The Benefits Of HubSpot Blogs To Your Business

This blog will let you know the benefits of HubSpot blogs

HubSpot has been catching up on the crowd globally right from its launch in June 2006. Earlier it was used as an inbound marketing software, that terminated annoying marketers and salesmen directly and streamlined ongoing business operations in a way that it grew the business from an entirely selling and marketing perspective. It continues to be used for sales enablement and marketing activities and the trending HubSpot blogs. But…

That’s not it.

It has started giving cut-throat competition to the CMS giants such as WordPress. It enables web development too! Yes, now you can build different web elements such as landing pages, blogs, emails, landing pages etc. All development on HubSpot is automated for best-in-class marketing and sales, with added bonuses for a marketer’s smile. 

As we talked about HubSpot, being a great competition to WordPress. We must talk about getting blogs into the picture. So, here it goes..

Let’s dig deep in and know a few essentials of HubSpot blogs !!

If you know HubSpot, it’s obvious that you know that great marketing materials can be built just by the drag and drop of different page elements. So you might be wondering that, if it’s just drag and drop then how will it benefit the business and meet its purpose like a custom blog.Let’s find out.

Here are the benefits of using HubSpot for blogging :

Infrastructure and safety

Very few know that HubSpot has its own Content Delivery Network. When you use it for blogging, it secures access to your blog and also reduces the loading time. Not only this its infrastructure supports multi-blog hosting, so all your blogs can be managed at once in one spot and that too in no time.

In-built importing

The COS comes with a WordPress’Blog-Importer’ tool that enables you to import your blog from WordPress to HubSpot effortlessly and instantly. All you gotta do is upload the XML version of your WordPress blog onto the HubSpot software and see the transformation unravel. Are you a marketer, you can take help from you tech-friends.


As discussed earlier, we know in HubSpot everything happens by editing. So it’s’ all about dragging and dropping, also tweaking the preset modules, according to your HubSpot blogs. This also stands valid for developing blogs on the COS. It’s very intuitive and simple. No need for coding just edit your way through.

The draft mode in HubSpot blogs

HubSpot offers you draft mode for all your blogs, so that you can format, make changes, shelf it and also schedule it  for posting. So let your pre-optimising efforts soar high, so you can give the best with each blog. The draft mode also has a functionality of in-line editing, and that’s what we will look into next

In-line editing

In-line editing is an in-built feature for HubSpot blogs, here you can instantly and easily access all the different features that you can use to develop your blog, just from one place and without opening tabs and slowing down the process. Be it the source code, modules or just some content , you can switch it through in-line editing.

SEO bonuses of HubSpot Blogs

Not only draft mode but HubSpot also offers a few SEO bonuses for blog development. The HubSpot SEO blogging tool has an in-fit SEO checklist that is applied as and when you write the blog. It will give insights of ranking chances and what all changes can you make for a better search engine ranking.


HubSpot gives you continuous closed-loop reporting, that means , the software provides different reports to marketers to look into. It covers each and every metric and count ranging from attribution to impressions, to conversion and even the over-all web-traffic. Use HubSpot if you wanna know how your blog’s doing online.


Did you know? HubSpot has its own blogging dashboard too! It gives you a sneak-peak or rather a between the lines glance into the performance of all the content in your blog. All-inclusive of the different demographics such as- traffic sources, time on page, submissions, average bounce and exit rate, new contacts and customers.

Subscribe option

Who wouldn’t want a great following , if there’s daily blog posting. HubSpot will get a smile to your face here too. HubSpot generates a blog subscription form for each blog you post. Not only that, HubSpot blogs also benefit you with an option, an option of configuring blog email notifications, that you can send out instantly, daily, weekly or even monthly.

Commenting in HubSpot blogs

Here’s another functionality of HubSpot blogs, the blog commenting control. This allows you to review, remove or allow the different comments that prospects and readers make on your blogs, even before you publish. So it expands your control on your posting in the good sense of your business.

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