HubSpot Blog Template Creation: A Quick Guide

HubSpot Blog Template creation guide

When you hear the term blog, the first thing that comes to your mind is WordPress, am I right? But did you know that there’s a software making it much quicker, impactful and effortless. It’s a bit out of the box than the mundane traditional blog development on the COS. I am talking about HubSpot, the advanced Content Optimization System. In HubSpot it’s relatively easy to blog , it’s just editing work in the templates it offers you.Then your HubSpot blog template is ready.

Let’s find out what a HubSpot blog template actually is!!

Just like other templates, a template in HubSpot, is the base of the content that you create for your blog be it personal or business related. A blog template in HubSpot is built on the arrangement of different modules through the drag and drop supported configuration. All of this happens in the layout editor on your HubSpot portal. It’s the place where all your ideas, sketches and prototypes come together and result in a power-packed, highly-responsive, impactful HubSpot blog template.

Now we know what a HubSpot blog template is! 

Let’s dive deep into the process of creating the HubSpot Blog template!!

Like every web development process there’s a process of developing your blog too! Gone are the days when blogging purely consisted of great writing. So here’s how you can create a  blog template on HubSpot:

  • Log into your HubSpot account.
  • Navigate to Marketing, select Website and click on Blog.
  • Click on Create and then select Blog Post.
  • Now select the topic you want to create your blog on, in the dialog box and then click on Create Blog Post.
  • Click the Settings tab and add or edit the blog title.
  • Add content to your blog from Google Docs/ content link or create content from scratch.

 To create content from scratch 

  1. Select the pencil icon by hovering on the blog title.
  2. Then click the Post Body module and enable the rich-text toolbar.

Now you can add text, images and other elements to your HubSpot blog template

To add content from Google Docs

  1. In the rich-text toolbar select Import Google Doc from Advanced Drop-down menu.
  2. Then click the email address of your Google Account and select the Doc you want to import.

To import content using a link

  1. Click From Link in the dialog box.
  2. Paste the link then click import.

Disclaimer: You should be the owner of the Google Doc you import or the link you paste.

You can customize your blog listing on the basis of text appearance in preview. You just need to place your cursor on the spot, click Insert and select Read more Separator. Finally click the More handle and drag as per requirement.  

Now’s the time to let your imagination soar, let’s customize the HubSpot blog template!

  • Click pencil icon to update URL
  • Click the Author drop-down menu and select the author
  • Add blog tags from the tag drop-down menu
  • Give your post a meta description
  • Add the blog to a campaign from its drop-down menu if required
  • Give your blog a feature image

Now we shall review and optimize the template!

  • Click Optimize at the top of the editor
  • Match the SEO metrics on the left panel until green
  • Select Grouping for more insights of the HubSpot blog template. 

Your HubSpot blog template is ready. You can take different previews before publishing. Choose from Device Preview, Smart Preview, Mobile Preview, Full Post Preview or Device Type Preview. Once you are done with the preview you can either schedule the posting or post immediately.

A Tip From Our Experts when you create a HubSpot Blog Template

You can customize your blogs even more than described above. Just select Advanced options for more settings. You can customize the Head HTML by adding different code snippets in the Additional Code Snippets field of your  template. Also, you can apply a completely different theme to your blog template in the template section of the advanced options tab. Not only this, you can also manage the email notifications for your blog. If you have duplicate content you must customize the canonical URL.

Note-The advanced settings above are optional for  creation. The Advanced settings of applying a different theme must be carried out by experienced professional developers, so that the design is clean.

Do not have a team of professional developers? Still finding the process exhaustive?

We will provide you an innovative HubSpot Blog template.

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