Top Data & Analytics Apps For HubSpot Integration

Top Data & Analytics Apps For HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is catching up to the trend wave of web development! And everyone, who’s using it, will surely recommend it to you. The HubSpot user base is increasing by the day. This has created quite a buzz in the market for the software. Even among the people using other different software and solutions in their daily rise. Hence what everyone is looking for is HubSpot integration with other applications.

What is HubSpot integration?

The process of accumulating and managing the data from third party solutions under HubSpot is known as HubSpot integration. The method involves access to data, transforming it, data mapping, quality assurance and data fusion into one HubSpot web solution.

A company doesn’t need one software, a single software can’t provide everything, and one of the most important aspects is the company’s performance both, offline and online. Hence, HubSpot too has a functionality of seamless integration with analytics applications for betterment of all-round performance. And that’s what we are going to discuss about today!

Here are the top analytics and data applications ideal HubSpot integration:


G-Integrator is the top data integration app for HubSpot by Google. It is like a direct connection of Google Sheets to HubSpot with powerful automation and a 2-way sync. It helps you bulk-upload your data to HubSpot, create and receive alerts of criteria set. Not only this you can consolidate and disseminate data to multiple HubSpot portals or into a single sheet. So, now all your data can be uploaded to HubSpot automatically and be viewed in real-time.

Lucky Orange

Want sure-shot insights, Lucky Orange is the right match for HubSpot today! You can give your customers high quality experience with accurate heat maps and seamless recordings from past consumer behavior. After all insights are the key to higher conversions. With Lucky Orange, you can directly sync your HubSpot contacts to logs, heat maps and session recordings. You can get insights of each customer in real-time on your HubSpot portal now!

Data Box

This is one of the most popular KPI/Analytics dashboards used by HubSpot customers. The best part about it is , it lets you view analytics data on your mobile, desktop, and TV from HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot Service, Google Analytics, SEMRush, Wistia, Drift, YouTube, Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Twitter, and others, by a few clicks. It also has robust reporting capabilities and allows viewing insights from API provided by HubSpot.


If you happen to run a business involving online sales, then HubSpot + Hotjar is the best combo to go for. Hotjar gives you accurate consumer behavior analytics through heat mapping and on-site survey right at the HubSpot technology stack. It has great intuition, it gets you important insights without letting your customers give out details. And also, when active all the Hotjar poll data is added to the HubSpot timeline of leads immediately.


Supermetrics,another application like G-integrator most installed by HubSpot users. It transfers and fits all your important HubSpot data into spreadsheets and dashboards, orderly. Not just this, it also gets you all the marketing and sales information from your other platforms for a full-overview. It is specifically ideal for expansive companies and multi-brand entities with many clients. Say hello to multi-portal HubSpot reporting with Supermetrics!

Ultimate Data Export

This is one of the top data applications that goes great with HubSpot indeed! Ultimate data export allows you to create a complete account for export. With the app you can transfer not only contacts, deals and different company data. Also, Web Analytics, Deal History, Owners, Campaigns, Engagements, Emails, Products, Tickets, Forms, and more sub data like Pipelines and Associations. You can also download these exports. The solution is especially built for HubSpot and can be integrated with other BI apps like Tableau and PowerBI.


Want great automation and organized HubSpot data? Get something with AI! Get Pliik for your HubSpot solutions and outcomes and be smarter! It automatically imports your HubSpot engagements. Pliik has auto-tagging that helps you analyze the user’s sentiments through machine-learning. So, now you can ship products/services to your customer with feedback, but without any manual reviews. It integrates with HubSpot company records, contact activity, deals and email tracking notifications. 

Using one of these or any other analytics application, there’s no need to worry! You can still use HubSpot, if you work with the right team.

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