The HubSpot To WordPress Migration Benefits

Here are the benefits of HubSpot to WordPress conversion

Technology is an ever progressing spectrum of the economy today. Even though coding isn’t the thing of the past, times have changed! Now is the era where manual work is minimal whatever is the task. Following this though , the world saw the emergence of new-age technology solutions, the Content Management Systems also known as CMSs.

When you hear the term CMS, it might remind you of the popular software, HubSpot or the vintage, WordPress. But what are they?

Let’s know them better!


It isn’t just a content management system or a customer relationship management software, but a COS! Content Optimization system, that focuses on creating a worthwhile experience following inbound marketing methodologies. It handles marketing, sales and customer servicing, all in one solution. It also has a functionality for development of different web content.


WordPress is a free, open-source content management system that was initially launched for blogs as a blogging platform. Then, it rose to be a full-fledged website development software with countless abilities for personalization and customization.  It offers a plethora of varied plug-ins, themes, extensions, tools and libraries for powerful results.

We know that HubSpot is catching up on the market and is one of the fastest progressing software of today. But, it doesn’t mean that WordPress is going to be obsolete. It will always be a preferred option for most.

Being a new-age professional, you might be using HubSpot, but wanna know why WordPress is still making it big? Are there times you think of switching over to WordPress? 

Not a bad thought at all. Here are a few benefits of shifting from HubSpot to WordPress:


As discussed in the section above WordPress is extensively known for its plug-ins and extensions. So, if you just add and enable the WordPress plug-ins like Yoast, The SEO Framework etc, your SEO is covered. HubSpot though has in-built SEO, doesn’t offer anything different. It doesn’t even offer metadata control per post or per page like WordPress.

Theme based difference in HubSpot to WordPress

We know HubSpot is all preset. So there is no theme flexibility available unless you get it done specially by the experts at HubSpot. On the other hand with WordPress sky is the limit. It offers a library with thousands of themes you can apply to your website to give it a uniform look.

Not just that, the WordPress themes are highly customizable too! (p.s. No need to cram codes.)

Page Builders

WordPress isn’t about simply editing modules like HubSpot. But, it offers much more, different dedicated page builders such as Elementor, Divi, ACF, Beaver builder and etc. HubSpot has no variety! Its page building extensibility is nil. The only function involved in the page building process is modification in templates and uploading imagery of page elements  


You might feel that HubSpot is 100% more easy to use than WordPress. But it’s not quite! To make your content dynamic in HubSpot you must learn the rare language HubL. This is not the case in WordPress. And also, WordPress has an older and grander community. That is why there is so much more available by WordPress than HubSpot.

Cost comparison of HubSpot to WordPress

Except for the hosting part, WordPress is completely free! HubSpot isn’t, it ranges from an amount of 50$ to 2400$ per month. So, there’s no need to pay if you want to expand your website and add to your blogs. All you invest in is a one time payment for web hosting.


It is difficult to say which is the more secure of the two software. But, we know HubSpot is close-source and WordPress is open-source.The benefit of security goes to open-source. Codes for open-source to fix bugs and address vulnerabilities are available online, so they can be verified and refined. If the problem persists, you can take help from the giant community

Customization difference in HubSpot to WordPress

HubSpot has high rigidity in page design. WordPress doesn’t! customization is effortless here. WordPress offers a one up if you have designers and developers working with it. I T is coding friendly and just simple coding will make your creative ideas to reality. HubSpot only works well if you don’t want to dedicate time to designing and developing. 


Extensibility is all about adding those extra wow features to your post, page or website. We know about the rigidity of HubSpot, as talked above. We also touched upon the endless possibilities of WordPress. That exactly shows that web development on WordPress is highly functional, flexible and personalizable.

The Final Thought 

If you want to ace it at the marketing and sales front with minimal development. Then and only then is HubSpot a good call. For all other concerns like design, scalability, safety, robustness and build WordPress is the way to go. 

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