The In And Outs Of PSD To HubSpot Conversion!

The procedure of PSD to HubSpot conversion 

 We all have heard the term ‘Photoshop’! Most of the businesses are using it for quite a few years now. It has become the standard legend for visual designs and graphics today. They extensively use the software for images for branding and marketing their services. In technical terms, you can also call it PSD. Something up and trending today is, PSD to HubSpot

Today is the time of multi-tasking and, for that we all know of the CRM/COS all-in-one platform, HubSpot, as many of us might think, is an ultimate marketer’s solution, but the functioning doesn’t end there. It is used for everything, sales, client communication, inbound marketing and even development. Due to all of this, it has a growing community and 24/7 support team. HubSpot is one of the most popular software having beyond 95k users spread across 120 countries. This is why businesses have started turning to HubSpot from PSD.

What is PSD to HubSpot?

As the question above hints, PSD to HubSpot , is nothing but the conversion of simple PhotoShop designs and images into HubSpot materials or elements of the HubSpot templates such as- landing pages, websites. Emails, newsletters, blogs etc. 

Let’s dig deeper into the entire procedure !

Like every development process, even conversion from PSD to HubSpot has a procedure that must be closely followed for great results, that too with utmost ease. The transformation is very simple, anyone can do it. So, here it goes….

It’s all step by step

1.Select the image you want and slice it in parts according to the elements and presentation of the page.

2.Save the sliced images as standalone images.

3.Login to your HubSpot account or create one!

4.Navigate to the ‘Content section’ and go to ‘Design Manager’.

5.Then click on ‘Create New Template’.

6.Give the new template created, a name of your choice.

7.Select the path to save and also the type such as email, landing page or whatever you are building.

8.Select the modules that you require to create the template and delete the rest.

9.Click onto the module and insert the image/s after removing the preset text.

10.Edit the image by changing the dimension specifics so it fits into the template.

11.Now go to the setting of the module and ‘edit CSS’ to add different codes, style tags or whatever add-on you’d like to add.

The look is ready, time to add the text for converting from PSD to HubSpot!

12.Click on to the ‘rich text’ option on the menu on the right.

13.Then drag it to the module.

14.Add text in the space provided in the module through codes or simply copy paste, you can even type!

15.Similarly you can add photos or text to the other modules by repeating the same drag, drop, edit and add CSS method, as and how it is required to make your page ready.

16.Now save and launch your HubSpot development

You might be wondering….

Such a short process will it benefit you in any other way than PhotoShop does?

Yes it will! Here are the benefits of PSD to HubSpot conversion: 

Highly responsive

HubSpot development is auto-responsive, which means whatever you develop on HubSpot, will stay uniform across different devices and screen dimensions. Well, it’s a must for today, where mobiles have become portable computers.

Guaranteed security

Once you develop something on the HubSpot software, you receive an SSL certificate. So, you can merge the design to HubSpot without any cyber threats or any risks of hacking and break-throughs.

Extremely effortless

As we have discussed the process above, you must have noticed, there’s not much that you have to do for your HubSpot result, just drag, drop and a few clicks here and there. Save and it’s done. It doesn’t take up too much time.

Smooth navigation

HubSpot was built with the focus of achieving marketing goals, so they are forwarded to sales. As a result, whatever you build on the CRM or with it will be user-friendly, whether you are in the development process, pure migration, adding extensions or even third-party integration.

Constant support

From the introduction, we know that HubSpot has a constantly growing community, expanding user base and an emerging workforce. This allows all of its users to get help at their hands as and when required. Not just that, HubSpot, itself has a 24/7 help desk.

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