The Power Of HubSpot Emails For Business Marketing

The power of HubSpot Emails

We all know that an email is just a simple tool of direct communication, but the power of a single mail can make or break your clientele and business relations in today’s world of high digitalization. So, even though it’s an over decade old trend it still holds a higher place than other marketing efforts, whether they are offline or online. That’s a great enough reason the giant COS, HubSpot considers it as an integral part of inbound marketing. The software has over-time introduced great marketing and automation tools for HubSpot emails.

What are HubSpot emails?

We all know that HubSpot has become an ultimate all-in-one tool for digital marketers to carry out varied business operations from a single system. The software has a dedicated portion for marketing known as the Marketing Hub. The marketing hub provides functionality for different types of content creation such as landing pages, websites, blogs and emails. The emails built on the software are HubSpot emails.

Let’s dig deeper!!

We know by now that HubSpot has effortless content creation, just dragging and dropping, but the results aren’t that basic. You will surely save a lot of time when coming up with the looks of your email. But they will prove to be useful for a longer run when you are to  keep them repetitive for your campaign with no changes or minimal changes. They will turn to be simple templates, simple templates with high-performance.

Now we shall look at what you can do with HubSpot emails!!

Create tailored campaigns 

You can build professional email campaigns effortlessly and in no time. HubSpot offers you built-in ‘goal-based’ email templates and also, paid templates. No, matter what template you choose, HubSpot offers email templates that result in sure-shot conversion. You can alter the templates or create your own HubSpot emails. Whatever is best suiting your business goals and requirements with the drag-and-drop editor.

Personalize content 

There is no point in sending a mail if the receiver doesn’t open it or take action. The more you personalize your email content, the greater impact it will have on your receivers. It is personalization and only personalization that will keep your receivers from spamming or ignoring your email. HubSpot emails are about customization and personalization. So, they will get you great open and click-through rates.

Optimize emails for great quality

Did you know? That you can carry out A/B testing of your HubSpot emails. It’s quite simple. It involves setting up versions of your campaign and sending them to groups of recipients from your email list. This will surely help you determine the performance level of the different versions. You will figure  the ‘winning’ campaign. You can use it for your emailing efforts. So you can connect with new customers and even engage better.

Analyze metrics and data

There are powerful inbuilt analytics tools and functionalities in HubSpot. You can get accurate details of how and when subscribers interact with each of your HubSpot emails and campaigns. You can review different metrics and trends right from the dashboard on your portal. Not only this, you can get specific details insights of each mail sent too! They include which receiver engaged when and even from what device from the dashboard. HubSpot emails don’t work on guesses!

Direct send

HubSpot offers great third party email integration, whether you use Gmail, Outlook or even Office 365 for Windows. You can directly send your HubSpot emails and campaigns from your inbox, instantly! There’s no need for drafting and developing when you can get the best from integration. So , now you can give your undivided attention and time to serving those clients. And also, nurturing those leads, you get from the campaigns  and other on-going marketing efforts!

Share the HubSpot emails 

If any of your HubSpot emails is doing great, you can share/recommend them to your teammates. You can give them access to the template by granting them access from inside their inboxes. They can further tweak it based on their client or send it as it is. This way you can also save time from creating new templates each time, and also get great results. Everybody wins!

Tips from our team

No doubt HubSpot has great features, tools and functionalities, but don’t get carried away! Keep your emails, simple yet creative, sophisticated, yet appealing. Don’t overload your template! You might end up confusing the receivers. Stick to the message you want to convey and the action that you desire your receiver to go ahead with.

Also, another tip, before you start-off with making your HubSpot emails, gather all your image elements. Save them with the same dimensions for a clean and crisp look. This will save pre-prep time and efforts. It will also reduce the troubles and alters you might encounter while creating the template for HubSpot emails.

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