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TRooInbound provides seamless Zoho to HubSpot migration service without harming your data and troubleshooting your infrastructure. Our migration service will result in increased productivity and efficiency as HubSpot provides plenty of features and functionalities that simplify your business operations and make your digital presence appear brilliant in front of your audience.


Mass data transfer with Zoho to HubSpot migration service.

We select, extract, prepare and convert the data to make it compatible with its storage location.

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Why opt for Zoho to HubSpot migration service?

We understand that HubSpot’s convenience and seamless functionalities attract people to set up their online businesses and leverage its in-built features to achieve the targetted growth. The comparison between HubSpot and Zoho is complex as both offer user-friendly interfaces, custom modules and software integration. However, Zoho to HubSpot migration is worth it because HubSpot wins the price battle and offers all the necessary features for free, keeping in mind the requirements of small and mid-sized enterprises. As a business owner, if you are at that stage where you are unwilling to allocate a huge portion of your budget to IT resources, then our cost-effective services to migrate from Zoho to HubSpot will be of great help.

Our Approach

We do not want to make the migration process nerve-racking for you and for that reason, we follow an organized step-by-step procedure to migrate data from Zoho to HubSpot.

Data Migration Audit
We conduct a thorough site audit of your current CRM or marketing platform whether it is on-premise, cloud-based or open-source platform. This clarifies what data, and assets need migration including tasks, products, emails, lists and contact forms .
Data Segregation

We prepare a roadmap explaining where each element will be relocated in their respective data point and map them to HubSpot properties. We eliminate unwanted data to prevent your site from getting into trouble. This consists of spam emails, unused elements occupying space and unused data properties.

Data Migration

Proceeding, we set up HubSpot data properties and custom objects needed. Further, we transit assets such as lists, forms, marketing automation, contacts, campaigns and more. In addition, we also integrate the external software or systems that were connected to your previous CMS. After this, we commence Zoho to HubSpot migration which can take hours or days depending upon the volume of your data.

Post-Migration Support

We cross-check multiple times to ensure a flawless service experience. This eliminates your micro-management hassle of taking an overview of the migrated data and checking whether each element decided is at its right place or not. Furthermore, we provide all-time support for queries you come across post-migration.

migrate data from Zoho to HubSpot
Data Migration Audit

Why Choose us to migrate data from Zoho to HubSpot?

Many vendors might make data migration sound easy, but we would be upfront and say that it is effortful, time-consuming and requires professional help. To ensure that the process remains seamless for you, we follow the below-stated step-by-step procedure:-

Strategizing migration

First of all the data is handed over to the data migration expert who helps you determine the feasibility of data migration by analyzing data formats, data quantity, custom modules, attachments and existing integrations. Based on his assessment, we prepare a strategy and pre-locate the destination of your data.

Gear up for data migration

Furthermore, our data migration experts follow ethical practices to mitigate the risks associated with data migration including; data loss, suitable data formats and cleansing of unwanted data. This ensures data security and takes the stress of safety off your head. In addition, our data experts also back up your data to prevent any kind of data adversity.

Migrating the data

Despite following the right practices and preparing a chronological process, errors are likely to occur. To avoid that, we conduct a trial run pre-migration in the dummy version of the software. This clarifies whether the data is mapped correctly from Zoho to HubSpot CRM and helps identify bugs and data inconsistencies that might interrupt during migration. Once we find the analysis accurate, we proceed with realistic and hassle-free migration upon your approval.

Validate the Migrated data

We double-check by putting our quality analysts on duty and asking them to determine the accuracy of data transferred from Zoho CRM to HubSpot CRM. This way we assure that all your data is transferred in the right format, relationships and quality without any inconsistencies and bugs.

End User Training

After successfully completing data migration, we offer training to the end users to familiarize them with HubSpot’s functionalities and get used to its usability. However, if you feel stuck in any of the steps mentioned above, you can reach out to us unhesitatingly. Our experts are available 24 X 5 to assist you with your queries.

Migrating the data from zoho to hubspot

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Our Process

We Plan And Go Step-by-Step

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Why Choose TRooInbound?

We work passionately and serve the best.


Why Choose TRooInbound?

We work passionately and serve the best.

We are a team of experienced and certified developers and designers. Our expertise lies in Zoho to HubSpot migration services. We coordinate with project managers and client onboarding specialists and execute our tasks accordingly. With TRooInbound, you will get:-
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