The HubSpot Email Marketing Benefits

Here's a guide about the HubSpot Email Marketing Benefits

HubSpot is known for its ease of use and out-of-the box web development, content creation and also the renowned fly-wheel. But only a few of us know the power of HubSpot. It is great for direct communication, carrying personalized experiences such as HubSpot email marketing, on-boarding, sales enablement and etc. 

One of these methods that seems to catch on to the trend of digital marketing is HubSpot email marketing. Now, we know that email marketing has been going on right from the yester years. But, HubSpot email marketing has something out-of-the box to offer, it’s not like our traditional, send, receive and open

Let’s have a look at what’s different when you are going for HubSpot Email Marketing!

We know HubSpot is the ultimate modern-age tool for digital marketers. It was focused on the inbound marketing methodology that attracts leads and gets customers through an organic approach. It targets the mind and stimulates interest in the audience. Now we shall have a look at what all HubSpot email marketing offers:

Branded emails 

HubSpot email marketing is all about personalization and meeting your business requirement and marketing goals, and that too organically. You can edit the design of your emails by editing emails in the library according to your brand by adding color themes and logos. So that it leaves an impression of your company on the receiver’s mind.

CRM platform integration for HubSpot Email Marketing

No matter what software you are using for your business operations. HubSpot works well with everything. The CRM has high compatibility with your workflow, right from installation and that too automatically. Not just this the CRM integration in HubSpot is truly one-of-a kind with extensive segmentation capabilities for smoother workflow.

Form & CTA building

We all have heard of HubSpot’s ace functionality of content creation. This is a plus to the functionality. You can also create forms and CTA. You can  insert these in HubSpot email marketing efforts to increase leads and conversion. Remember to follow the theme and keep in mind the branding and goals of your business.

Landing page creation for HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot web development has become the talk of the town. So, go ahead and build not just email templates, but also landing pages that are relevant to the templates. Hence, there’s something more you can offer your receivers and also, it’s like a chance of conversion to increase clientele! Go ahead and start building!

In-built email automation

Email automation is the process of sending action triggered or time-bound emails. This adds that personal touch to your emails, so that it is highly relevant and boosts conversions. HubSpot has in-built email automation that triggers emails just through simple data. The insights are from data such as recipient’s information or website updates and new introductions in the workflow. 

CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliance

An email is authentic and credible when it fits to the universal standards and guidelines. HubSpot email marketing ensures that all the progress and development adheres to the email regulations by the United States and European subcontinent such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR. So, no worries at the legal and civic front.

Built-in analytics and dashboard

HubSpot ups the game with all its inbuilt capabilities. It has in-built SEO and dashboards that make efforts, effortless and also help in enhancing the performance online! HubSpot email marketing gets you metrics and insights through detailed reports of your email technique. The dashboard also gives great suggestions to increase rankings and visibility. It’s all in there!

Downloadable reports 

Keeping a track of your marketing efforts is prime. You must know what worked and what didn’t so that there’s a better game to give in the future. Did you know? With HubSpot you can download all your reporting about the online performance for accurate post campaign assessment. 

Third-party integration

No company uses a single software for all its operations. We use various software for different processes. There is no problem with HubSpot on this front! It has great third-party integration, so you can carry out HubSpot email marketing with the power of other ESPs too! Like- Gmail, Outlook, Slack, MailChimp, Seventh Sense, Mail Floss, Stripo and others. 

Modular editing 

This is a trait of HubSpot email marketing we all know of, modular editing! HubSpot development is different from the traditional web development involving coding and technical skills. Whatever email elements you build, whether email templates or landing pages, forms, CTAs. All can be done just by editing the pre-existing modules through simple drag and drop.

Need to boost your HubSpot email marketing efforts? 

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