Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp messenger, etc. As for the marketers, these platforms offer a different scope of inbound marketing in terms of customer service. 

Here a few pro tips for using these communication platforms for increasing your business numbers: 

  • Form broadcasting lists and groups to keep sending them the marketing messages and sneak regularly peeks for increasing sales. 
  • Creating a brand persona is a way of a chatbot that will interact with the customers directly to improve customer satisfaction. 
  • Tell them about the product uses and explain them briefly to increase their chances of purchase. 
  • Do not spam the customers with constant messages as that may disappoint them, which will lead to losing a customer. Keep sending them promo codes or special offers to generate their interest. 

The Final Words

Inbound marketing is an irreplaceable methodology, which has been practiced by inbound marketers for years. But the complex part is to know, which trend is the need of the hour for your business. We have listed the prominent trends and Leading Inbound Marketing of 2020 that you can use to upscale your business. 

Based on the concurrent trends, TRooInbound will devise your inbound marketing material, which will be profitable for your business. Our dedicated experts craft your inbound marketing material keeping the latest trends to optimize your business. So here we explained Leading Inbound Marketing Trends for 2020

Quickly tell us which of these ongoing trends turned out to be fruitful for your business? 

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