What is Mailchimp and how to use it?

Here's what MailChimp is and how you can use it for automated campaigns

MailChimp has much more to offer than just its name. It is not just a preferred tool for email marketing. But today, it has become a popular all-in-one marketing platform, handling client communications and customer management. The platform is built on the ideology of maintaining healthy contact, providing appealing marketing campaigns and accurate analysis of all the marketing efforts falling under the purview. 

Did you know?

MailChimp is one of the most used email marketing software in the world today. MailChimp has a user base of beyond 20 million and it’s worth $4.2 billion.

Now let’s have a peek at why it is so loved?

A software is known by what it offers, how it resolves the problems of a business and encourages growth. Here are a few plus points of the MailChimp software

  • It is web-based, so no need to download or even install the software.
  • There is a searchable knowledge base and a plethora of online resources.
  • It is user-friendly and feature-rich
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Announcement mailing provision
  • Targeted emailing

Awestruck by the benefits!

Start using MailChimp now! Here’s how you can work it!

1. Set up your MailChimp Account

First go to mailchimp.com and then click on sign-up. Enter all your details correctly. Select your plan from the four.

  1. Free
  2. Essentials
  3. Standard
  4. Premium

Once you pick your plan and submit the details, activate your account from the inbox.

2. Create a list 

Before you start off with making your email you should sort out, who you are going to send it to. For that, MailChimp provides you with the option of creating a list. All you gotta do is give your list a name, add in a disclaimer message like ‘you are receiving this mail as you gave your details’ or whatever.Lastly add contacts or import your .CSV contact files.

3. Create an email campaign

Now is the part where you can start making your email campaign. MailChimp offers you 4 campaign type options to choose from , regular, automated, plain text and A/B tested, so you can choose what suits you the best. If you want the process to be easy, the best option is to go for automated campaigns.

And today we are going to talk about just that, creating automated email campaigns on MailChimp, it’s very easy.

  • Once you select automated on the create campaign dialog box, give your campaign a name.
  • Then you need to decide who will receive the mail, for that choose the relevant email list
  • Now design your email, by giving it a name, subject and preview text. Also remember to add a ‘From’ name and ‘From’ email. 
  • After this select your template theme or layout, so you can give the much needed immersion to your email.
  • Edit the template content and design from the panel on the left. 

Note – You can make changes to buttons and insert links or forms. Do not forget to add social linking by clicking on the social follow option from the content task bar in the left panel, add your social handle URLs correctly to the icons, so that you can gain credibility .

  • You can drag, drop, duplicate or trash your content as required to give the final edits and touches to decide the looks of your campaign, so you appeal to the public the right way. 

Your email campaign is ready. Now here’s what you must do post campaign creation, so you can get great results:

4. Review your campaign

Once your campaign is ready, MailChimp will take you to a page where you can review your entire workflow and make changes if required, here you can have a last look at your list, edit tracking, and also check the email you are going to shoot. 

5. Test your campaign

When you are done with the reviewing bit, you can test your email by clicking on ‘ Send a test mail’ at the top left corner and adding the email address to which you want to send the test mail.

6. Sending the campaign

The testing is through and your email is ready to hit the receivers’ inbox. You can send it directly or schedule the exact date and time as to when you want the email to reach your audience. 

A tip from our team for MailChimp beginners

You can create and insert MailChimp forms, so that you can generate leads at a quicker pace. MailChimp enables users to use form templates or create all-new forms for contact and customer details. You can choose from an embedded or a pop-up form or even create a stand-alone sign-up landing page.

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