HubSpot: Your Close Companion For Inbound Marketing!

Gone are the days when a marketer’s role was restrained to advertising and primitive methods of representing the brand such as flyers,telephonic communications and hoardings . These still prevail but, you cannot advertise all commodities and services through this media in times of going digital. Thanks to the advent of the internet, the trend of going online, getting more social.  And not to forget the maturation of advertising that has resulted in the advancement of marketing. It has become a large scale supporting sector for every industry. 

There’s been shifts not only in the medium of marketing but also the school of thought. It all initiated with public awareness, revolving around the question of ‘what we sell?’ to ‘how we sell?’, from ‘the producer is king!’ to ‘the customer is king!’. Marketing now has become the strategy of seeking business opportunities. It poses as the solution to the customer/audience’s problem or struggle. 


Marketing is becoming complex every single day. Marketers are pressing nerves every day targeting the audience, attracting them and retaining them. After all, it’s about giving the audience something unique every time, something that creates a good impression of your brand. It should also keep your prospects interested so you can generate sales from them for a long time. 

We all know that paid media and advertising have existed since Adam’s time. But, these primitive hacks won’t work like before! Now, it’s about the efforts and thought quality rather than just the presentation and USP of your product or service. What seems to be getting great traction is the new-age marketing technique, inbound marketing!

Let’s talk a bit about it, so all you marketers can shift to smart work from hard work!

Inbound marketing is the methodology that helps business growth massively, by simply creating attractive and unique customer experiences and content. So that your brand can develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the customers, prospects and the target. This methodology not only makes you achieve your business goals but also the customer’s need based goals.

The inbound marketing technique is based on three aspects: Attract, engage and delight.

  • Attract: It starts from grabbing the right people with quality content and communication. So, they feel they can trust you and what you wish to present.
  • Engage: Here it’s about keeping the attracted prospects hooked onto what you have to say and render. So that, they are more likely to make a purchase,looking into your propositions as solutions to their needs.
  • Delight: This is the final step to the long lasting smile you want on your customer’s face. It’s all about the post-purchase contentment you can spread to your customers with appropriate help, support and assistance. Keep them empowered to feel empowered!

Inbound stages

Got the basics but can’t figure what makes a strong inbound marketing strategy, here we go!

There is no sure-shot method or flow of the right way to carry out inbound marketing. But, here are six effective practices of inbound marketing which will get you satisfying business results:

1.Search Engine Optimization- 

This is the process of web content and website optimization such that, it has an organic high ranking on the results page. This will surely increase your brand’s visibility and web traffic on your virtual spaces.

2.Social Media Marketing-

This practice is in trend and doesn’t appear to lose its charm anytime soon. Posting on different social media platforms helps in creating a credible business image, creating a great buyer community and fandom. 

Social Media Marketing

3.Pay-Per Click Marketing-

Well just because PPC is paid , it doesn’t mean it’s inorganic. The method is paid not the reach. The ad is visible to audiences, searching for similar queries online. This way they are much likely to click on your listing type. It increases brand awareness by 80%.

4.Landing Pages-

Is increasing web traffic your goal? Do you struggle for conversions? Get your business landing pages. When a pop-up or a CTA is clicked on. Just redirect your traffic to an attractive yet driven landing page. So that, you can generate sales and get high quality leads.

Getting your brand Landing pages

5.Content Marketing-

This is the base of any marketing. Only when you deliver what the viewer likes will marketing be successful. Creating blogs, captions, visual content, audio content will surely provide memorable customer experiences.

6.Email Marketing-

Now we know that inbound marketing is about creating a personal connection. Then what is a better way than emailing! It is direct communication that can be two-way,this won’t only generate sales but also nurture loyalty among clientele and prospects.

Email marketing

Well we talked about inbound marketing, how can we forget it’s pair, HubSpot!

We all know that HubSpot has become the giant all-in-one COS platform for a new-age business. But, do you know how it all started? Thanks to two geniuses Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan. They thought of the concept ‘inbound’ as a means to combat the interruptions of marketers and sales personnel. Then they came up with this inbound marketing software. 

Time and again new updates were introduced and started expanding at different business fronts for varied operations other than just marketing such as sales, customer servicing, web development and design. All bent towards the inbound approach that focuses on customers as the lifeline of your business.

HubSpot : The Marketers’ Constant Support

HubSpot has a full-fledged solution known as ‘Marketing Hub’. It is dedicated to all marketing your business needs. In a nut-shell it caters to all your marketing whether interpersonal or not under a single roof. It’s ideal if you want to save time, keep all your marketing data and information organised and intact. It will help reap great fruit for your business.

We all know what HubSpot is by now! Let’s dive deep into the features it brings to all you marketers out there!! 

Just like the there’s three aspects of inbound marketing, HubSpot’s marketing too runs on 3 key tricks, here they are:

Attracting attention 

This stage involves quite a bit of the first-hand preparation of getting prospects. HubSpot allows you to create prospect-centered content through its capability of effortless development. It supports modular designing from the layout editor and classic editor. There you can create web content such as web pages, email templates, blogs and what not!  Your target will not miss any development on HubSpot. The best part is you do not require any coding skills. However, to make the pages dynamic you might require personalization tokens or the knowledge of HubL.

This is not the only feature HubSpot has for attracting leads. You can also track and manage ads, manage social media, live chat. Even insert and come up with video content or get live on-page SEO and optimization suggestions. 

The attract stage of HubSpot

Lead conversion with HubSpot

This is the stage of innovation. Leads from the first stage turn to prospects and are likely to generate sales for your business. HubSpot articulately helps you get those deals your business needs. The COS offers a functionality of creating marketing materials like landing pages, forms and CTAs. It also helps in streamlining different marketing efforts such as email marketing, automation, lead tracking and management, also account-based marketing.  

This phase comes from the same school of thought as the sales funnel. The above listed functionalities will take your leads a step deeper into the funnel. They will get closer to becoming customers and making purchases. It’s like a response to your efforts to the first stage.

Lead conversion by HubSpot

Reporting and customization

Once it’s all out and the marketing is executed, HubSpot will still work for the good of your organization. It will refine all your efforts. The master COS gets you in-depth insights and analytics of all your content and campaigns with different perspectives! Whether it’s about details of a specific performance of a single effort or an overview of your entire marketing!! So you can make changes according to what works and what doesn’t.

That’s not it HubSpot has great third party integration with over 490 marketing applications, so you can get the best of different marketing softwares, right from your portal. It also offers you ‘Custom Objects’ from which you can simply slice and create custom dashboards and reports. 

HubSpot customization and reporting

Winding up

Marketing with HubSpot is very powerful. It takes your efforts to a next level leaving you and your clients satisfied. It covers everything right from the stage of making the public aware of your brand, attracting them to become leads. The leads then turn to keen prospects, customers and finally long-term indirect promoters of your brand.

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